Hunting underwater is much different than on dry land. Just as above water hunting you will require some additional gear to take with you when spearfishing. The most important piece of gear you will need is the best spearfishing gun. Spearguns range in price from $100 – $500. This should be seen as an investment as it will provide you with great return on your money. The type of speargun you get should depend on your budget and most importantly the type of fish you plan to hunt. Having the best speargun on the market will ensure you are equipped no matter what kind of fish you encounter.

Choosing the best speargun should be fun and easy. We have compiled a list of the top spearguns on the market and how to choose the best one for you.


Speargun Reviews

How To Choose A Speargun – Buying Guide


When taking your hunting to the underwater world, you will need some gear to get you started. The most important thing you need is a speargun. When choosing your speargun, consider the following.

Type of spearfishing

For starters you should determine the type of fishing you plan to do. Will you catch your fish with deep scuba dive or stay closer to the surface with a free dive? Guns that have less power and have a smaller range is better for free dives where you are in shallow waters or reef fishing. This is better for beginners as it is much easier and requires less accuracy.  Alternatively, if you plan to hunt larger game fish you require a larger and stronger spear with a longer range. This requires you to scuba dive and is best for those with more experience as much more skill is required. It is important to get a strong and large speargun that will quickly kill your fish as to not prolong suffering and ensure it does not swim away.

Type of Spear

The most obvious consideration, there are two types spear guns on the market, band and pneumatic.

Band Spearguns

This spear gun is the original, tried and tested over many years and remains the most popular choice. These quiet guns keep you stealth underwater however they do require more maintenance.

Pneumatic spearguns

This type of spear fishing gun uses compressed air to fire the spear making it much more compact to dive with. This small spear gun may be easy to carry along for your drive however it is often more difficult to load.


The length of your spear gun limits the size of fish that you kill. However comfort and skill level should also be an important consideration. Beginners will often go towards a smaller spear as it is easier to control and far easier to learn off of. A shorter spear is also better for swimming in tighter areas such as caves. A longer spear however is more preferred by experienced hunters and those hunting larger gamefish.


The shaft refers to the actual spear that is fired from your gun. These vary widely between manufacturers but there are three main types.


This is the heaviest spear shaft and are most used on large fish.

Single Flopper (Tahitian)

This features a single barb and are typically the fastest shaft on the market. These are ideal for reef fish.

Double Flopper

The same as the single flopper but has two barbs on either side of the shaft. This is best suited for larger species of fish.


Speargun reviews agree that this is of the most important considerations to which gun is best for you. Spearguns range in price ranging from $100 – $500. When starting out, it is best to go with a compact basic speargun meant for short range. For those who have experience and the ability to accurately use a speargun we recommend opting for a more high powered speargun.

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Hunting underwater is very different from land hunting and requires a specific set of skills. With the help of any of the spearguns on our list, you will have no trouble catching your dinner. Your next scuba diving spearfishing gun will be your primary tool to catch many dinners. Buying the best gun on the market is the best way to ensure you have the most success on your next hunting trip.


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Great article. Just started out with my speargun training and I found your article on the best ones. I chose the first one that you had on the list. Thanks for reviewing these.

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  1. Trying to find a small pneumatic or spring loaded for a gator punch. I Isley spear 60 to 150 lb catfish. Trying to figure out which two I sbould buy