Deep sea diving is always fun, exciting and mind boggling yet intimidating for divers, both experienced and beginners, especially beginners. There always seems to be a sense of comfort and reassuring when going through this experience with as much as support as possible to ensure you are safe and well taken care off. The most recent addition is air integrated dive computers.

Imagine, you jammed in a well comfy and warm wet suit but too tight to your liking, a tank on your back and annoying masks on your face, underwater! Moreover, you are thinking of your oxygen levels, pressure, are you diving the right way, so many questions in your head.

The integrated computer eases off some of your load by simply helping to accurately tell real time pressure in the tank of a diver. Divers definitely know what I am talking about. Though expensive, these bad boys will definitely take off the load and keep you safe under water. Below are the 5 best air integrated dive computers in 2021; available for you to assess, gain on some knowledge and invest on the right diving companion to keep you safe this year.

How To Choose An Air Integrated Dive Computer – Buying Guide


Diving Level

Depending on your level of expertise and what you are looking for, most air integrated dive computers have a diving level of recreational or technical. Technical divers can go as deeper as between 170 ft to 350 whilst recreational divers are limited to 130ft.

Set Up

Air integrated dive computers come either hose or wrist mounted. The connection between the dive computer and tank is normally wireless and a wireless transmitter is normally attached for wristed mounted ones whilst hose mounted dive computers have a hose connected to the tank.


Dive computers tend to be a little expensive but are worth the investment. A good dive computer will last you a while and will cost at around US$800 – USD$2000, depending on the features you are looking for.

Gas Mix

Most dive computers support air and Nitrox whilst some support Trimix gas mix – which incorporates a certain percentage of helium.


A good air integrated dive computer will display good reading even in underwater and extreme conditions.


Lighting is also an important factor especially when diving as the environment underwater may be somewhat dark. It is good to have a dive computer with proper high resolution, bright and back light.


An air integrated dive computer is normally fitted with a functional compass. An integrated compass eliminates the old dive wit compasses we are used too, to make your experience even more comfortable. Keep in mind however, that dive computers with integrated compasses are slightly more expensive than those that don’t.



Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular Dive Computer and Air Integrated Dive Computer?


The difference is that an air integrated dive computer connects to your tank and is able to gauge pressure.  Additionally, it provides data that you can save and later analysis to better understand your air consumption underwater.

Q: When And Where Should I Use An Air Integrated Dive Computer?


Air integrated dive computers are ideal for both recreational and technical diving and are very helpful to cut down the manual work of pressure gauging. Plus, they do the log book recording for you!

Q: How To Connect A Dive Computer To The Tank?


There are two ways. Hose mounted dive computers are connected to the tank through the hose whilst wrist mount ones are connected wirelessly to the tank with the help of a transmitter.

Globosurf Overview

Air Integrated Dive Computers are one of those devices that translate new age technology. Work cut down and efficiency increased sort of like the saying: work smarter not harder”. These are definitely gems for all divers to keep. They ease your task under water and make accurate recordings to ensure you are diving safely. The above listed 5 Best Air Integrated Dive Computers in 209 are worth a browse and an investment. Try it and you’ll see!

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