10 Best Freediving Fins in 2018


The key to freediving is having the best freediving fins you can get. Most people with any experience in this sport will tell you that being able to move effortlessly is one of the hardest aspects to master. The specially designed fins help to propel you through the water without overexerting yourself.

With that being said, finding the best freedive fins can be a difficult task. There are so many terms and materials that the average person may not understand. To make it easier we have created a list of the top freediving fins of 2018 so you don’t have to.

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Best Freediving Fins

Freediving Fins Reviews

1. Hunter Freediving Fins by MAKO Spearguns


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • High tech design
  • Comfortable boot
  • Lots of sizes available

MAKO Spearguns don’t just specialize in hunting gear – they also make excellent fins. Their Hunter line features fins that are made from a Polypropylene Composite material that has been created with thrust and stability in mind. After all, you need as much propulsion with as little effort as possible when free diving.

These fins have a full sock style boot. MAKO has many years of experience in diving that they have applied to this part of the fin. They have made certain parts softer for comfort while others have been made stiff for maximum flex. This allows you to convert your leg movement into forward movement with ease.

2. GARA 3000 Long Soft And Powerful Freediving Fins by Cressi


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Can be worn with or without dive socks
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Excellent combination of materials

Cressi is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to every type of diving. Their fins for freediving follow this trend of excellence. The GARA 3000 fins are a super long option that allows you to travel farther with less effort.

The best part of these fins is that you can use them for freediving and scuba diving alike. They are designed to be powerful enough for freediving while still being short enough for scuba. The blades are made from a flexible material that allow even beginners to learn and grow their skills.

Cressi has a patented 3 material molding process that makes the most comfortable boot. Unlike other fins, this set can be worn barefoot or even with a diving sock making these excellent for cold or warm water locations. You won’t have any discomfort when wearing these fins.

3. Stingray Fins With Black Blade by Omer


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • 24 month warranty
  • Easy to use pull tab
  • Specially designed ribs

Omer have one of the top rated freedive fins on their hands. These Stingray Fins are made using a low modular polypropylene material. This gives them a medium stiffness that is a great compromise from too soft or stiff. The first thing you notice is the ribs running the length of the blade. This system directs the water more efficiently and allows you to move faster.

These feature a traditional full foot boot, which has been specially designed. Instead of a traditional 15 or 17 degree boot to blade angle Omer has made these 22 degrees. It has been found to give you the most thrust through your range of motion.

When this is combined with a combination of Thermo-Rubber and two specially designed materials you get the perfect package. You won’t lose propulsion due to drag while getting the pop you need at the end of your stride. This material is also continued into the boot offering your feet maximum comfort.

4. Competition Freediving Fins by MAKO Spearguns


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Modular fins
  • Can use angled blades
  • Upgradable over time

Freediving fins reviews agree that if you are serious about this sport these are the fins for you. They are made from a special blend of materials that is reserved for only the highest quality fins: 10% fiberglass and 90% brealis.

These fins have been designed to grow with your experience level. MAKO Spearguns have developed a system that allows you to swap out your blades. Yes, you heard that right. With these fins you can upgrade and alternate through your fins depending on what you’re planning for the day. For example, if you are needing spearfishing fins one day and advanced freediving fins the next, simply swap your blades. The best part is this isn’t a long process. Simply undo a few screws and you’re ready to jump in the water.

For this system to work they had to develop the most comfortable pair of boots possible. After all, if your feet aren’t comfortable you won’t want to use only this set. Not only have they made comfortable boots, but also made them compatible with angled blades. They have used the same boots that are found on their high quality carbon and fiberglass tips.

5. Pure Instinct Razor Pro Fins by Mares


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Interchangeable blades
  • Superior technology
  • V shaped tips

If you are the person who likes the lightest fins possible this Mares set is for you. The pair weigh just over 2 lbs. This is largely due to the high quality materials used in their construction. They have also been said to be on the stiff side of the chart, which is perfect if this is what you prefer.

With that being said, you may like a softer option. That is no problem as these are another pair that have interchangeable blades. This means that the boot needs to be as comfortable as possible – something Mares has thought of. They have consulted a leading Italian foot clinic when they were designing the boot. This unique information has led them to increase the thickness of the instep which in turn leads to better comfort and more power. Mares has also tweaked the angle (22 degrees) and reinforcing of this fin.

The core of the fin has added elasticity so the snap happens naturally on every kick. It also means that your foot remains in a natural relaxed position through the entire motion. The added ribbing also directs the water instead of it spilling over the edges. A v shape tip also helps your foot stay on the perfect track without wandering at the peak of your kick.

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6. Mundial One Fins by Beuchat

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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Built-in stabilizers
  • High quality materials

These are an excellent option for people just entering the sport of freediving. They feature an excellent build quality and comfort. The stiffness is ideal for people looking to hone their skills before stepping into a more stiff and difficult to control fin.

Beauchat isn’t the most well-known name in watersports but has created one of the leading fins for beginners. The foot pocket works with the fin to create the maximum pop even if your technique isn’t perfect. They do this by utilizing a two material system that includes Thermoplastic elastomer.

The Mundial One Fins have a built in stabilizer system that restricts your foots movement and promotes the proper kicking motion. Most fins don’t incorporate a system like this but this company though it would benefit their customers.

7. Neo Carbon Fiber Stereofins by Leaderfins


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Specially designed coating on the blade
  • Camouflage design
  • EPDM rubber foot pocket

Leaderfins use a combination of high quality epoxy resin, carbon fiber and fiberglass to make one of the best freediving fins for spearfishing. They have coated the blades with a 1 millimeter neoprene and Teflon layer which allows them to glide easily through the water. You will find that it’s much easier to move with these fins.

The foot pocket also uses a special blend of materials. It features a soft EPDM rubber that contours to your foot. When all of this is combined with rubber rails you get a freediving fin that is unmatched in performance and comfort.

8. Gara 2000HF Long Fin by CressiGara-2000HF-Long-Fin-by-Cressi

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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Larger 300 pound weight capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Thick cushioned neck supporting pillow

Much like their other option on our list, Cressi’s Gara 2000HF is a highly tuned piece of technology. It has a stiff plastic blade that gives you a great pop through your kick. You will find that these are also shorter than the 3000LD which makes them better for traveling. Their stiffness also makes up for this so you don’t lose any power. The smaller v notch at the tip also helps when it comes to maneuverability.

The foot pocket is made of a soft material that does an excellent job at insulating your foot. This makes these fins great for cold water environments.

9. Stingray Carbon Fin Blade by Omer


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • 3 stiffness styles
  • Carbon fiber design
  • Lightweight

The Stingray Fin from Omer is a carbon fiber option that comes in 3 stiffness ratings: 20 (soft), 25 (medium), and 30 (hard). The best part of this pair is that the blades are interchangeable. Because of this, you will find the boot to be exceptionally comfortable and flexible.

The tips have a soft v shape which allows you to easily turn and adjust in the water. These fins are also one of the lightest on our list making them excellent for traveling. What is amazing is that Omer have developed these to not lose any pop or stiffness even with them being so lightweight. These are some of the highest tech blades you can get.

10. C4 Falcon Carbon Fibre Fins 25 by Maverick


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What Makes This Fins Stand Out:

  • Full carbon blades
  • Lightweight
  • High quality design and materials

The C4 Falcon Fins 25 are some of the best carbon fiber fins on the market. They feature a 100% carbon fiber Megaforce T700 blade. Much like other high quality fins, these use a more pronounced 22 degree angle boot. It will give your legs a break as it keeps them in an ergonomic stance even when resting.

These fins have a soft rating which makes them ideal for beginners and divers on the lighter side (around 175 lbs.). They come in a variety of stiffness as well. This set of fins have also had extensive real world testing and have been found to be ideal at a 20 to 85 foot depth.

If you are wanting to dive deeper it is recommended that you select the medium or hard option of these fins. They will give you more freedom when it comes to diving depths. Just keep in mind that the stiffer you go the harder it is to get the ideal pop. If you are just starting out in the sport we recommend the soft (25) fins.

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Finding the best freediving fins doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Knowing the advantages of each pair will help you determine which ones will be ideal for your use. If you are looking for an all around great pair we suggest looking at the modular fins. They will allow you to upgrade and customize your blades depending on your use. The most important part is having fun while diving!


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