With smartphones at our fingertips, the need for a watch has greatly diminished. However, what happens when you go underwater? Keeping time on a dive is very important, and nothing beats a diving watch at this task. On top of this, many of the best scuba diving watches are very stylish and look fantastic for casual wearing.

Broadly speaking, a good dive watch should be tough, easy to read, and capable of withstanding great water depths. In our watch reviews, you’ll discover the best dive watches currently available and learn how they can make your diving sessions better. In addition, we’ll also explain everything there is to know about watch design and features so you can easily compare the models.

How To Choose A Dive Watch – Buying Guide


Water-Resistant vs Waterproof Watches

Water-resistant and waterproof are not the same thing – the first means protection against splashing, while the other means that the watch is safe for submersion. For example, most surf watches are only water-resistant. However, if you plan to use the watch for scuba diving, you’ll need a truly waterproof model.

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The bezel is one of the most important features of a diving watch. By turning it, you can easily track the elapsed time and know when it’s time to go out. It should be easy to turn and designed with visible markings. Many of the best diving watches come with a bezel that rotates in one direction only so you don’t accidentally turn it and lose track.


The deeper in the water you go, the darker it will be. Because of this, it’s very useful if the diver’s watch comes with luminescent hands and markers. Depending on the model, the glow is either charged by sunlight or completely on its own like with the Luminox model.

Strap Design and Closure Type

Since fabric straps are not particularly comfortable underwater, you have two options to choose from – rubber and steel. A rubber strap comes with standard buckles and provide a higher level of adjustability. On the other hand, stainless steel bracelets are a lot more durable and comfortable to wear.

Reasons For Using A Dive Computer Watch

Dive computers can track everything about your dives and keep a tidy log. Having a record of your dives will allow you to look back and see your depth across the entirety of your dive, your oxygen level at any given point, and even your GPS location.

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Choosing the Right Men’s Diver Watch

Why-Use-A-Dive-ComputerThe first thing you should consider is its depth rating, and whether it can survive the dive. All of the best watches for diving we’ve featured have a depth rating of well over 300 feet so even professionals can use it.

Another important consideration is comfort. As a diving enthusiast, you want a watch that fits well on your wrist and doesn’t get in your way. Finally, you should always look for high-quality construction materials that will give you the best value for money.

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Choosing The Right Women’s Diver Watch

As more and more women take to the ocean to explore life under the sea, dive gear manufacturers are beginning to produce female-specific dive watches. While some women like the looks of a unisex watch, others prefer sleeker models with a more low profile design.

Generally speaking, women’s dive watches usually come with a smaller case diameter so they can fit on a female wrist better. In addition, they often feature a more colorful dial and bezel.

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Q: How Do Dive Watches Work?


They work similarly to casual watches, but come with a few additional features. Their casings are usually perfectly sealed and able to withstand being submerged without leaks. Furthermore, many of the best watches for divers come with screw-down crowns and tough dial windows that can withstand the increased pressure. However, it required regular maintenance if you want it to last.

Q: How Water Resistant Should A Dive Watch Be?


Not only should it be water-resistant, but a true dive watch also needs to be completely waterproof. Every model comes with its specific depth rating that shows you how deep it can safely go before it starts to leak. For high-quality diver's watches, this rating is at least 330 feet.

Q: How Deep Can A Watch For Diving Go?


While it can vary from one model to the next, most dive watches can go up to 660 feet deep (200 meters). Usually, this is more than enough for both recreational and pro scuba divers.

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Tracking the time you spend underwater is very important because it allows you to stay safe and avoid staying too long. Dive watches are the most reliable option for keeping time because due to their specific design and excellent depth rating. We hope that our article and list havehelped you choose the best watch for diving that will both look great and be a reliable companion on your dives.

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