There’s nothing quite like lounging on a sunny summer day with a cold drink in your hand. It gets even better if you can do it on the water, with the waves gently cradling you. While a floatie might be too small for this, a top rated plastic floating dock will give a whole new meaning to summer relaxation.

Inflatable floating docks are large platforms that drift freely on the water surface. The fact that they are inflatable means that you can pack them and take them anywhere with you. Also, even a smaller inflatable floating dock offers plenty of space for several people to share the fun.

The best floating docks are made of high-grade materials, giving you all the comfort and safety you need to enjoy the water. But how do you choose? With the help of our buying guide and the fantastic products on our list, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect inflatable dock for the summer. 

How To Choose An Inflatable Floating Dock – Buying Guide


When going through inflatable dock floats, two main things to look for are size and strength. The best inflatable floating dock should also be lightweight and easy to pack (for storage and transportation). On top of this, high-quality inflatable floating docks are made of reinforced PVC that can last a long time.

Below, we will discuss every aspect that you should look for in a good inflatable dock. And, if you’re wondering about a particular product, checking the inflatable floating dock reviews might give you a clue whether it’s the right choice.

Types of Floating Docks

Broadly speaking, there are two types of floating docks: non-inflatable and inflatable. Non-inflatable dock floats are usually made of heavy plastic – they cannot be packed or collapsed. Since these are not the topic of this article, we will leave discussing them in detail for some other time.

As for inflatable docks, they are made of softer plastic and can be inflated and deflated. Once you fill them with air, they will float on the water surface. They are very comfortable and great for lounging with groups of people. Also, because they can be deflated and packed, you can take them anywhere with you.

Dock Size

Dock floats come in a large variety of sizes, ranging from smaller 5 x 5-foot models to very large inflatable floating platforms that measure 10 x 10 feet or even more. The size you need mainly depends on the number of people that are going to be on the inflatable dock at the same time.

Use and Comfort

A large number of potential uses is the reason why inflatable dock floats are so popular. For example, most dock floats come with a spacious usable surface that offers plenty of possibilities while on the water. Besides people, dock floats can accommodate lounge and beach chairs, various types of coolers, bags, and many other accessories.

Once you have everything ready, PVC floating docks are a great spot to put on your favorite tanning oil and catch some sunshine. While sunbathing, you can enjoy peace and quiet with a book, or spend quality time with your friends.

As you’ve had the chance to see, most models come with steel D-rings that allow you to tie the inflatable dock to your boat and keep it from floating away. This way, you can even equip the inflatable dock with a fishing rod and try to catch some fish.

Additional Features

While not essential, the extra features that come with inflatable floating platforms can really improve your day on the water. Depending on how you plan to use the inflatable dock, some features might be more or less important.

The features that we like to see on dock floats are seats, cup holders, and drink coolers. Some inflatable floating islands even go a step further and offer inflatable chairs and loungers. However, this type of inflatable floating island is usually quite large and therefore difficult to transport.

On the other hand, some dock floats are very basic and resemble a flat mat. But, if you want to bring your own beach cooler and plenty of accessories, the platform design is the best.

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Materials and Construction Quality

To support your weight in the water, a top-rated dock must be made of durable and high-quality materials. While most models you’ll come across are PVC floating docks, the plastic often varies in quality from one product to the next. For the best results, you should look for a swim platform with thick plastic (heavy gauge) in multiple layers and drop-stitch construction.

Weight Capacity

The total weight capacity is very important for the overall safety of your inflatable dock. Depending on its size, the best boat dock typically has a weight capacity ranging between 400 and 800 pounds. We advise that you stay within the limits of your swim platform because exceeding them might cause the dock to sink and put you in a dangerous situation.


Q: What Is The Best Material For A Floating Dock?


The best floating docks are made out of heavy-duty plastic. This ensures that they are waterproof and resistant to damage. Additionally, plastic is a lightweight material that ensures your dock stays on the water surface.

Q: Is The Pump Included With The Product Or Do I Need To Buy It Separately?


While it depends on the product, most dock floats don’t come with a pump. You will likely need to get a pump separately, just ensure that it’s compatible with your modular floating dock. There should be product information on both the inflatable dock and the pump to see whether they match.

Q: Are Floating Docks Safe?


Yes, floating dock systems are perfectly safe if used correctly. To ensure safety on your inflatable dock, make sure to follow the provided instructions (both for setup and for use on the water). The dock should be properly inflated and tied off, and you shouldn’t exceed its weight limit.

Q: Can I Use My Floating Dock In Deep Waters?


Yes, as long as you follow the safety guidelines and tie it off (so it doesn’t float away). A swim platform limited by water depth, but you’ll want to ensure that the dock is secure from drifting off and you don’t find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Globo Surf Overview

A top-rated floating dock is the perfect addition to your summer gear – it allows you to lounge on water or to take part in different activities. You can enjoy an inflatable dock by yourself, or have some friends over to share the fun. With the best boat dock, a great time is guaranteed throughout the season.

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