Everyone knows how important water is to the human body but drinking tap water can often leave you tasting water that is hard and can leave a slight chemical taste in your mouth and drinking water from a lake or stream can be dangerous. This can leave many people to buy bottled water which is expensive and not as convenient.

Thankfully there are a range of great filtered water bottles out there which can transform unfiltered water into a smooth tasting liquid which will be refreshing whatever activity you are doing. Finding the best filtered water bottle then is important to give you that clean, great taste.

Here we have looked through the filtered water bottle reviews to show you the best products on the market and have answered the key questions to ensure that you’re picking the best water filtration bottle for you. Once you’ve read through this guide you’ll know exactly what you need and will be on your way to great tasting water.

How To Choose A Filtered Water Bottle – Buying Guide



When it comes to a filtered water bottle it’d be easy to think that the material doesn’t really matter as all water bottles the same. Not only are water bottles made out of different materials you also get ones that are a lot harder than others which depends on which type of feel you prefer to have.

One of the biggest things to consider initially is whether or not your bottle contains any BPA. It has been found that, over time, trace amounts of plastic will be worn away inside your bottle and find their way into your water and then subsequently into you. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a plastic that has been linked to a number of different health issues and is definitely something you want to avoid.

Some water bottles still use BPA as if you’re going to be using it for a one-time use then it’s not really going to be an issue as the plastic wouldn’t have had enough time to degrade for it to be a significant problem. These types of water bottles though are obviously not going to be used for just one occasion and you’ll be hoping that they last you for a very long time. Therefore, you want to ensure that they are made from the right materials and that includes avoiding the use of any BPA.

Most of the best products know this so it’s easy to find a bottle that is made without the substance but it’s important to check before you just to ensure that you never have to worry about getting ill from your water bottle.

Aside from the health concerns, there’s not a lot else to think about when it comes to the materials except for how it feels to you. There are essentially two types of filtered water bottles here as you are able to get one which is made from hard plastic and won’t flex in your hand or you can get one that is made of softer plastic or a more squeezable bottle. This essentially just comes down to personal preference but before you buy a product, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for and what type of product you want.

Filtration System

There is a huge difference between the types of water bottles that you can buy here in terms of their use and that is whether they are made to filter your tap water in order to make it taste better or whether they are made to filter water from an outside source such as a stream or a lake in order to make it drinkable.

Is obviously depends on what type of activity that you plan to be doing as if you’re just looking for a great filtering water bottle to take to the beach or during exercise then having one that transforms your tap water would be great. If you’re out on the water doing something like kayaking then having access to a bottle that could filter the water around you would give you instant access to drinking water.

These two water filter bottle types have a clear difference in the build as these ones that can filter out any type of water are a lot more technologically advanced and therefore more expensive so there’s no point buying one if you’re not going to have any uses for its ability to filter dirty water. These types of water bottles are required to not only clear the taste of water but do so by also ensuring that they are separating out bacteria, viruses, minerals, and parasites from them so you are able to drink your water with confidence knowing that it’s not going to make you ill.

The type of water bottle that will filter out your tap water, on the other hand, won’t have the same level of filtration qualities and qualities and generally aims to remove any chemicals from it which mainly consists of chlorine. That chemical is added to tap water in order to kill off any bacteria which is highly effective and the same chemical that is generally used in swimming pools. While it’s not harmful in the amounts you’ll be ingesting it, it doesn’t taste or smell nice so removing this from the water will give you a much more pleasant drink.

The tap water types of bottles are generally easier to use as their filter system is a lot more basic meaning that you can simply fill them up and start drinking straight away. There are more advanced filter systems though which take a little more time or require a bit more effort such as the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier which needs to be filled up and then pressed down in order to filter it but this only takes a very short amount of time so isn’t much of an inconvenience.

When it comes to the actual material of the filter then there’s not much to worry about as a lot of them are made from different materials but you only need to focus on their one job and that is producing the water that you want it to produce. To ensure this it’s best to look through the product listing to check it is the right water bottle for you and then check the user reviews to ensure that the bottle is performing the way it is meant to perform.

Another key aspect of the filtration system with these water bottles is how long are they going to last. It can be confusing in many ways as some will make claims based on how many uses, some will make claims based on gallons of water used per bottle and others will make claims based on time. It’s important to double-check the lifespan of your filter and while you are doing that also check the cost to the replacements.

A few of these water bottles have the buying options of purchasing the bottle only with a few spare filters which are useful but you just want to be wary of buying a bottle with an expensive filter that doesn’t last for very long. Once you work it out then you’ll have a much better idea of the true cost of the water filter bottle over the whole time you’ll be using it.


Durability is naturally a key aspect of any product as you want it to be able to last you for a long time. In order to do this with a filtered bottle, you want to ensure that it has features that won’t easily break or get damaged.

One area that can often get damaged in water is at the spout as if it’s hard to open often people do this with their teeth which can obviously ruin the spout very quickly and also if the water isn’t flowing through the bottle quickly enough then people also have the habit of biting down in order to change the level of flow. Due to this, it’s a great idea to get a bottle that has an easy flow system if you’re the type of person who does this.

All the products that we have reviewed here are made from high-quality plastic which is going to last for a long time without getting damaged. Having a carry loop on the bottle can be a useful feature as this makes it easier to carry and to tie to your things which means that it’s less likely to get dropped.

We have also mentioned the durability of the filter as well which is vital. Not all filters are created equal and if you see a product that looks great for the price then it might just mean that its filter is not quite up to standard or it could be that it doesn’t last for very long. Getting a filter with a long lifespan simply means a lot less hassle as you’re not having to worry about getting it replaced all the time.

Type Of Filtered Water Bottle

Perhaps the biggest question you need to ask yourself before you start looking at products is: what is going to be your water source? If the answer to that question is a tap then you’re going to need a very different filtered water bottle than if the answer to that question is a stream or a lake.

It also depends on what type of person you are. You could be the type that whatever claims a filtered bottle might make, you’d always be too scared to fill up your water bottle from a stream and start drinking if that’s you when you are not alone, even if with the best filtering water bottle on the market are completely safe.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind a bit more adventure and will place your trust in a product then you can buy an advanced water bottle that will be able to filter out dirty water and leave you with a nice clean drink. If you love kayaking, for example, you might be content with taking some tap water with you but using the best filter water bottle out there would allow you to just scoop up some water and filter it out for a nice, clean drink.

It could be though that you’re never in such a situation and you just want a water bottle with a filter to put into your backpack while you go out for a day of snorkeling or enjoying a day out on your boat. Whatever your reason for wanting a filtered bottle, knowing the source of the water that you want to drink from is perhaps the most important question you need to ask yourself before buying one.

Type Of Filter

There are two main filter types available on the market and they are whether you are getting a carbon filter or an ultraviolet one. A carbon filter is the simpler and effective of the two solutions and one that has been used for a greater period of time. The activated carbon covers a large surface area within the bottle which can filter the water quickly and efficiently.

These filters will accumulate waste over time as they filter out their materials which is why they all need to be replaced over time. They will gradually get less effective until they can no longer filter correctly as there is just too much waste in the filter.

Depending on the level of carbon filter they can be highly effective in removing everything from the water which might cause a bad taste or a bad smell. More importantly, however, they are also great at removing anything in the water which might be dangerous such as bacteria or viruses. Their effectiveness in terms of this though can often depend on the build quality of the carbon filter and how fine it is. It’s therefore important to check the claims that are made by the manufacturer to ensure that you’re buying a quality product.

The other type of solution that is available to you is an ultraviolet filter which aren’t as common as they are more expensive and more difficult to use. The way they work is by using UV rays to penetrate down into microorganisms in order to kill them by attacking them in the same way that UV light can attack out cells but in a much more intense and directed way.

In order for those UV lights to shine through, they have to be electronically charged by a battery which is other replaced or charged up by an external source. This adds an extra degree of inconvenience to the bottle that you otherwise wouldn’t have as you have to worry about whether or not your bottle has enough charge.

Where these types of water bottles excel though is in their effectiveness at killing off any harmful bacteria or viruses as this will leave you with a very healthy source of water from which to drink from. The big downside though is that the bottle is unable to filter out any chemicals that are in the water and it’s the chemicals that can give water a bad taste so even though your water will be clean, it most likely won’t taste very good. Perhaps UV light filtration systems have a future as a popular method, it just seems as though there are too many downsides right now for them to be a great option.



Q: What Is A Filtered Water Bottle?


A filtered water bottle is simply a regular water bottle that will have a barrier between the water that you pour into it and the straw that you’ll be drinking out of. This barrier will remove any harmful elements from the water to leave you with a healthy clean taste.

There are other ways to filter your water as you can use your own filtration system at home and store your water up or if you’re out and about then you can take a chemical like iodine and destroy any bacteria that might be in the water so you’re not taking in anything that might be harmful to you.

Both of these options though require extra effort and using one of these water bottles just makes the whole process a lot easier. As with any filter though, it gets filled up over time so it’s important to change it when required otherwise the filter element of your water bottle will stop being as effective as it once was.

Q: Why Do I Need Filtered Water Bottle?


If anyone has ever done a basic amount of chemistry in school they would know that water has a chemical makeup of H2O meaning that a water molecule contains one hydrogen atom to go with two oxygen atoms. Unfortunately though, when you see a glass of water it will contain a lot more than just those atoms as there will be plenty more things hiding in there.

Bacteria can easily find its way into the water system and viruses can too. When it comes to tap water, companies deal with this threat by adding chemicals to the water in order to kill it, mainly chlorine. This means that the water that comes out of your tap is safe to drink as it will contain a chemical that is inhospitable to bacteria but is in small enough amounts that it is not going to be harmful to you.

With filtered water bottles that are meant for tap water they will remove this chlorine out of the water meaning that it is bacteria-free as it’s already been killed and now it will be clear to taste as your filter has taken away any of the taste of the chlorine.

If you get water from a lake or a stream though then your filtered water bottle doesn’t have to worry about getting rid of chlorine it does have to get rid of any bacteria as well as any other pollutants in the water which can give it a bad taste. The water bottle will do this quickly and efficiently to leave you with safe drinking water.

There are other benefits to having one of these bottles as well as it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Bottled water is expensive and having to buy it and carry it around can be a big hassle. This could leave you paying a lot of money for regular bottles that you have to take everywhere with you whereas with a filtered water bottle it is just one item that you can fill up anywhere.

Even if you take a filtered water bottle as well and don’t mind carrying it, there is only a finite amount of water in the bottle and once you’ve drunk it up you don’t have any other options. If you have a filtered water bottle then all you need is a water source and you’ll be able to get a drink. Not only is it convenient but also gives you that level of safety as well.

Q: Why Do I Need To Change The Filter?


A carbon filter works by absorbing any impurities from the water and blocking them from getting into your drink. After a while though it effectively becomes full and its ability to work effectively is gradually lessened until it is no longer able to perform the task that it was designed to do.

It’s obviously important to change the filter before it gets that far or you risk allowing those dangerous contaminants into your drink. A carbon filter like any type of filter gets gradually worse over time until it is no longer able to work properly anymore.

Q: How Often Should I Change the Filter?


This is an important factor and one that you need to consider before buying a product as there is no clear answer to this question. There is no clear answer as every filter is different and it will be able to deal with contaminants at a different rate depending on how well it was made, how fine it is and what it lets through and what it doesn’t.

The answer to this question then can be found in the product description as it will let know when it needs to be changed.  If it has a gallon or a uses figure then this is going to be hard to keep track of but you will be able to estimate this depending on how often you use it and how frequently you will it up. Once you have an estimated figure then make sure that you stick to it and replace it often.

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When you go to taste water there is no reason for its taste to be bad or for it to be potentially harmful to you which is why getting a water bottle with filter can be so convenient as it will give you instant access to the type of great water that you’d usually only find in expensive one-use bottles from a store.

Finding the top rated water purifier bottle for you though involves ensuring that you are getting a product which matches your needs. The biggest factor when determining which is the best water purifier bottle for you is if you want one that just improves tap water or one that will be able to filter out water in the open air.

Once you have decided that when you can think about other factors such as whether you want an insulated filtered water bottle, what types of materials it is made from and how durable it is going to be. Getting a water filtration bottle to match your needs then becomes easy as you can then start to decide on which ones you like the look of and your favorite color.

Here we have looked at a range of filtered water bottles from some of the most respected brands on the planet and they will all do a highly effective job at keeping you healthy and hydrated. All of them though require their filters to be changed at one point so it’s worth looking into buying extras as well as your water bottle.

Once you have your favorite filtered water bottle when you can head out to your adventure whether that is picking up water while you’re kayaking or simply just wanting some filtered tap water when you’re at the beach. Whatever you plan on using your filtered water bottle for you know that with any from this list you’ll be left with a clean taste without any harmful bacteria getting into your system.

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