Swimming is a great activity and kids enjoy it. Protecting their eyes while they are in water is very important. It’s not very fun to have stinging eyes from chlorine and salt. This is why you should invest in a good pair of childrens swim goggles. This way they get to discover a whole new world underwater and greatly improve the swimming experience.

Kids have two main requirements when it comes to swim goggles, comfort while wearing them and a good seal to prevent leaking. The seal is especially important for older children, when they jump into the pool and perform different flips and turns. Kids water goggles must endure everything and stay in place.

No matter if your kid is a passionate swimmer or enjoys the water when you go on holiday, they should have a swimming gear. Buying quality youth swim goggles is budget friendly in the long run, because they can last for a few seasons. Otherwise you end up buying a new pair every year (or every few months) because they break.

So, what are the best kids swim goggles ? Check out our reviews to find out.

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How To Choose A Pair Of Swim Goggles For Kids – Buying Guide


As we mentioned, the most important things about kids water goggles are comfort and seal. This is why you should choose a pair for them carefully. You don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t function properly. This being said, here are a few tips that may help you while browsing for the right pair.

How to choose swim goggles for children

Apart from being comfortable and leak-proof, the most excellent swim goggles for kids have some additional features to make your child’s experience in the water even better. They need to be made from high quality materials which are hard to break, because most children aren’t very gentle when it comes to this. You want a pair with increased longevity no matter the treatment.

Also, most goggles are sold with anti-fog coating. The fog appears on the lens because there is a difference in temperature – cold water on one side and heat produced by the eyes on the other. This coating prevents this from happening. Some cheaper goggles lose this layer very quickly. It is very handy when the goggles don’t fog up because it eliminates the need to take them off constantly.

Another great feature is UV protection. This is very important, especially for sunny days at the beach or open pool. The UVA and UVB rays can damage the eyes, so if you are choosing a pair of goggles your kid is going to wear outside, this might be a good thing to consider.

Finally, some youth swim goggles have straps that are easily adjustable, which is a big plus. Some require as little as pushing a button in order to fit the straps perfectly around your child’s head, without trouble. Goggles with double straps are less likely to slide down than those with single straps, which makes them a better choice for your child. Also, when testing the goggles, pay attention to the nose bridge and the way it sits. This can cause great discomfort later on if the bridge presses too hard.


The age of your child is also an important factor when choosing the right pair. Kids swim goggles are divided into two groups – for ages 2-6 infant goggles are recommended, and for ages 6-14 there are special junior goggles. The frame of these is smaller and they are made from different materials to meet the needs of children.

Infant swim goggles are made to be comfortable, easy to put on and leak proof. But they don’t offer much else when it comes to additional features. These are great for small kids who are just learning how to swim. It builds their confidence, and helps them get used to keeping their heads under the water. Also, a feature that kids love is that these baby goggles are made to be bright and colorful, even with some familiar cartoon characters.

Older kids have a wider range of goggles to choose from. It’s a step up from infant goggles. You can buy classic racer goggles, or swim masks. Masks are fantastic and children love them. They offer a great seal and a very large field of vision for kids when they are underwater. Some of the goggles in this category may even fit adults with smaller facial features.

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Swim goggles are not made in a universal size. This means you will need to spend a little time trying before you buy a pair. Look at all goggles when choosing, because labels can sometimes be misleading. Even though some goggles are labeled as being a particular size, it doesn’t mean they will be a perfect fit. Older kids sometimes find their best fit among adult goggles, and it sometimes goes the other way around – adults with smaller heads find the best fit to be junior sized. So keep your eyes open.

Swim goggles for children are usually made in two sizes, infant and junior. There are exceptions, but this is a good guideline to help you look. Also, some manufacturers offer goggles which are highly adaptable and can be used by both adults and children.

Swim goggles should fit snuggly around the eyes to keep water out. Like mentioned, there are options that can be used by everyone, but you should always try the goggles out first. When you’re buying a new pair, it’s good to test the suction. Leave the straps hanging, and press the eye cups against the eyes. It’s great if they hold on a little, this means they won’t leak in the water. However, if they fall right off you might want to look for another pair.

When shopping online, a downside is that you can’t try them on. But, you have a larger range of products to choose from, and find the perfect pair. Always check the seller’s return policy to make sure you can change or return them if your child is not fully satisfied.


Q: How to put on swim goggles for children?


It’s very easy to put on the goggles, and some straps are specially designed to make it easy for children to put the goggles on themselves. Anyway, you should hold the goggles in one hand and strap in the other. Stretch it, and put them on your child’s head, resting the goggles on their forehead.

If this model of kids goggles has two straps spread them apart at the back of the head for increased comfort. The lower one should be horizontal and the upper one should be separated a bit. Then you lower the goggles on their eyes, and adjust the straps further so your child is comfortable. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

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Children should feel great while swimming, and kids water goggles play a big role in this. The most excellent swim goggles for kids allow great comfort without compromising on eye safety. You now have the knowledge what to look for when shopping for childrens swimming goggles. If you decide to go for a product featured on out list, you can rest assured your kid is getting a reliable pair of goggles both of you will be happy with.

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