Swim fins are popular aquatic accessories that have a variety of functions. They are extremely important for scuba diving, as they dramatically increase your swimming power, which is vital when you are deep beneath the sea. Fins are also popularly worn when snorkeling, as they allow you to move further with less effort, assist in freediving, and allow you to stay out on the water for a lot longer. Swims are even worn by recreational swimmers to help them improve. 

With so many fins to choose from, finding the perfect pair of swim fins for you can be a bit complicated. You’ll need to ensure you have the right size and fit so that the fins don’t hurt you when you’re out in the water. You’ll also need to consider what you will be using the fins for, and the type of conditions you expect to be in, as this will all affect the type of fin that’s most suitable for you. Finally, with so many styles and color variations out there, you’ll want to select fins that match your bikini, your snorkel, or your dive kit, so you look good, even when you’re underwater!

How To Choose Swim Fins – Buying Guide



It’s important to look at the size of a swim fin, or the size of the swim fin blade, to figure out what the best option for you is. There are three different sizes of blades that affect how you use your swim fins.

Short blades are great for quick workouts and casual swimming. They don’t provide as much propulsion as longer blades, but they’re easier to kick with as they’re lighter and don’t fight your leg as much. With water aerobics, you’d want shorter blades so that you can move fast as well!

Medium blades are a balance between long and short blades that’s perfect for snorkeling. They aren’t too heavy to kick with comfortably, and they’re long enough to provide a good amount of propulsion. Because of this, they’re a good stepping stone between swimming exercises and swimming exercises with swim fins.

Long blades are great for exercising when you’re traversing long distances. They provide the most resistance to your legs, normally because of the weight alone. These can be used casually, but they’re more suited to exercise and performance use.

With any blade length, you’ll need to check out other information about the blade. With so much to choose from nowadays, there are long blades that are extremely light and shorter blades that are heavier for workout out; with so many different personal preferences, it’s important to double-check what you’re buying before making a mistake!


Like any other water accessory, you’ll want to be comfortable using your swim fin. Many of the swim fins listed above feature a soft rubber that helps your foot stay comfortable while you’re in the water, making your activities more enjoyable. Open-toed swim fins also help with comfort, letting your foot breathe while it’s inside the fin. This keeps your movement going and your feet comfortable, an especially important idea if you’re doing something like scuba diving where you could be swimming for hours.

If you’re working out, then having an uncomfortable weight on your feet can be annoying as well. You don’t want your swim fin to stop your workout when it should be helping you; having a comfortable footpad is important here as well.


You’ll want your swim fin to fit your foot perfectly for several different reasons. Most swim fins are made in several different sizes like shoes, and fit each of your feet perfectly, making them unable to be used interchangeably (with the exception of the DaFin Swimfins).

Your swim fin will need to fit comfortable enough to not slip off, one of the biggest reasons you need specific sizes. Swim fins can be used anywhere, so if one falls off while you’re in the ocean snorkeling or in lake swimming, you can easily lose it.

Another major reason you want your swim fin to fit correctly is that it works better if it does. Your swim fin should be tailored to your foot, relying on the power you give it to get through the water. If it doesn’t have this, then it’ll make swimming more difficult on you than it should be.

If your swim fin doesn’t fit correctly, it also won’t give you a very good exercise. Swim fins rely on size to work out your legs properly as well, so your workout will be impaired if it doesn’t fit properly. It could also harm the muscles in your leg if your swim fin doesn’t fit correctly, so be careful to ensure that it does.

Just like a mermaid tail wouldn’t help you swim if it kept slipping off, a swim fin wouldn’t either.


There’s a ton of different things you can do with swim fins! Whether you’re in the pool with your toddlers, or intensely working out in the ocean, swim fins are the perfect accessory to add to your swimming collection.

Swimming in your own pool with swim fins can make swimming easier on you. It also opens up the possibility for races between you and your family members (or adventurous friends); you can even time each other with a waterproof fitness tracker! This is a fun, casual way to add swim fins that will help tone your legs without you even feeling it!

Swim fins are also recommended for snorkeling. They make getting through the water much easier, quicker, and quieter, meaning that you can see more of the underwater life with the time that you have. They’ll also be easier to swim in, so you won’t get tired out as easily as you would if you didn’t have them.

Swim fins are also perfect exercise tools used by people who train in water. Their weight adds a layer of difficulty, but many swim fins naturally help you keep your form correct in other kinds of swimming. They’ll lengthen and stretch your muscles, meaning that you can very easily (and quickly) tone your legs with heavier swim fins.


The blades of all swim fins vary slightly. Many are smooth, making them easy to cut through the water and great for most swimming purposes. However, there’s some that focus on other aspects that look a little different.

The Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin raises us on the sides and all over the blade, making it perfect for snorkeling. The raised edges force water behind you, so you’ll move quicker and easier without exerting much force, which also helps you move quieter. Moving quieter means that you get to see more fish!

There’s a ton of variance among swim fin blades, and many places patent their design, so look into what each swim fin is created to find a great design for your water activities.

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Q: What are swim fins used for in swimming?


Swim fins are used for a wide variety of things, whether it’s casual, everyday use or scuba diving. They can help you out in a variety of ways, including toning your body!

If you’re swimming in your pool, swim fins are just another fun way to enjoy yourself. They make you go faster, so you can race with your family and friends. They also provide an easy way to swim underwater, and paired with goggles, you can have fun roaming around your pool and watching others do tricks.

Swim fins are also great for things like snorkeling and scuba diving. These activities require you to look around and enjoy what you’re seeing, and swim fins help you do that by taking energy out of kicking your feet. Similar to how a mountain bike works with different gears, swim fins make propulsion easier and quicker!

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Q: What are swim fins used for in swimming training?


Swim fins are very commonly used in swimming training for a lot of different reasons. The first, and biggest reason, is the weight it adds to your foot. This lets you work up your leg muscles, meaning that you’ll be able to swim faster and for longer than you could if you were training without swim fins.

Another big reason people use swim fins in swimming training is to help them fix their form. Swim fins typically require you to swim differently than you would if you weren’t wearing them; even just jumping in the water with a pair on can be disorienting because of how it changes your form. The form you swim with when you have on a pair of swim fins is much better than anything else. It’s a great way to practice your swimming form.

Globo Surf Overview

The Zoomer Gold by FINIS is the best swim fin out there. The ultra-short blade is unmatched by any other, making it perfect for use in a variety of ways.

The entire fin is made out of a soft rubber material that is comfortable on your foot and won’t hurt you if you accidentally kick yourself. It’s quite common to scratch yourself with a swim fin, so the material and the length that the Zoomer Gold provides can save you a few scratches.

The length of the blades is great for everyday use, letting you easily build up leg muscles. This will make you faster both in and out of the water and can tone your legs as well. This can be handy and can let your everyday water activity have some unexpected benefits.

The foot pocket in the Zoomer Gold is also very secure, fitting to each of your feet specifically to ensure that it doesn’t slip off. It’s also more comfortable and convenient to not have to worry about losing your swim fin. The foot pocket also has an opening at the top, keeping your foot even more comfortable than many other swim fins.

Because of their super-thin blade and rubber material, the Zoomer Golds are also extremely easy to transport. You won’t have to worry about breaking the blade like you would have to with most other swim fins, or losing them considering their bright yellow color. They’ll fit into any bag with their tiny blade and size, not much bigger than any of your shoes.

The Zoomer Gold is the best swim fin, offering you all the perks that most other swim fins do at a great price. With all the additional perks that it offers you, invest in a pair before your next swimming excursion!

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