Filtered water bottles are game-changing inventions. By filtering water as you drink, they make it so much easier to meet your hydration goals even while on the go. Whether you’re traveling or tackling thru-hiking trails, having a water purifier bottle gives you easy access to clean drinking water wherever you are. You can refill your bottle from fountains, streams, lakes, and ponds and still enjoy clean and safe water.      

Because filtered water bottles come with different filtration systems, it’s important to ensure you get the best filtered water bottle you can rely on to purify your water. In this article, our filtered water bottle reviews will show you the best filtered water bottles on the market, while the buying guide further down will help you choose the right bottle for your needs.

How To Choose A Filtered Water Bottle – Buying Guide



When it comes to a filtered water bottle, safety is a top priority. You want your filter water bottle to eliminate contaminants without leaching some of its own into the water. For this reason, the bottle itself should be made of Bisphenol A (BPA) free materials. BPA has been linked to several different health issues and is something you want to avoid. The filter should also be made of food-grade or medical-grade materials.

Filtration System

Filtered water bottles are only as good as the filtration system they are equipped with. The ideal filtration system to go for comes down to the water sources you will be refilling from and what types of water-borne contaminants you want your filtering water bottle to get rid of.

If you just want to eliminate the taste and smell of chlorine in tap water, you will need a water filtration bottle for chlorine. If you will be embarking on a safari or outdoor adventure and will be refilling from rivers, ponds, and lakes, you will need a water filtration bottle with a more advanced 4-stage or 5-stage filtration system that can remove all kinds of pollutants from bacteria to chemicals. 


Since this is a reusable water filter bottle, it should be built to last you a long time. First and foremost, a water bottle with a filter should be made of a sturdy material that can withstand use on the go without breaking. Finally, the durability of the water filter in the bottle is an important consideration as well. Not all filters are created equal and each water filter for bottle has a lifespan after which it requires replacement.    

Type Of Filtered Water Bottle

There are two types of filter water bottles: hard-sided and soft-sided. A hard-sided filter bottle water won’t flex in your hand. On the other hand, a soft-sided water bottle with a filter is squeezable and gives you two advantages. It can handle being dropped and banged without cracking, and you can also squeeze it for faster flow.

You won’t enjoy these advantages with hard filtered water bottles. Due to this, a soft water bottle with flexible sides is perfect for use on the go. However, the best water bottle with filter to go for also comes down to personal presence. 

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Type Of Filter

The two types of filters for water bottles with filters are carbon filters and ultraviolet filters. Most filter water bottles feature carbon filters, as these are simple to use and effective in removing all kinds of contaminants in the water. 

Although ultraviolet filters are very effective at killing water-borne pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, they aren’t commonly used as they are more expensive. UV light filtration systems are also more difficult to use on the go as they require a source of power. 



Q: What Is A Filtered Water Bottle?


A filtered water bottle is a reusable water bottle equipped with a built-in water filter that purifies the water as you drink, enabling you to enjoy great tasting and clean water no matter where you refill the bottle from.

Q: Why Do I Need Filtered Water Bottle?


If you want to enjoy clean water on the go without having to buy bottled water or lug along gallons of purified water, you will need a filtered water bottle. It’s a great investment if you find it hard to meet your hydration goals whenever you’re away from the home or office.

It will give you the freedom to refill from any source including fountains, rivers, and ponds, and still have peace of mind that the water you’re drinking is safe to drink. Water bottles with filters are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use water bottles. Investing in a water bottle with a filter will save you a lot of money, and is also good for mother nature.

Q: Why Do I Need To Change The Filter?


As with any filter, the filter in your water bottle will lose its effectiveness over time. Due to this, every filter has a lifespan. If you want to continue enjoying purified clean water without heavy metals, it’s important to replace the filter once it reaches its lifespan. Failure to replace it is a risk to your health as it will mean ingesting contaminated water. 

Q: How Often Should I Change The Filter?


Most water bottle filters require replacement every 2-3 months. Specifically, how often you should change the filter depends on the lifespan your filter has. Some filters can last for as long as a year. Whether your bottle has an Epic water filter for bottles or an Aquasana active filter, be sure to find out the lifespan of your water bottle filter in gallons/liters or months.

Q: Are Filtered Water Bottles Worth It?


Absolutely yes. Filtered water bottles are good for your health, wallet, and the earth as well. By allowing you to refill from any water source, they allow you to meet your hydration goals while on the go without having to compromise the safety of the water you drink and risk getting sick.

By using water filtering bottles instead of buying single-use bottled water, you will save a fortune and reduce plastic waste. Over its lifespan, one bottle of water with filters can save you from buying 300 standard single-use plastic bottles. As for effectiveness, the best water purifier bottles are equipped with top-notch filters you can rely on to eliminate contaminants in your water.

Q: Are Brita Filters Worth It?


Yes, Brita filters are worth it. Brita has established a reputation for making high-quality filters that get rid of contaminants in municipal water. If you’re looking for a tap water filter bottle, you can’t go wrong with a Brita water bottle with a filter.      

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We all know how important clean water is to our bodies. However, staying hydrated can be difficult when on the go. This is where a water bottle with a filter comes in. By allowing you to refill from any water source and filtering the water as you drink, a regular or insulated filtered water bottle is a convenient solution to this challenge. Hopefully, our reviews of the top-rated water purifier bottles and guide to water filtration bottle has helped you find the best water filtered bottle to match your needs.  

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