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A scuba marker buoy is a key piece gear that will ensure your safety when under water. If you dive in a busy water body it is imperative that the people on the surface know you are underwater. The best surface marker buoy will not weigh you down or inhibit your dive at all but it will allow you to communicate where you are in the water. These dive markers give your party an idea of where to pick you up and how far you have drifted.

It is important to find the best diving smb so that you can properly enjoy your dive. We have compiled a list of our favorites that are compact, yet reliable.


SMB for Scuba Diving Reviews

How To Choose A SMB for Scuba Diving – Buying Guide


Dive marker buoy reviews will tell you that this is not just a product for beginners. It is an important accessory for every diver. There are many things to consider when looking to purchase a dive marker.


If people are going to be able to see you the dive marker will need to stand out. Most are a bright red or orange color with options for yellow or green. This will notify ships of your location and let them know you are underneath. Fluorescent strips also go a long way to signal your location, especially at night.


Scuba diving requires enough gear as it is. This is why dive markers have been designed to roll into a compact bag. Being able to strap this to your bag will not only make you remember to bring it with you but also not take up crucial space in your pack.

When they are inflated your marker should not be small and compact. Full sized markers will range in size from 4 to 8 feet in length and 4 to 12 inches in diameter. We find that 7 feet is the sweet spot. Anything smaller will be hard to see and anything bigger will add visibility but also bulk to carry.

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When exploring underwater it is important that you have the proper safety features to keep your dive enjoyable while keeping you safe. Carrying a scuba marker buoy with you on every dive will keep you safe and visible while you are in the water. Even experienced divers use this to ensure that they enjoy their dive to the fullest.


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Globo Surf SMB for Scuba Diving Review

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Started diving by myself and needed and smb that can go up to 100 feet. Found the one I was looking for.

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