Swim Essentials For Beginners


Swimming is not strictly connected to the summer and the seaside. Although nicer and definitely more challenging and overall more beautiful, ocean or sea swimming has an alternative known as – pool. Whether you’re a newbie and want to learn how to swim, a swimmer who wants to improve already learned techniques, or simply would like to continue your sessions and stay in shape during the winter, it is probably the best sport for your whole body.

But, it does need some kind of investment, as there are things you’ll need to keep your swimming sessions pleasant, comfortable, and make you want to come back for more. In this article, you’ll read about the swim essentials for beginners, but also every swimming enthusiast out there.

1. Swimwear

Start by getting the equipment you’ll need while in the water. It could vary from pool to pool, but you’ll need one of these – the best option is a swimsuit, but there are also swimming trunks or shorts, a swimming t-shirt or even leggings. It is a good idea to visit your pool and check if it has some specific guidelines or rules about what is allowed and what is forbidden to wear while in the pool. Also, make sure you feel comfortable in your swimsuit, as it will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

2. Drying Equipment

After you’re done with your training session, you’ll need to dry yourself before you head back home. So, getting a good towel is a necessity. Because most of the swimming pools work even during winter and bad weather, purchasing and bringing the robe will help you stay warm when you get out of the pool. And last but not least – a hairdryer. Although not essential, it will help you dry your hair faster, which is recommended especially during the winter.

3. Swimming Cap

First, to answer one important question before we continue – no, a swimming cap will not keep your hair completely dry. But, it does have some other important factors who could be really helpful. Having longer hair could be a bit problematic while you swim because water will toss it constantly in your face, and a swimming cap prevents this from happening as it keeps your hair in one place. Another good reason for getting a swim cap as soon as possible is its ability to reduce drag, thus allowing you to produce more speed and move faster.

Last, but for most pool users the most important benefit is the fact that cap, although it will not keep the water completely away from your hair, will significantly lower the pool chemicals’ damage to your hair, this way helping it stay healthier.

4. Swimming Goggles

Another not essential, but recommended and useful part of every swimmers’ equipment. If you wonder could you swim without them, the answer is yes, you can. On the other hand, swimming goggles have some really good advantages. The first one is – atmosphere and experience. While you can open your eyes without having goggles on, all you can see are blurry shapes and colors. Goggles keep the water away from your eyes, allowing you to see normally, so you’ll not just feel more comfortable and safe, but get the chance to see what is going on around you even with your head in the water, so you’ll move easier.

The second benefit is eye protection. Swimming pools use chemicals to stay clean and sanitary, and one of the most used chemicals is chlorine. It could also cause eye irritation, making it red and itchy. As you already know, goggles keep the water away from your eyes, this way preventing chlorine and the other chemicals from affecting your eyes.

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5. Toiletries


OK, the session is done, but before you get dressed and go home, there is something you should do while you’re still in your swimsuit – take a shower. Pool chemicals don’t only affect your hair and your eyes, they could irritate your skin, also. So, make sure you have shampoo, soap, shower gel, etc. with you. Removing the chlorine and the traces of other chemicals is important and it will keep your skin healthy.

6. Hairbrush

If your hair is longer, the hairbrush is on the top of the “needed things” list. A swimming cap will keep it dryer, but it could tangle while you move your head. Besides that, having hair clips or hair bands by your hand could be quite handy, especially if you’re planning on swimming without the cap, and it will make brushing your hair afterward a lot easier.

7. Flip Flops (Or Some Other Type Of Poolside Shoes)

Going barefoot by the pool, although sounds fun, can be disastrous. The area around the swimming pool is slippery and moving around without anything on your feet is not easy, so getting flip flops should be another thing on your pool essentials list, and top of your bag. Or some other water shoes.

8. Bottle Of Water

Don’t forget – even while in the water, you still lose the liquids from your body and could dehydrate. The only difference between swimming and the dry workout is the fact that while in the water you won’t notice how much you sweat. To prevent this and keep your body in a good shape keep your water bottle within the hand reach and take a sip from time to time, while you’re catching the breath. But be careful not to overdrink.

9. Snack

Same as water – swimming makes you burn the calories, but as soon as you’re done it is good to have a quick snack. Banana, an energy bar, or even a chocolate bar will help you reduce lost energy and help you recover faster. And it will ease the post-swimming two hour waiting period before you sit to eat properly.

10. Nose Clips And Ear Plugs

Some swimmers don’t like the feel of water coming into their nose, and if you’re one of those, nose clips are a good add on. They prevent water from getting into your nose, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. But, they also could affect your breathing technique, as they remove the nose breathing option. Earplugs are the other helpful thing, and they serve as the ear protector, preventing the water from getting into your ear and possibly causing ear pain or that uncomfortable feeling of water stuck inside.

11. Good Spirit

Remember – it all makes sense as long as you enjoy it and let the others around you do the same. Swimming should be about fun, it should help you feel good and bring the best out of you. It will also open a window of amazing possibilities and adventures if you let it. It will not always be easy, sometimes you’ll feel like it is time to quit, and when it becomes hard, remember the reasons you’re there and keep ongoing. It is worth the effort. You’ll see.

Globo Surf Overview

Swimming offers lots of possibilities, but before you decide to try scuba diving and hang out with sharks, or try and break the record by catching the biggest wave ever on your surfboard, you’ll need to learn how to swim or to improve or master your skills. This list will help you get all the things you’ll need for the beginning. The other possible stuff you could get, like fins, maybe headphones, and mp3, or underwater camera to capture all those amazing moments you’ll see while you’re outside, out on the open water, are useful, but these 11 are those we call essentials for a good reason.

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