Stuhrling Aquadiver Dive Watch Review


The Sturhling Aqua diver is an elegant and classical design watch that offers special features for those who enjoy water activities such as snorkel, paddling, kayaking, and most important of all but not exclusive to diving, which this watch is specially made for. It has a classic case size of around 42mm or 1.6”. which is enough space to feel comfortable reading the dating space and the hands. It is 0.4” thick, with the date window at the 4:30 location.

This dive watch offers luminous hands and numerals for easy reading when in dark or turbulent waters.  Which combined with the clock’s ability to dive up to 660 ft., withstanding up to 20 ATMs, makes a great tool for those who practice scuba diving and want to acquire a multipurpose tool.

The aqua diver offers skeletonized Sword-style hands, with individually applied Arabic numerals, and stick indices in all other points. The bracelet is a 22 mm stainless steel triple-row link, with a deployment clamp which makes it feel as do it is a perfect fit. It also offers a rotating bezel, with a unidirectional motion, which can help divers when monitoring the breathing time.



Movement: Swiss Quartz Ronda 515

Displays: Hours, minutes, seconds, and date.

Bracelet width:  0.8”

Case diameter: 1.6”

Case thickness: 0.4”

Maximum depth: 660 ft.

Unidirectional stainless steel divers timing bezel.

User Experience


Ease of use

Since the Sturhling Dive watch is designed for both in water and off water use, it does not have many features you can adjust. It only allows for the date to be set via the screw-down crown. But it is not all it offers, it has the ability to withstand 15 ATMs of pressure which translates to about 660 ft. of depth. Which is one of the most attractive features the Regatta Champion offers.


The appearance of the sturhling aqua diver is predominantly made of stainless steel, which gives it the aspect of polished and bright metal. This makes it a great choice for different dress codes, due to the appearance of a high-end Swiss-made watch.

Its hands have a skeletonized sword-style, with luminous ends, which gives it a resemblance of the hands in old European catholic churches. This sword style is not the classical design that offers the sword filled, by the contrary, the regatta champion offers a small space in the shaft of the sword unfilled. This style makes the hands look more symmetrical, which gives the watch a small hint of “squared” hands.

The sturhling dive watch has a dial with a color that will contrast a bit with the stainless steel color of the case, which will help you follow the second’s needle easier when counting. It offers small luminous trapezoids with 5-minute intervals, except 12,3,6,9, which is printed in Arabic letters.

Color variations

For this watch, you can pick in between 5 different color variations, which will mostly differ from each other in the color of the dial. In the only case, this will be the exception is when you want the blue bezel, which comes with a predetermined blue dial to make the color contrast a bit more evident, even if at first glance it does not look that way.


This watch has great functionality; it offers great time precision as well as great performance while being stressed in a depth of more than 100 ft. Which is only half of the announced maximum depth the watch can resist. Its luminous parts also keep glowing even after a few seconds in the light, which makes it really efficient for wintertime.


Its display is made of Krystena Crystal, which offers great resistance to scratches, brakes, and cracks from impacts. According to the manufacturer, the Krystena Crystal was designed in conjunction between sturhling timepieces and the eyewear industry to achieve the best clarity and durability. Sturhling claims that the Krystena Crystals are more shatter-resistant than sapphire crystals. This can be quite a stretch since it probably has great resistance to cracks and breaks, but there is a big chance that if the impact is strong enough the crystal will shatter.


There have been all sorts of claims about the sturhling regatta champion 395, which have been either positive or really negative. In our case, the experience has been quite satisfying since the dive watch worked perfectly both out of the water and inside it. It can deliver a great experience and durability for such an affordable watch.

Bracelet options

Even do the regatta champion dive watch, offers a triple stainless steel bracelet, this is not the final say, since you have the option of changing the bracelet, without any experience needed. The company also offers the possibility of adding different straps, some of the recommended ones are the ritche leather and black nato.

Both options make quite a difference in the looks of the watch, since using the ritch leather will make your watch seem as do it’s an early 20th-century high-end piece. It comes with built-in rings that make the leather more visible and add quite a unique design to your arms wear.

By contrast, the black nato is a more suitable choice for the user that wants a watch that looks sporty. This will make it look as do it was a high-end sports watch, which will be a great addition to your collection or the perfect accessory for a weekend at the beach or ocean.

Overall Rating


  • Materials: 90%. It is made of stainless steel which makes it a great and proven material for resistance, with an exceptionally long life. Even do steel is pretty much the same everywhere, by contrast, the Krystena Crystal is not well known and some issues have been reported.
  • Design 100% It has a classical yet elegant design, with small hints and could almost be confused by the inexpert eye, with a high-end expensive watch, such as Rolex, Omega and such, which all use the same exterior design in the classic models.
  • Performance 90% It is a multipurpose watch, which has great performance underwater and out of it since it is quite practical, it has the same form size as many watches and it has great time tracking accuracy.
  • Usability 100%. Since it is a multipurpose watch, it can be used with a wide variety of dress codes, from the beach to an office meeting, the watch has the design and beauty necessary to be thought of as an elegant dress code watch.


  • Can be used in a variety of activities.
  • Affordable yet rugged and stylish.
  • Great underwater performance.
  • Designed to be user friendly and easy to see.


  • Has nonstandard batteries which can be hard to replace
  • The screw-down crown can be hard to move
  • Even so, it’s marked as a Swiss clock, it is not clear where it’s manufactured.

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The sturhling dive watch is a classic, elegant yet rugged and multipurpose watch, which has all the features a diver or a watch enthusiast will need. It offers a maximum depth dive of 660 ft. which should be more than enough for the average diver. Its hands and dial, offer luminous patches in the sword-style hand, which will help you in case your diving in dark or turbulent water.

One of the most attractive aspects of the watch is its price point, for just under 100 USD, it looks like a high-end watch. Which can give you the advantage of using it for casual wear and your favorite activities in the ocean, lake, or ponds.

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Stuhrling Aquadiver Dive Watch Review