A pool kickboard is a pretty simple piece of swimming gear. It has a significant place in training for many swimmers, both beginners and professionals. This is a piece of foam or plastic usually rectangular in shape on which you hold on to with your hands. This enables you to isolate and exercise your legs. You increase their endurance, improve your kick and motion in general.

There are several different types of kickboards. Most are made from foam, which is sturdy and buoyant. Kickboards come in adult and children size, though the difference in size is not that significant. Swimming with a kickboard can additionally strain your shoulders. If you already have shoulder problems you should choose an ergonomic kickboard and modify your exercises. The most important thing is that you get a reliable product to help you improve your swimming, and our top rated kickboards list is going to help you.

So, what are the best kickboards for you? Check out our kickboard reviews to find out.

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How To Choose A Swimming Kickboard – Buying Guide


To get the most out of your kickboard, you must know what to look for. We are going to guide you through different types of kickboards available, and also help you choose the right size (although, to be fair, they are pretty similar in size). In order for the kickboard to give you proper support when practicing your kicks, it shouldn’t be too large or too small. When you hold the kickboard with your arms stretched, your hands should be roughly shoulder width apart. This is to give you good buoyancy.

Leg muscles greatly benefit from this, and your overall swimming improves. You become faster and hold your body positioned properly for longer periods of time, which contributes to swimming greater distances.

A swimming board is very useful for a person who just started learning how to swim. They are buoyant, so people can hold onto them to keep themselves afloat. This boosts their confidence, and makes the learning process faster.

Also, when you flip the kickboard over, like in a position where you would lay on it with your elbows, it should be long enough to reach approximately half of your biceps. Kickboards are made from different materials, in different sizes and for various purposes. Best swimming kickboard should help you, not cause you trouble. Take a look at different styles available and choose accordingly.

Traditional Adult Kickboards

These are the most common kickboards. They can be seen on swimming pools everywhere. These kickboards are rectangular in shape, the front is slightly rounded and the bottom is concave. They are generally made to be rigid and sturdy. Also, they are thick and very buoyant, which can cause some problems after long periods of use. These problems mainly consist of swimmers complaining about shoulder pain because the position of their arms is too high. Traditional kickboards are great for adults, no matter your swimming abilities. Also, they are very affordable.

Ergonomic & Streamlined Kickboards

This type of kickboard is specially designed to solve the problem mentioned above. They have the same function as traditional type, but an ergonomic kickboard puts less strain on your shoulders. They are made from lighter materials, mostly foam, and they are not as buoyant. Their shape is also more triangular, which means you get less water resistance while swimming. An additional plus for this type is that it sometimes comes with cutout handles at the bottom giving you the possibility to practice head-down kicking. Streamlined kickboards are a little bit more expensive than the standard type, but they are highly recommended for advanced swimmers and those suffering from shoulder issues.

Children’s Kickboards

We already mentioned the size being very important in the efficiency of your kickboard. That is particularly true for children. Manufacturers make special kid-size kickboards which are smaller but also lighter. The other focus point here is that the kickboard is easy to grip, because children rely on it heavily while learning to swim. Also, to make it more fun for the kids and make them feel more comfortable in the water, these kickboards usually have some type of graphic decoration or bright colors.

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Kickboard-Pull Buoy Combos

This is an interesting combo, one piece of swimming equipment that serves both as a kickboard and a pull buoy. It is also known as a pull-kick, and it enables you to train both your upper and lower body muscles with only one piece of swim gear. That is also the biggest upside of this product, because it’s very easy to take with you without taking up much space in your bag.

The pull-kicks have a special design. They are shaped like a kickboard, usually with handles on sides to improve your grip. However, they have a channel in the middle on every side, making it possible to hold nicely with your legs while you train your stroke and upper body muscles.


In general, kickboards are not expensive pieces of swimming equipment. The price range goes from about 7$ per piece for Styrofoam kickboards mostly used by children to about 30$ for specially designed kickboards. The top rated kickboards we reviewed fall somewhere in the middle, which means you can get a fantastic swimming aid for about 20$.



Q: Why do swimmers use kickboards?


They use kickboards because they are a great training aid for swimmers on all levels. If you are a beginner, they are great for keeping you afloat until you learn how to do it yourself. In the meantime you become more confident and your control improves.

Many swimmers tend to forget to use their legs while swimming. This puts a bigger strain on your arms, and your legs just float around and sink, creating drag. In order get the legs included, kickboards are used to practice proper leg movement and techniques for different styles.

Q: Why pro swimmers use kickboards?


If you are an advanced swimmer, kickboards are a fantastic way to train your legs. Swimmers practice their leg technique, and this has a significant impact on leg muscles. Combined with other swimming exercises the body performance improves. Besides isolating leg movements, kickboards help them remain streamlined. An additional benefit of using a kickboard is to relax during long workouts. They can take a breather and chat a little.

Q: How to use kickboards for water safety?


Besides being a great tool to practice your kicks, a kickboard can also make you feel safer in the water. Because of its buoyancy it serves as a floatation device for swimmers which aren’t certain in their capabilities yet. This way they have something to grab onto to keep their head above the water. This significantly boosts confidence of beginners. Also, because the students’ heads are above the water, they can easily hear the instructions their swimming coach is giving.

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Kickboards are fantastic pieces of equipment. No matter if you are a beginner in swimming or a professional, there is a place for this gear in your routine. Now that you have knowledge about them thanks to our kickboard reviews, you can choose the best swimming kickboard for you. Just make sure to have variety in your training, so your whole body can get the exercise it deserves.

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