Nixy Carbon Fiber Paddle Review


The Nixy carbon fiber paddle 88 is specially built for long distance paddlers looking for a model that won’t strain their shoulders or backs. Unlike regular paddles, the Nixy paddle is designed with much smaller blades, which, in turn, improves paddler cadence without impacting the shoulders. The smaller blade design also helps to enhance paddling speed, letting you cover more distance in less time. 

Paired with the carbon fiber material, the paddle boasts a lightweight but robust finish. The construction is even complemented with the ABS blade edge for optimal durability and damage protection. The blade is internally laminated along the edge with ABS material to eliminate possible damage along this area. The carbon fiber paddle comes in a selection of three finishes to choose from, whether carbon fiber, 3K carbon fiber with bamboo veneer accent on the blade, or 12K carbon fiber. 


specificationsDimensions: 69-83 inches

Total weight: 21 ounces

Paddle bag

Color options: 3, 3K, or 12K 

User Experience

user_experienceUsability: 99% – The carbon fiber paddle combines its carbon fiber construction and smaller blade design to improve the overall user experience. The carbon fiber construction maintains a lightweight and robust profile. The smaller blade design allows for effortless paddling, increasing speed and cadence while reducing shoulder and back strain. Moreover, the paddle has small but well thought out features that improve usability further. Its 3-piece adjustable design makes it portable and compact instantly during storage. On the other hand, features like the anti-twist T-grip system help hold the paddle in place when in use. The anti-twist system works by keeping the paddle’s shaft lined correctly with the handle and blade. This mechanism ensures that the handle never moves or twists during paddling.

Durability: 98% – Overall, the carbon fiber construction along with smaller details like the ABS blade edge makes the paddle pretty durable.  As mentioned before, the Nixy full carbon fiber SUP paddle comes in three distinct finishes. However, the finish doesn’t only affect the appearance, it also plays a significant role in determining the paddle’s durability and quality. The 3K finish features a 3000 filament per tow carbon fiber weave, while the 3K with bamboo adds an extra bamboo overlay.  The 12k finish has a 12,000 filament per tow carbon filament which makes it more rigid and stronger than the latter, although you will deal a little with resistance to flex and stiffness. 


  • Great value for money 
  • Ideal for long distances
  • Lightweight construction
  • Sturdy and robust body
  • Extremely comfortable on your back and shoulder
  • Smaller blade for easy and faster paddling 
  • Portable build for easy storage and travel 
  • Comes with a free padded paddle bag 


  • The black finish can get hot in warm summer afternoons

Overall Rating

Usability: 99% – The number one prized design of the full carbon SUP paddle is its lightweight profile. The lightweight design eliminates the strain on muscles and joints that come with using a regular paddle. The full carbon fiber construction of the paddle also gives it a more rigid and high tensile finish. In turn, this means effortless energy transfer – allowing you to move freely on the water without putting much stroking effort. Compared to paddles made from aluminum or fiberglass, the carbon fiber paddle is also comfortable and warm to feel – which comes pretty handy on cooler waters.  The only downside to using the carbon fiber paddle is if you opt for the full black finish. On summer days, the surface of the black finished paddle tends to get quite hot and annoying.  

Durability: 98% – Whether it’s the high tensile carbon fiber construction or ABS blade edge, the paddle guarantees long lasting durability. In fact, it also features details that inadvertently improve its longevity. For example, the anti-twist system protects it against any possible damage or accidents, when in use. Its 3-piece adjustable system means that you can easily break it down to avoid accidents during travel or storage. The Nixy 3-Piece 100% carbon fiber paddle has one of the easiest adjustable mechanisms, ensuring you don’t snap any pieces during the process. The paddle also comes with a free well-fitting bag for more convenient storage and travel. The bag is designed to fit most of Nixy’s 3-piece paddles quite comfortably. With a specially designed bag, you can rest assured that the paddle is better protected for added longevity. The paddle’s bag features a padded design to offer even better protection for the 3 broken-down pieces during storage.

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Price: 96% – The 3 piece carbon fiber SUP paddle is slightly pricier than most aluminum and fiberglass paddles of the same design. However, it is still quite reasonably priced when it comes to the overall construction and features. The paddle is considered to offer great value for money. For one, it considers several factors when it comes to design, instead of focusing on one factor. This makes the paddle versatile, allowing for both beginners and seasoned paddlers to use it.  Additionally, the paddler meets its price tag when you consider its superior durability and extra functional features it offers. 

Overall: 98% – Undoubtedly, the Nixy carbon fiber paddle 88 features an impressively stable construction. Even with its 3-piece adjustable design, the paddle still maintains stability and rigidity when in use. Its anti-twist system also pairs pretty well with the carbon fiber construction for an overall stable and damage-free finish. Nonetheless, the paddle’s design doesn’t just put emphasis on one isolated factor. It maintains a light and robust build to make it easy to handle while its rigidity enhances performance. Therefore, the overall design fits the needs of beginners and seasoned SUP-ers alike.

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Pair the NIXY 3-Piece 100% Carbon Fiber Paddle with your SUP guarantees to improve your paddling experience.  While the paddle might appear to be costly to some, it is certainly worth the investment. For one, if you have a performance-based SUP board, this paddle is built to complement it. 

Combining its robust carbon fiber construction, lightweight profile, and ultra rigidity, the paddle facilitates an effortless, fast-paced, and efficient paddling experience. The best part is the significantly reduced strain on your body. But, any other paddle can do so! What truly elevates this particular paddle is its added functional features and fine-tuned design that accommodates paddlers of all levels.

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