A dive watch makes a statement about you. It shows that you love adventure. Whether you are a scuba diver or an outdoor adventurer, a dive watch is a great choice of a timepiece. The cost of a dive watch will vary, however, you will be surprised at what is available for under $200.

The best dive watches under 200 have high-quality quartz and automatic movements, mineral, and even sapphire crystals, high water resistance ratings, rugged builds, and stylish looks. Below are five top-rated men’s dive watches under 200 that can’t be beaten for the price. They look, feel and perform like much more expensive models.

Pro tip 1 - Size:
  • Cheaper dive watches are often larger, so shoot for the lowest profile possible. This will help you stay free of catching your wrist on the various equipment in use underwater. 
Pro tip 2 - Style: 
  • If possible, find a dive watch that has a sleek, attractive look. If you forget to remove your watch after a dive, you can wear it through until you have a secure place to store it.
Pro tip 3 - Durability: 
  • The cheaper the watch, the lower its durability - that’s just the way it goes. Be sure that, above all else, your dive watch is not made with cheap plastic material.

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How To Choose A Dive Watch Under $200 – Buying Guide


Maximum Depth/Water Resistance

When purchasing a dive watch, the maximum depth rating that is printed on the watch face is the first feature to check. It will tell you the level of water pressure the watch can withstand. A dive watch should have a depth rating of at least 100m. If you plan to scuba dive with it, it should be rated water-resistant up to at least 200m and a lock-down crown. 

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What size to get will depend on the size of your wrists and your personal preference. There are medium-sized dive watches and there are big and bold ones. If you have large wrists or love the monstrous wristwatch trend, go big and bold. If you have small wrists, you can also wear a substantial watch but ensure that it is proportional to the size of your wrists.

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Want a classic dive watch style with a rubber band or a steel dive watch you can wear casually? A trendy big watch or a medium style? The only hard and fast rule here is that there is no hard and fast rule. Feel free to go for what you like and what will suit your needs.


Why are you buying a dive watch? Do you want to use it as a backup diving time timer opposite your dive computer when scuba diving? Do you want a highly water-resistant watch you can wear as you engage in all kinds of water sports and water-related work? Do you want an everyday go-to watch you can wear everywhere? Having the intended use in mind will help you choose the best dive watch under 200 for you. 


A well-made dive watch that won’t let you down and will last is a must, even when buying a budget dive watch. Pay attention to the materials used. Sturdy stainless steel, rubber, and hard mineral crystals are good. For superior scratch resistance and durability, a sapphire crystal is the best choice. Read reviews and choose one of the top-rated men’s dive watches under 200 lauded for its ability to hold up well.



Q: Dive watch or diver's watch?


There is a difference between the two terms. When you refer to a dive watch, you are talking about a watch that has a depth resistance of at least 100 meters and a screw-down crown. However, if you see a watch that has the word diver followed by a depth such as Diver 200m, that means it meets the ISO 6425 standard. This standard for watches goes well beyond depth and water resistance standards. Also, each watch is tested not a sampling. 

Q: Does Quality Depend on The Price Or The Cheaper Models Are As Good As The Original?


As with any other gadgets, quality does depend on price. The original models are much more expensive but are built using the highest quality materials, polished craftsmanship, and equipped superior features. There are also quality inexpensive dive watches that look, feel and perform as well as or better than some much more costly models. They may not be as fancy as more expensive models but they are perfectly reliable.

Q: How Deep Can A Dive Watch Go?


The depth rating is what determines how deep a watch can go. A 200m diver-rated watch can go to scuba diving depths. A 100m rating is okay for snorkeling. 

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Q: How To Properly Care For A Dive Watch?

A: Before you expose your watch to water, make sure the crown is pushed in and screwed in place. You can wipe the dirt with a soft microfiber cloth or scrub gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Once every one to three years depending on how you use your watch, take it to a service or repair center for servicing. For more instructions, check out our comprehensive dive watch maintenance guide.

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As you can see, the best dive watches don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are excellent inexpensive dive watches. By following our dive watches under 200 reviews and buying guide, you’re guaranteed to make yours under 200 budge the best money spent and enjoy your money’s worth for years to come.

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