A day on the water is a great way to bring family and friends together. Most groups are familiar with using pool floats and pool noodles to create their own little islands, which can work. Or you can take it to the next level by investing in a top rated floating dock.

An inflatable floating dock can add great value to your time spent with family and friends because everyone can relax in one place together, out on the water. Inflatable floating docks are safe, comfortable, and are appropriate for kids, teens, and adults.

It can be hard determining which inflatable dock to choose, because there are a variety of designs. We have our top picks of the best inflatable floating dock designs, plus all the information you need to make your relaxation island!

How To Choose An Inflatable Floating Dock – Buying Guide


There are a lot of different types of inflatable dock floats, so it can be hard to determine which one would be best for your needs. There are a few key features that you should consider before you make your purchase. You want to ensure that you have a type and size that works for your group.

As well, you want to ensure it has a smart design and great features. The best inflatable floating dock will be lightweight and easy to compact for storage and transportation. You also want your inflatable floating dock to be durable, so that you can use it to party and relax throughout the years. Check out inflatable floating dock reviews to find out how a design has worked for others! This is a great way to determine the exactly features and design of an inflatable dock.


There are basically two types of floating docks: non-inflatable and inflatable. Non-inflatable dock floats are usually made of heavy plastic. They will float, once placed into the water. They cannot be collapsed down and can be heavy or hard to manage for some.

An inflatable floating dock will be made of a plastic material, that is collapsible. Once they are fully inflated, they will float on the water. These are great for easy transportation. They are also more comfortable and have designs that are meant to be lounged on.


You can find dock floats in sizes from a couple feet to several feet. There are a large variety of sizes to ensure that you can relax with your family and friends. The size will really be dependent on the number of people that would like to use the inflatable dock. You want to be certain that the size of your inflatable floating platform correlates well to the number of people using it.


Dock floats are a great way to spend time on the water. They are safe, comfortable, and unique. There are many dock floats that can accommodate the weight and have the space to also put beach chairs, Yeti coolers, soft coolers, water bottles in cup holders, and more.

Pvc floating docks are a versatile and fun way to spend some time using your favorite tanning oil to catch some rays. You can suntan solo or with a group of friends. Or, you can easily go from the beach to the water. You can also tie the inflatable dock off to a parked boat and relax in the water. You can even go fishing with your inflatable dock. Just tie it off to your parked boat and use it as a platform to stand out in the water!

There are a lot of different uses for inflatable dock floats that make them very popular water gear accessories.


As we’ve mentioned, there are a lot of different inflatable floating platform designs. Some are very intricate in their features and others are quite barren. It will be up to you to decide which features you want in your inflatable dock.

Some features that you might find in dock floats are seats, cup holders, and coolers. Some inflatable floating island designs are quite intricate. They will have the look of inflatable chairs or inflatable loungers, but with a large base. These types of inflatable floating islands are quite large and may not be as easy to transport. They may also have a built-in cooler for your beverages.

Other dock floats are more of a flat mat. These will be quite barren, though they may have a few cup holders on the edges. If you want to use your own beach coolers, these are the best design. They are flat and stable enough to support a hard-sided cooler, which can alternately then be used as a chair. If you are looking to lay out and lounge, these can be the best minimal design you’ll find.


A top rated floating dock will be made of durable and high quality materials. Often, this means that they are pvc floating docks or another type of heavy-duty plastic. You want to ensure that the materials are safe to use in both fresh and salt water.

Weight Capacity

The manufacturer or user’s guide should always state the weight capacity of your inflatable dock. It is extremely important for safety, that the weight capacity is not exceeded. If you exceed the weight capacity you are risking your safety, the safety of your family and friends, and risk damaging your inflatable floating dock.


Q: What is the best material for a floating dock?


A top rated floating dock will be made out of heavy-duty and durable plastic. Plastic ensures that the inflatable dock is both waterproof and resistant to water damage. Plastic is also a lightweight material that will ensure your inflatable dock stays above the water once it is fully inflated.

Q: Is the pump included with the product or do I need to buy it separately?


Most dock floats do not come with a pump. You will likely need to purchase a pump separately from the same brand. If you choose not to buy from the same brand or a pump is not offered by the same brand, just ensure that the pump you purchase is compatible with your inflatable dock. There should be product information on both the inflatable floating dock and pump to check for compatibility.

Q: Are floating docks safe?


Yes. Floating docks are safe if they are used correctly. Safety is important on the water and you can ensure the safety of your inflatable floating dock by following all the directions properly. Your dock should be properly inflated and tied off.

Inflatable floating islands are not towable tubes. Dock floats are meant to be used in a stationary position and should only gently rock with the water, not drift away.

Q: Can I use my floating dock in deep waters?


Yes, as long as you follow the safety instructions and tie it off. Most floating docks aren’t limited by the depth of the water. They will float on a few inches of water up to many feet of water. However, you will want to ensure that you are always following the weight capacity and that your dock is secure from drifting off.

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Summer is a fun time to get out on the water and enjoy time in the sun. You can boost your experience by investing in a top rated floating dock. With an inflatable dock, you can easily rest right on top of the water and catch some rays with your family and friends. If you know exactly what you want or need, you can save time and money by investing in the best inflatable floating dock.

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