How To Choose Lap Swimming Suits


Before you hit the pool one of the core things that you are going to need are lap swimming suits. Combine this with a good pair of swimming goggles and that swim towel and you have a full-body swim uniform.

The main purpose of the swimsuits for lap swimmers is to cover up your “you-know-what”, wink! Still, you are going to need to consider several things when choosing the right lap swimming suit for you.

What’s more is that you are going to have to choose between the four main types of lap swimsuits which include speedos, drag suits, jammers, and training suits.

This is how to choose the best lap swimming suits.

1. The briefs of speedos

As a non-swimmer, when you think about the swimming suit, the first image that comes to mind is that of the brief or speedo. It is the most popular type of swimsuit worn by lap swimmers. This is owing to its cheap cost, flexibility, and durability.

2. The square leg training suits

Compared to the briefs, the square leg provides more coverage. It will, however, offer you great flexibility and excellent mobility.

The extra coverage doesn’t create drag and will provide more speed compared with some of the other longer swimming suits. The best swim fins will provide you with great propulsion when in the water.

3. Jammers

This one is a more recent addition. The reason they are quickly gaining popularity is that they are easy to wear. They offer more coverage so for people who are new to swimming they are more comfortable compared to say, speedos

4. Drag suits

They are called drag suits for a reason as the user will experience more resistance when they are in the water. The material that they are made of is water absorbent making it a bit tougher to pull yourself through the water. This makes you feel heavier and is an excellent choice for training.

Keep in mind what type of effect that these swimsuits for lap swimmers will have on the stroke. The idea is that you will need more resistance for your body to feel challenged. However, it should not be too much to change the stroke rate and the tempo rate. Check out what to eat after swimming.

What to consider when choosing a swimsuit


One of the things that you need to consider is how much coverage you are comfortable with.  Of course, you will need to pick one based on the type of swimming.

Remember that there are swimsuits that are suited for snorkeling, ocean swimming, and other types of swimming.

Next, consider the fabric that the lap swimming suit is made of. Some fabrics are quick drying which means that you can easily move from the water to the poolside and dry out. This will also serve to prevent chaffing as the water is drawn away from the skin. Keep in mind that thicker materials take longer to dry up.

A good swimmer shampoo will help you clean up after your swim session.

Also, check the inner liner. Some and not all men’s swimsuits will feature an inner liner. This prevents chaffing all while adding extra coverage. For women, the liners will add opacity when the swimsuit is wet.

Some types of liners are specially designed to cling onto the skin which prevents the swimsuit from sliding.

Other swimsuits will have ultraviolet protection. You may need this if you plan on swimming in an open pool during hot summer days.

Bra cups for women are designed for added modesty. However, the woman can choose to remove them.

You will need to know how to properly wash the swimsuit. You don’t want to enter that competition in a dirty looking swimsuit, do you?

Getting the right fit

You want to get a lap swimming suit that fits you just right.  Don’t hesitate to try out a swimsuit and walking in it to have a feel of how comfortable it is. For example, the swimsuit for laps should fit snuggly. It should not be overly constricting.

If you notice that you are tugging on it several times, then this likely means that you need to switch sizes a level higher.

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Globo Surf Overview

Swimsuits for lap swimmers might look like a small piece of clothing but choosing the right one for you requires you to consider several things. Try it on and have a feel of its comfort level.

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