There’s probably no debate that diving is among the best experiences you can have as a human being in your time on this earth. The thrill and excitement of exploring the depths while benefiting from all the protection which modern tech can offer you are unparalleled. But speaking of gear, for your experience to be truly wonderful but not risky, you have to be properly prepared to take the plunge.

This is where we come in. To assist you in the efforts of selecting the perfect gadgets for the job, we’ve put together this list of the best dive watches under 1000 dollars. The list will have a bit of something for everyone, including affordable dive watches and top-of-the-line ones. After presenting you our absolute faves, we’ll also follow up with a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for dive watches under $1000, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Pro tip 1 - Size:
  • The size of your watch should be as small as possible without reducing visibility, so look for a watch accordingly. A smaller watch body with a larger screen is the most ideal package you can find. 
Pro tip 2 - Style: 
  • With a $1000 budget, you should have no problem finding a low-profile watch that looks great in every scenario - including nights out on the town; just be sure that you don’t sacrifice functionality for style.
Pro tip 3 - Durability: 
  • Make sure that you aren’t spending money on style over quality. Choosing materials that are black, stainless, and strong is a must when spending this much money.

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How To Choose A Dive Watch Under $1000 – Buying Guide


Maximum Depth

How deep can you dive with your new gorgeous dive watch under 1000? First of all, make sure the model you’re eyeing mentions the maximum depth it can support. Second of all, a higher value isn’t necessarily better, or at least not all the time. You will not dive deeper than 40 meters. However, you should look for one rated as 200 meters, or Diver’s 100m.

It makes more sense to pick a relatively inexpensive dive watch with the features you need, even if its maximum depth doesn’t go a long way. If you’re not ready to go so deep yet, anyway, then why bother with a high depth resistance? And yes, don’t worry, you can find inexpensive dive watches that are still high-end enough to make it into the under $1000 category.

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Water Resistance

Water-resistance in dive watches is directly related to the feature detailed above, namely the maximum depth it can go to. If a dive watch has a water resistance of, say, 200 meters, that means it is water-resistant up to that point. After surpassing that depth level, the producers can’t guarantee that the watch will maintain its airlocked water resistance. For scuba diving, you should look for one with a 200 m rating.

You may also see the word diver followed by a depth such as 100m. A watch that says “Diver’s” has to meet the ISO 6425 requirement. This requirement includes many tasks beyond depth rating. Each watch will be tested. A “Diver’s” watch will be a much better investment. A diver’s watch for 100 meters will not need the 200-meter recommendation above.

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The size of your new dive watch depends entirely on what you’re comfortable wearing and on the size of your wrists. Most of the best dive watches under 1000 dollars (from our list above) can be easily adjusted to fit all wrist sizes. That leaves only the matter of preference to be sorted out. If you rather avoid bulky watches or if you like big ones, on the contrary, is entirely up to you.

You’ll find at least one option for each of these two camps in our list of vetted suggestions above. But before you decide on it, do note that some of the bigger watches can, on average, tend to be a little more powerful than others. It’s just about having more space inside for advanced mechanisms.


This matter is entirely up to you since it’s about preference. Some people prefer black and sporty, others a more colored look. Some prefer a Swiss automatic dive watch while others swear by Japanese quality (these two makes are the top of the line in the niche). Others will just go for Watchuseek dive watches without bothering to make their research, just because the models there look pretty.

We can’t tell you what to choose as far as looks go, but we can tell you what to look for from a performance point of view. Our bottom line is that as long as the watch comes from a reputable brand and it fulfills the standards we’ve highlighted above, it’s all you need.


Most dive watches are resistant enough to cope with deep water, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other uses as well. You can freely wear them while swimming, snorkeling, showering, or just in daily life. Considering how good they look, we understand why you might want to never take them off!


It goes without saying, but the more expensive ones will last you a bit longer than the cheaper ones. Still, all the models we’ve chosen for our list of the best dive watches under 1000 dollars should have at least 5-6 years of continuous use in them, and 10 or beyond if you take really good care of them. More on proper maintenance and care for dive watch right below, in our FAQ section.



Q: Does Quality Depend on The Price Or The Inexpensive Models Are As Good As The Original?


As with any other merch you might look into at any given point (especially gadgets), in most cases, the cheaper models are not as good as the original. A price bump is almost always justified when you look into it and do a proper product comparison. When it comes to dive watches, things are the same. The more expensive models benefit from more features and enhancements that make them worth their price tag (especially if we’re talking about vetted ones like the best dive watches under 1000 dollars featured in our top above).

That disclaimer being said, it doesn’t mean more expensive is better for you. Depending on your current skills and status, perhaps you don’t need the fanciest model yet. In many cases and for most beginner and intermediate divers a budget dive watch will do. Also, in the case of really fancy brands which enjoy cult status, you might pay a little bit extra for the prestige which comes with the name, too.

Q: How Deep Can A Dive Watch Go?


The exact number of feet or meters should be clearly stated in the product description of the watch you are considering buying. Some of the models designed for more experienced divers can go deeper, of course. But there is also such a thing as an average value, just so you can have an idea of what a ‘regular’ value looks like and what you can expect.

According to the International Standards Organization (ISO), all dive watches should be water-resistant up to 100 meters down. Still, most manufacturers, including those who produce the best dive watches under 1000 dollars which we presented here, will guarantee their watches to go as deep as 200 meters.

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To put things even more into perspective, you should know that even the ISO standard of 100 meters is more than enough for most recreational divers. As a casual diver, you’ll never go deeper than 40 meters, since that would require special professional training and would fall into the technical diving category.

So, for all intents and purposes of fun and casual diving, any regular or automatic watches under 1000 dollars on this list are good to go. You can even look into freediving watches if you know you’re going to stick mostly to the surface.

Q: How To Properly Care For A Dive Watch?


If you take care of your dive watch and keep it primed and well-honed, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Especially since you’re getting a high-quality one from our list of vetted dive watches under $1000. But how exactly can you properly care for a dive watch?

Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated at all. First, make sure you clean your dive watch after each diving session, on its exterior, with a soft microfiber cloth. As for internal cleaning, this is best left to professionals. After each diving vacation or at least once every 6 months, you should get your dive watch serviced (both for cleaning and any tweaking, if necessary).

This should keep your precious gadget in tip-top shape for years to come. For more details and advice, feel free to check our in-depth guide on dive watch maintenance and care.

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We’ll let you in on a little secret. Out of all gadgets made for enhancing the experience of water sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers everywhere, dive watches are our favorite. We love the high-tech feel you can get by using one, and the amazing levels of data and control you can benefit from while being literally out of your element.

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How long have you been diving until now? In your experience, what’s the best dive watch you’ve ever used? Do your gadgets used so far fall under $1000 value? What advice do you have for readers looking for their very first dive watch just now? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. We’re always happy to hear from you!