Hydration is key for a healthy body and most people know that the recommended daily intake of water is 8 cups a day. But keeping track of your daily consumption and achieving that goal can be tricky. People find it difficult to remember to drink enough water throughout the day, which means they aren’t staying hydrated. Smart bottles are modern technology’s answer to helping you achieve your daily hydration goals.

Smart water bottles will use a digital system to set alarms and reminders that alert you to keep drinking water throughout the day or you can set time intervals and goal amounts to achieve daily hydration. Some electronic water bottles even have apps to go along with the bottle that allow you to adjust the amount of water you need based on your height, weight, sex, climate, and daily activity. With a high tech water bottle, you can optimize your hydration and get into the habit of drinking more water.

How To Choose A Smart Water Bottle – Buying Guide


Whether you’re spending the day on dirt trails, walking the urban streets, or even just working at the office, smart bottles are designed to go anywhere you go. They are durable and sleek, which makes toting them around easy. For those who are motivated to create better hydration habits, but just need a few reminders, an electronic water bottle can push you in the right direction.

The best smart water bottle for you will depend on what type of features you want the bottle to have. Do you need more than just alarms? Do you want to chart your progress? Do you want a water bottle with an app? Below are the most important features you should consider when choosing a digital water bottle.


Durability is key for smart bottles because they are meant to be taken on the go with you, but you also want the technology and operation system to be highly durable too. The outside of your tech water bottle should be strong and durable to survive any scrapes, bumps, or accidental drops. The outside of the bottle is also important because it will protect the inside of the bottle, where the technology is placed.

To determine your water intake, electronic water bottles will have sensors placed in the bottle, alongside any other technology that connects it to an app using Bluetooth. These electric parts need to be kept safe from water, as we all know that water and electricity don’t mix. The durability of the bottle will ensure that all parts are properly sealed, so that the electronics never short out.


Water bottles come in a lot of different sizes from small or extra-large, but which one you choose will ultimately be determined by practicality and your lifestyle. Small water bottles can be easily transported by being carried in one hand or slipped into a bag, but they also will need to be constantly refilled. A large water bottle will last longer and have to be refilled less but may be harder to transport or carry in a bag. The most common smart bottles will range from 16 to 24 ounces or 2-3 cups of water, which is a good size to last for most of the day with only one or two refills. But the choice is yours. There are plenty of size options, so you should choose a design that fits your lifestyle and is practical for you to use.


A high tech water bottle should have a lightweight design that can be easily carried in a bag or by hand. Ultimately, the material that the water bottle is made out of will determine how durable and lightweight it is. Common materials used for hydrate bottles are plastic, metal, and glass.

Plastic is a great material because it is durable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry with all your other gear. It is also affordable for any type of budget. The only downside to plastic is that it may not survive large falls or be prone to cracking with age.

Metal is the most durable material for a Bluetooth water bottle, but it is heavier than plastic. The safest metal to use would be a food grade stainless steel, which would be durable and tasteless. Metal can also be affordable and is long lasting, which makes it a great investment for everyday use.

Glass is the most attractive material, but it isn’t as durable as plastic or metal and is prone to breaking if the bottle is ever dropped. Glass is more expensive, but if used with a silicone or protective sleeve and careful handling it can be long lasting.

It is very important that the material of your tech water bottle is odorless, tasteless, and safe. This ensures that nothing sheds off the bottle and into the water you drink. BPA free plastic is the safest option for those who want a lightweight bottle, but a food grade stainless steel would be the longest lasting material that doesn’t ever leave a foul taste in the water. Glass is another great material that won’t leave an odor or taste, but you should be careful of any cracks to ensure glass splinters never enter your water. A cracked glass bottle should be replaced, whereas a dent in a metal bottle won’t affect the taste, odor, or safety of the bottle.

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Smart bottles need to be accurate because their entire purpose relies on being able to track your water consumption or give you alerts that remind you to take a sip. A digital water bottle that can’t accurately track or alert you to drink water is worthless.

A water bottle with an app that charts or intricately tracks your water intake, should be able to accurately measure how much water you’ve been drinking in a specific time span. The sensors should be able to measure the remaining water and with use of the app, determine whether you’re on track with your daily goal.

Whereas a water bottle that just uses alerts to remind you to drink water needs to be accurate with time. This type of electronic water bottle should be able to sense when you have taken a sip and automatically set a time for a specific interval to remind you to drink again, which ensures you never feel thirsty and accomplish your daily goal.


The main function of water bottles is to make water portable. Hydrate bottles need to be able to be easily carried, so you can truly take it anywhere you go. Smaller water bottles are more portable than larger ones, but sometimes the bottle has specific features to make them easier to carry. Additional features like grips, handles, and straps can make carrying your bottle second nature. A slimmer tech water bottle could also be easily placed in small spaces, so you can toss it in your bag or purse.

But water is a liquid and transporting a liquid can quickly get messy if there isn’t a proper seal, which leads to frustration with spills and leaks. A top rated Fitbit water bottle will have a secure top that fully seals to ensure that no water leaves the inside of the bottle. This will be the ultimate insurance that your water bottle is portable, even if it is flipped upside down or on its side, because the water will never leak or spill.


Some smart bottles have a ton of features and others may only have a few functions. A water bottle that syncs with Fitbit is one option that is packed full of features that connect to the health app and track your water intake. Simpler options won’t be a water bottle with an app but may just use a timer and a light visual to remind you to drink more water. It is best that you look for exactly what you want and what suits your needs. There are plenty of options on the market, so you can check the product specifications about how many features a smart bottle may have to determine the best one for you.

Ease of Use

Smart bottles are not as cut and dry as regular water bottles. There are a lot more things that you’ll have to learn how to use to get the best use out of your water bottle. From the technology that powers the sensors to the app or even how to recharge the battery, you’ll have to learn how to operate your high tech water bottle.

But this doesn’t mean that your electronic water bottle should be hard to use. In fact, the systems that run the timers, alerts, and app should all be easy to use and learn. The best way to learn how to use your new digital water bottle is to read the provided instructions or guide. There may even be a quick start guide so you can get your water bottle set up and learn on the go, which would be the fastest option to get started on boosting your hydration.


Smart bottles have a lot of stunning and sleek designs that are eye catching. From durable plastic to sleek metal and elegant glass, there are plenty of different designs for you to choose from. While the design may not be the most important feature of a smart bottle, it is one of the most important categories when you consider that people like to stand out from the crowd. With a unique design, people are motivated to show off their unique looking water bottles and drink more water throughout the day. You should spend the time to find a design that you like and enjoy, but keep in mind all the other features to ensure you’ve found an overall great design.



Q: What is a smart water bottle?


A smart bottle is a type of water bottle that is designed with features that alert and remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Other high tech water bottles can even chart and show you the amount of water you’ve drunk over the course of the day and have connectivity to health apps that help you find the best daily hydration plan based on your specific body.

Daily water intake is important for your body and can improve your overall function and health. From you skin to your brain, drinking more water is a healthy habit that everyone should have. Smart water bottles are great for anyone who wants to start drinking more water every day or for someone who likes to keep track of their fitness.

Q: Do smart water bottles have BPA?


No, they shouldn’t. The best smart water bottle will never feature BPA, which guarantees you are drinking safe and clean water. BPA is also called bisphenol A, which is a chemical that had been added to a large number of commercial products, including plastic food containers. Originally, it was mixed with different compounds to make plastic more resilient.

The problem with BPA is that when used in food containers or water bottles not all of the BPA is sealed into the product, which means trace amounts of it can be spread to the content of the container. BPA in the body can disrupt functions and affect your overall health.

In recent years, there has been a large push for people to reduce their exposure to the chemical. This has meant that companies had to redesign their plastic products to be BPA free, which is quickly becoming the new standard. For smart bottles made of plastic, this means you’ll want to find a BPA free design.

Luckily, it isn’t hard to find BPA free hydrate bottles these days. In fact, most designs will be BPA free because they want to appeal to the market. Any plastic water bottle that you are considering buying, should be marked BPA free. This means that the chemical was not used in the production of the product and it is safer than other plastics.

Q: Are smart water bottles safe?


Yes. Smart bottles are safe to drink from, to use, and keeps your information private if it is compatible with an app. All the electronic parts of a tech water bottle should be safely housed and fully sealed within the design of the bottle to ensure that nothing is every exposed to water. You can touch, carry, and drink from your bottle without worrying about an electric shock. For a water tracker bottle with Fitbit, you should never be concerned that your information will be publicly shared. All information housed within the app should be kept in the app and accessible to only your eyes.

Smart water bottles are the safest and best way to start making it a habit to drink more water. With cool apps and fun features, they can motivate you to drink more water every day, which means you’ll lead a healthier lifestyle.

Q: How do smart water bottles keep track of how much you drink?


If you have a full feature smart bottle that keeps track of your hydration habits in a compatible app, there will be a variety of sensors in the bottles design that connect to the app and display how much you’ve been drinking.

The most common technology that can track how much water you’ve consumed is an accelerometer. An accelerometer can sense acceleration and gravitational changes in your water bottle as you take a sip. When you put your water bottle down, the accelerometer can again sense that it has been returned to a flat surface and recalibrate accordingly. Other sensors that may be included in the design can feel the weight of the bottle by using a scale to detect how much water you have drunk at any time.

All of these sensors will then connect with the accompanying application and relay their information. The information is then put into charts or visualized for you to see your hydration habits for the day, week, or month.

Q: How do smart water bottles notify you to drink?


Most smart water bottles will use light, sound, or vibration signals to alert you to drink more water or remind you that it’s time to take another sip. Some designs feature a combination of signals to alert you and others may just use one type of signal.

Some hydrate bottles only function to notify you to drink based on a timed schedule. This means an alert will go off every two hours to remind you to drink water. Other high tech water bottles will use an application to measure how much water you have consumed and remind you to keep drinking that amount at timed intervals.

A water bottle with an app may also have specific features that can help you calculate a specific hydration plan that is calculated using information like your height, weight, sex, activity, and climate conditions. For many people, a water bottle that caters to the climate can be a big help because different seasons have different water intake recommendations. In summertime, with more heat, you need to drink more water and in winter, with colder weather, you don’t need to drink as much. What you’re doing in the day can also change your drinking habits. If you’re being active like hiking, you’ll need to drink more water versus a normal day at the office.

All of these changes can be expertly calculated by a smart water bottle, which is what makes them so popular. People love being able to track their habits and customized a plan to improve their health.

Q: How do I wash a smart water bottle?


Handwashing is the best way to clean your smart water bottle. Some designs may be dishwasher safe, but you’ll want to be adamant and check the product information before attempting to use a dishwasher. This is mainly due to the electronic parts of your smart bottle. You don’t want to over expose your electronic water bottle to water by running it through a harsh cleaning cycle. Instead you should use a mild soap, warm water, and soft sponge to clean the inside and outside of the water bottle.

If you are worried about damage to your bottle, check the product manual or smart water bottle reviews to get the best maintenance instructions. The manual should have a specific process on how to clean your bottle and reviews may have tips on what other buyers do to keep their bottle sparkling and clean.

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Hydration is so important for our health, whether we’re out backpacking or wandering the city streets. Water boosts the body, makes us feel fresh, and leaves our skin glowing. Smart bottles are the best option to get you into the habit of drinking water and are a fun way to track your progress.  It can be hard to remember to drink water, but with a top rated smart water bottle by your side you’ll quickly pick up this healthy habit in no time!

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