There’s not a lot more fun you can have than being able to play with water guns and many people’s favorite childhood memories will be running around trying to spray their friends with water. They can differ greatly in quality though and getting the best water gun is important.

In order to choose a water gun, there are many important aspects to consider with the overall quality and size being crucial issues. The last thing that you want is for the fun to have to stop as one of the water guns has broken.

In order to ensure that doesn’t happen, we have completed reviews to show you the best water guns on the market and also have developed a buying guide to show you exactly what you should be looking for. Once you’ve read through this, you’ll know exactly what you need.

How To Choose A Water Gun – Buying Guide



The overall size of your squirt gun is going to be important and a lot of this will come down to who is using it and where you plan on taking it. Water blasters can be fun in a wide variety of different environments and scenarios.

The first question that you need to be asking is who is going to be using the water gun? They are generally seen as a toy for kids but that doesn’t mean that adults aren’t able to have a whole load of fun while using them as well.

As far as adults go, you’re obviously not going to be limited by the size when it comes to your water gun as you’ll be able to use any model that’s out there. If it’s for children’s use though, you need to consider who old they are and what they can carry.

If you try to put a large super soaker into the arms of a four-year-old then they won’t be able to carry it very well and they are not going to be able to hold it. This is where you obviously need to get a product that is going to match the user.

Thankfully these water blasters come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes, therefore you are always going to find the perfect one for whoever wants to play. Size is important but other factors are going to be essential too.

There is also the consideration of travel too and where you intend to be taking your water gun. If you want to take it on vacation, then you will want to make sure that it is going to be able to fit in with all your other items and that you can easily travel with it.

Water Capacity

A water gun is nothing without water but each gun is going to have a different level of capacity that they will be able to use. This can vary quite a lot and you also have to consider the action of the gun too when thinking about the water capacity.

You’ll see that these water guns are going to be measured in fluid ounces. One fluid ounce is just under 30 milliliters of water and obviously the higher this number, the higher the volume that you are going to have in your water gun.

The water capacity that you will be looking for depends on a few key factors as it’s going to be affected by the weight, the amount of time you intend to be using the water gun for, and also the type of water gun that you have.

Each gun that you have will be able to fire out water at a different rate and this will be affected by other factors such as how much the water gun has been pumped. This makes it hard to specify exactly how long each tank would last while firing.

As a basic rule though, the more water your gun is going to be able to hold, the more time that you are going to be able to spend between refills enjoying spraying the enemy with that water. Some of these guns are able to hold a very large capacity of water to give you many hours of fun.

Sometimes you would prefer a smaller gun though or perhaps one that you are going to be able to use with one hand. These types of water guns aren’t going to be able to hold the same capacity of water but can still be a lot of fun to use, especially if you’re looking for fun things to do at the beach or are looking for fun games with pool toys and floats.

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When looking into what type of water gun you should get, weight is going to be an important issue as you also have to consider who is going to be using it and what type of weight they are going to be able to hold.

The biggest water guns aren’t going to weigh that much and should only be a couple of pounds by themselves. These should be able to be picked up by almost all users and therefore the weight of the gun isn’t a massive concern.

What can play a significant role in the overall weight of a product though is the weight of the water that is contained inside of the gun. This isn’t really going to be an issue if you have a smaller gun but that weight can build up into something quite significant.

16 fluid ounces weigh just over a pound which isn’t a significant amount and a lot of these products will be in the 20’s range when it comes to how much water they can hold and therefore the water inside should only weigh around 1.5 pounds.

That is going to be manageable for most users but there are other water guns that are going to be able to hold a lot more water. We have one water gun here that can hold 84 fluid ounces which when full would weigh around 7.5 pounds with the weight of the water included.

The weight of the water is just something that you need to take into account before you decide to buy the water gun. Children love being able to use water guns but not if they are going to be too heavy for them to hold.

Ease Of Use

Whenever you are playing with any toy, you want to make sure that it is going to be easy to use. If it’s not then the user will quickly lose interest in what they are doing and they will end up never playing with the toy again.

One of the biggest decisions that you need to make in regard to this is whether or not you should get a water gun with a pump action or not. Pump action not only requires more coordination but it also requires a higher level of strength too.

Most kids are going to be able to use this type of water gun though and it’s only the really little ones who might struggle with it. If you do have a mall child then it’s best to look for water guns without the pump action as this will be easier.

As we mentioned before, weight is going to play a big role in the ease of use of a product. If it’s too easy then it’s going to be hard to pick up which means that you won’t be able to point it and shoot in the direction that you wanted too.

The overall size of the product is going to be vital too as you want to make sure that the person using it is going to be able to hold it comfortably in their hand, and this includes knowing where the grip is and also the trigger too.

Whatever water gun you plan on getting, it’s important to know exactly what you need in your situation in order to get the one that is most going to fit your circumstances. Most of these products are going to be easy to use but that does depend on crucial factors such as age.



Q: What Are The 5 Utilitarian Uses for A Water Gun?


Water blasters are best now for splashing everyone else and having fun as you continually get more yet. Aside from their obvious use, there are also a few other clever or fun ways that you would be able to use your gun apart from the obvious.

Watering plants – You either might not have a garden hose, it might not reach everywhere you need or it could be that it’s just too powerful. Whatever your needs, a squirt gun can be a great way to give your plants the water that they need. This can also be a fun way of getting your kids involved in gardening.

Sandblaster – Everyone knows that sand can get everywhere, especially when you have been to the beach. Some beaches have long lines to wash off your sand while others won’t let you wash off at all. A water pistol could be a part of your beach bag essentials and will be able to blast off that sand and leave you nice and clean.

Party gun – If you’re having a party and want to make it fun or unique, then placing a cocktail inside of a water pistol is a great way to liven up the part and do something new. As long as you’ve sanitized the gun beforehand, you’ll be able to give people shots as they’ve never had before.

An oil can – This is going to be best used for a water pistol that you don’t intend to be having fun with anymore, but filling it up with lubricant can be a great way to spray it into those hard to reach places that you otherwise couldn’t have gotten too.

Cat control – A popular method of trying to change a cat’s behavior for a long time has been the use of a spray bottle. As long as it doesn’t spray out too fast, a water pistol can do the same job perfectly and leave you with a well-trained cat.

Q: How To Fix The 3 Most Common Water Gun Problems?


One of the most common problems that you can see with water blasters is when they start dribbling. This can be solved by a few quick pumps or a pull on the trigger. The reason for this is that it means the spring hasn’t fully pushed the trigger back into its groove, or the trigger has slipped off the grove and one of those methods will solve it.

If you’ve been using it for a while then there is a good chance that the water pistol is going to become jammed. Your first port of call here should be to try and lubricate the water gun but if that fails, you will need to unscrew it and see what is causing the blockage.

Another problem that can occur with water blasters is that they will develop a crack on them. This can be solved with some epoxy putty which is waterproof and will expand to give you a solid seal and allow you to get a lot more use out of your squirt gun.

Q: How To Clean And Store Water Gun When Not In Use?


It’s always best to try and flush out a water pistol when it’s not being used with clean water to ensure that no dirt or bacteria sits inside of it. When storing, you want to make sure that the gun is completely dry as you don’t want stagnant water sitting there for too long.

Mold and mildew can form inside of products that haven’t been used for a long time, and it’s always a good idea to give your water pistol a routine check to ensure that this isn’t happening and if it is, it’s best to unscrew the gun and sanitize it.

If a squirt gun is being used for the first time after a while, it’s best to run some warm water through the system so that any water that has been sitting there will be removed and only clean and healthy water will be shot out of it.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re looking for water toys for toddlers, water gun can be a huge amount of fun. They have long been a feature of those warm sunny days where kids will be running around after each other trying to get the other drenched in water. They make great beach toys for kids as well as other situations such as battling on a pool floats or simply running around the garden and having fun.

In order to get a water gun for you, you have to bear a few key details in mind as the size and weight are going to be important. You want to make sure that the user is able to comfortably hold the water gun for the duration of their time outside.

The water capacity of your water gun is going to play a big role in that and while you want to have the largest capacity possible; you need to think about the relevant weight. If you have a readily accessible supply of water then a water gun with a medium capacity would be fine.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information that you need in order to choose the best water gun for you. Once you have, you or your kids will be able to head out there and enjoy endless hours of fun.

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