Cosmic Plus Dive Computer by Deepblu Review



The decompression algorithm the COSMIQ+ dive computer uses is based on the Bühlmann ZHL-16C model. Divers can set it to conservative, normal, or progressive.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, it connects wirelessly to the DeepBlu smartphone app for data upload, digital dive logs creation, settings adjustment, and automatic firmware upgrades.

With a 2.2-inch high-contrast LCD screen that utilizes pixel-less EBTN, a superior negative image screen technology, the display is bright, has a wide viewing angle, and is easy to read underwater even in the deepest depths or when diving at night. This type of display also has a wide operating temperature range.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable using a magnetic USB connector. A full charge offers 6 to 7 hours of continuous diving. A battery power indicator makes it easy to monitor power usage. The battery’s lifespan is 500 full charge cycles, after which it requires replacement via an authorized COSMIQ reseller.

  • Air and nitrox gases with oxygen adjustable between 21% and 40%.
  • It supports altitude diving at sea level as well as above 300 meters/985 feet
  • It is adjustable for dives in highly saline water.
  • A dive planner is accessed in the watch mode.
  • A wrist-mounted diver’s computer that is compatible with a drysuit. Divers can also strap it to their BCD.
  • Visual and sound alarms.
  • Built-in clock and calendar.
  • The COSMIQ+’s memory can hold data for up to 25 dives.
  • The two-button operation makes the Cosmic Plus easy to use.
  • Can display data in metric or imperial units.



Size: 70.6 mm (2.78”) x 48.6 mm (1.91”) x 20.9 mm (0.82”)

Weight: 2.86oz (81 grams)

Water Resistance: 100 meters/330 feet

Materials: Fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate housing, polycarbonate lens with 8h hardness coating, 1.24mm ballistic nylon strap with stainless steel buckles

Measurement Units: Metric (meters/°C) or Imperial (feet/°F)

Gases: Air and Nitrox. 21% – 40% adjustability

Partial Oxygen Pressure (PPO<sub>2</sub>): Adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar

Deepblu Mobile App Compatibility: iOS and Android

Warranty: Two-year global limited warranty on design and manufacturing defects. Warranty activation requires syncing with the DeepBlu App.

Package Contents: The COSMIQ+ base unit, two NATO wrist straps, a dry suit bungee cord, a charging cable, two anti-glare screen protectors, a quick start manual, and a high quality carrying case.

User Experience

Ease of Use: The Cosmiq Plus dive computer is very easy to set up. A two-button system (mode and adjust) makes it very easy to operate a diving computer. It has a scuba mode for recreational scuba diving, a free dive mode for apnea/freediving, and a bottom timer mode for technical divers.

The one downside here is that there are only two settings – mode and air mix – you can adjust using the buttons. All other settings including the brightness setting can only be set from the app using a smartphone. Firmware updates are over the air. All you have to do is sync the Cosmiq Plus with the app and press update.

With your diving computer charged, preferred settings set, the appropriate mode selected, and the diving computer strapped to your wrist or attached to your scuba BCD, you are ready to dive.

Once underwater, the display is very bright and it is easy to read at a glance, even at the deepest depths.

Functionality: For standard air and Nitrox dives, this dive computer measures vital dive data and performs decompression and saturation/desaturation calculations. The key information it displays includes current depth level, dive time, water temperature, no-decompression limit, decompression stop time(s), ascent rate, safety stop, surface interval, maximum operating depth (MOD), no-fly time, and no-dive time. Audible/visual alarms give warnings at programmed and/or critical times.

Digital Dive Logs: The simplicity of connecting to the app is amazing. Once you complete a dive, you just have to go into sync mode and push a button to sync the Cosmiq Plus with the Deepblu App and upload dive data to the app. The app for iPhone or Android has a very intuitive user interface. When you later upload underwater photos and videos to your profile, the app will automatically link them to the appropriate dive log.


  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Affordable pricing
  • Creates detailed digital dive log easily
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stylish dive computer with attractive color options
  • Bright and easy to read screen
  • Free over the air firmware updates
  • A strengthened chassis for durability
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Two years limited warranty


  • Doesn’t have air integration, therefore, cannot monitor air consumption.
  • Does not have advanced gas mixes for technical divers.
  • Advanced settings can only be set from the smartphone app. Only the dive mode and air mix can be set on the dive computer itself.
  • Many divers have found the Cosmiq+ algorithm to be on the conservative side, which is a disadvantage for advanced divers who like testing limits.
  • The display can be hard to read under bright conditions such as when on the surface. DeepBlu overcomes this weakness by making the brightness settings adjustable and including two anti-glare screen protectors.

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Overall Rating


Price: 100% – The advanced connectivity the Cosmix Plus offers is unbeatable at its entry-level price range. With its design, quality, and functionality, it does more for less and is a fantastic value.

Material: 95% – If you’re familiar with the Cosmiq Dive Computer, the Cosmiq Plus has a stronger chassis. The materials are thicker and stronger making this newer version more durable as long as it is maintained well.

Design: 100% – A stylish dive computer and not at the expense of ease of use, comfort, or durability. It is really well thought out and designed.

Overall: 98% – With the Bluetooth connectivity, advanced social sharing features, and stylish, modern design, the COSMIQ+ dive computer is one of the best next-generation scuba dive computers. The best thing is that it is affordably priced and accessible to all kinds of divers.

Globo Surf Overview

Today’s world is all about connectivity and sharing and DeepBlu extends this connectivity and sharing to the underwater world. The Cosmic Plus Dive Computer is an amazing modern dive computer that will appeal to today’s tech-savvy divers who want to create digital dive logs and share their adventures underwater on social media platforms. The best thing is that it is affordably priced.

Its gas mix option and safety features make it suitable for beginner and intermediate scuba, free, and nitrox divers. For advanced/technical divers, it can only act as a secondary bottom timer since it doesn’t have advanced gas mixes, doesn’t monitor air consumption, and is on the conservative side when it comes to safety.

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Cosmic Plus Dive Computer by Deepblu Review