Freediving is a sport taking the world by a storm. Water enthusiasts are testing the limits of all they can see and do below the ocean’s surface. A mix of snorkeling and scuba diving, freediving is a happy medium that keeps you closer to shore while allowing you to explore more unseen depths. As you take the physical plunge below the water’s surface you will want to have the best freediving watch to help you track your dive.

Freediving watch reviews agree that having the best freediving computers has endless benefits and in the end will work to make you a better diver.

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How To Choose A Freediving Watch – Buying Guide


Freediving Computers To Help Track Your Depth

As you advance to diving farther and farther below the water’s surface you put yourself at greater risk. This sport is safe and fun when performed correctly. Using a free dive computer will track your time and depth helping you to have an accurate measure. This ensures you don’t get carried away and dive too deep, that you maintain proper surface interval breaks and overall helps to make you safer.

Freediving Computers To Help You Advance

Not only does it make you a safer diver, but free dive computers help you become a better diver as well. This is because it will help you to set goals and manage your time underwater allowing you to focus solely on your dive and crushing your goals.

Keep Track Of Your Freedives

The memory space in your computer helps you to track where you dived, how long and deep you dived as well as all your gear you used and much more. This helps you to keep a record of where you had your best dives so you can keep track.

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What Do You Look For In A Freediving Computer

There are many features to look for in a computer.

User-Friendly Dive Computer

When opting for your wrist free dive computer, pay close attention to the display. Get familiar with it and ensure it is something you will be able to read even in less ideal conditions. Be sure to choose your next computer based on quality and usefulness rather than style. You will want to make sure that your display is backlit and has large numbers. Opt for a user-friendly computer that you will easily be able to know and understand.

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Decompression Limits

While this is an obvious one, be sure to pay attention to the depth rating on your computer. Most people don’t know this but freediving allows you to reach greater depths than scuba diving does. According to PADI’s certification recreational divers should only be going 30 meters below the water’s surface. This is due to decompression limits and nitrogen narcosis. Freedivers, on the other, hand can go much deeper than this without these limitations. For this reason, you will want to ensure that the watch you choose is suitable to travel down to these extended depths.

Memory Availability

Paying attention to how much memory your computer has is important. The amount of memory available will vary quite a bit from computer to computer. Commonly, computers will be able to hold a record of at minimum 100 dives, some quite a bit more. You may be tempted to not pay as close of attention to this feature if your computer is one that can upload data to your PC. This is typically true but does keep in mind there may be times where you are traveling and do not have access to a PC for an extended period of time.

Scuba Vs. Freediving Computers

Many scuba divers mistakenly think that their scuba dive computer can double as a freediving computer. While sometimes it can, more often it cannot. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is depth ratings. Freediving can take you to depths not reached when scuba diving. Some scuba dive computers cannot handle these more extreme depths.

Also, many scuba diving computers will sound an alarm if you ascend too quickly. This does not work for free divers who can ascend and descend as quickly as they want and who most typically ascend quite a bit faster than scuba divers. When scuba diving computers are appropriate for freediving as well, most often this will be marked clearly by manufacturers. Having a computer that can do both are often the best for water goers who enjoy freediving and tank diving.  

Alarm Triggers

A computer with an alarm is an ideal way to help you to focus on your dive. You can set your alarm to trigger at either a certain depth or time which will help you to keep tabs on where you are in your dive.

Watch Durability

The materials used to make your dive watch will affect everything from how it feels on your wrist to its durability and lifespan. The straps can come in many different materials ranging from metal to rubber or even silicone.



Q: Why do you need a freediving watch?


A freediving watch will be completely customized to your body. When you first get your watch you will enter everything from your height and weight to age and sex. By using this information it can give you details of your dive including decompression stops and time under water.

Your freediving watch will also track your dives. It will show you details from all your previous spots and show you how you have progressed over time. If you are planning more than one dive these high tech watches can also plan how long you should rest for, instead of using a freediving tables or chart.

Q: How can a free diving watch help?


Since these watches are completely synced up to your body and know your previous dives, they can help you plan future dives as well. These watches will be able to do calculations that you wouldn’t even know where to begin.

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Freediving is growing more and more popular. Having the top rated freediving computers will allow you to have quick access to all of the critical information you need. Most of these watches will also activate by themself so all you need to do is focus on beating your personal record.

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