Whether you are heading to the lake or the ocean you need the best beach chair by your side. Finding a chair that is comfortable enough to be used for those long beach days is important. It is also important that your chair features rust-resistant coatings that will allow it to maintain its quality even after many days alongside the ocean waves.

Most chairs are versatile enough to be used camping or at sporting events making them the perfect go-to summer item. Being adjustable means that you can transform them from a beach lounger to a comfortable upright chair that is perfect for your child’s soccer match.

With so many options on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. There are many features that you should know about before you spend your hard-earned money. That’s why we found the best lightweight beach chairs that are going to be perfect for all your summer adventures.

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How To Choose The Best Beach Chair – Buying Guide


When looking for your next chair, it is important to read the many beach chair reviews to ensure you are buying the best one. It will help to know the many key features that you will want to look for before buying. Below we have listed our favorite must-have features that differentiate between a good chair and a great one.


Most beach chairs feature an adjustable design. Simply put, this means that you can adjust your position to everything from sitting upright to laying down and tanning. This allows you to get the most out of your chairs making them comfortable enough to last for a whole lazy beach day.

Rust Resistant

This is an incredibly important feature in any beach chair. Being near the water, especially ocean water, is bound to take its toll on your chair. The salt spray from ocean beaches will quickly tarnish anything metal aging it much quicker. Investing in a chair that is rust resistant will drastically increase the lifespan of your chair.

This rust-proof layer is often seen as a coating over the metal that works to protect it. This will allow you to sit in the water without fear of your chair decaying.

Waterproof/Fade Proof

The true sign of quality, ensuring your chair features quality fabric is important. Let’s face it, the beach is a tough environment for your gear to hold up. Not only are we dealing with direct sunlight but also a wet and dirty environment. With that harsh sunlight, it is easy for your gear to start looking old and tattered pretty quickly. Opting for a high quality material that is fade proof, and even waterproof will make your chair last much longer.

Hands Free Design

Beach chairs are known for having a low profile, lightweight design. This is because you want them as easy to transport as possible. Most often you are carting along kids and additional bags of gear along with you so having a chair that folds up small can be a real lifesaver. Oftentimes, chairs transform into backpacks or come with straps that you can wear across your shoulders. These help to free up your hands and allow you to carry beach tents and coolers with ease.

As an additional note, be sure to look for a chair that folds up small and flat. This will allow you to leave your chair in the back of your car without taking up very much room.

High Back Style

Having a chair that offers enough support is important, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in it such as at a sporting game. These high back styles also allow your chair to effortlessly transform into a beach lounger. Without compromising on portability, getting a beach chair that fully supports your back and neck is important.

Padded Seats And Armrests

The amount of time you will be spending in your beach chair over the summer is likely going to be extensive. For this reason, it is worth ensuring that the chair is comfortable. Adding a little cushioning should not be overlooked. This will allow you to get into the most comfortable position possible.

Don’t overlook padded armrests as well. You are looking for your chair to be comfortable first and foremost. Adding padding and comfort to your chair will make your summertime beach experience that much more enjoyable.

Chair Legs

This is arguably the most important area of your beach chair to pay attention to. As sand is often uneven, you will likely be putting your chair in some awkward positions. You are also likely to spend quite a bit of time in your chair over the summer and even when not in use are going to be transporting it along with a lot of other items. Needless to say, it is incredibly important that your chair is durable.

Make sure you check the weight rating on your chair before buying it. Some chairs have quite low weight ratings that simply won’t suffice for fully grown men. It is also important to note the type of material used to construct the legs. Do they look sturdy enough to withstand uneven ground? Opting for a rust resistant steel legged chair will likely be your best bet.

Built In Accessories

After you are done ensuring your new beach chair has all of the supportive and convenient features you could ever want, it is time to look at some luxuries. Lots of beach chairs nowadays feature built in pillows that help to add comfort to your chair. Many beach chairs come with pockets or storage containers to hold your keys, books or sunglasses too. Most chairs also feature cup holders which hold your drinks so you will no longer have to put them in the sand. If you look hard enough, some beach chairs even feature insulated cup holders which will work to keep your drink cold even on the hottest of summer days.


When you’re sitting on the beach you don’t want sun in your eyes. Sunglasses only offer so much protection from the harmful UV rays. When buying a beach chair look for options that have umbrellas or canopies. These offer excellent protection from not only the rays from the sun but also elements like rain and wind.

They should also be able to be adjusted into many positions. The sun moves in the sky and your chair’s umbrella should be able to move with it. This will ensure you don’t leave the beach with a painful sunburn.

Foot rest

For chairs that offer the most comfort a foot rest is required. Being able to fully lounge on the beach should be your top priority and putting your feet up definitely helps. Sure you can put your feet up on a cooler, but it can be a pain to move the heavy object every time you switch positions. And coolers aren’t comfortable.

Foot rests are designed as part of the chair. They move when you move and conform to your body’s contours. This means you are getting the most comfort possible. Built in foot rests allow you to fully relax and recline. After all, this is when you are supposed to be the most relaxed.



Q: What Kind Of Beach Chair Should I Choose?


The best beach chair for you will depend on a few things. The first is if you are going to hike with it – this can even be a long walk to the beach. If this is the case weight and portability will be near the top of your list. But if you can get close to the beach you may want added features like an attached umbrella or pockets for your belongings. You can even opt for a more robust beach chair and put in in a beach cart or wagon. This will give you the ability to make fewer trips to your spot on the beach.

Q: How Much Weight Will A Beach Chair Support?


The average weight capacity of a beach chair ranges between 200 and 400 lbs. That being said, most chairs are closer to the 200 – 300 lb range. For those with children sitting on their lap or who want a very durable chair, we recommend paying attention to the weight capacity of the chair you choose. This will help you get the most out of your beach experience and not have to worry about damaging your chair.

Q: What Material Is Most Comfortable?


This is a great question. It’s not necessarily the material that makes a beach chair comfortable. Yes, it can add to the comfort but the frame is what truly makes beach chairs comfortable. For example, a beach chair that has a bar that digs into your back will be uncomfortable no matter the material the company uses. Instead, we suggest looking for a beach chair that specifically states that it has a comfortable frame. This will show that the company has put time and thought into the design of their chair.

There are many different types of materials beach chairs are made of. A softer material like polyester and cotton will give you a comfortable place to rest. Most of these materials are also water resistant in case you sit too close to the water or get caught in a rainstorm.

Many beach chairs are designed to be adjustable. This means you can go from sitting upright to relaxing backwards easily. With armrests that have built in supports and higher seat backs that provide neck support, the modern beach chair is built with comfort in mind.

Q: Do All Beach Chairs Come With Drink Holders?


Not all beach chairs come with drink holders. With that being said, it is definitely a feature that is worth noticing. There is nothing better than a cold drink on a hot beach day. To have your drink close by will avoid spilling and sand in your drink. It is important to always decide on the features that matter to you most before finding the best chair for you. Some beach chairs even come with a cooler bag for your drink. This allows you to bring a bag of ice to keep your drinks cold for even longer.

Q: What Is The Most Portable Type Of Beach Chair?


Portability is key when looking for the best beach chair. Being able to transport your chair with ease is important as you will likely have your hands full with all your other gear. Some chairs such as the WearEver Hi-Back Deluxe Steel Backpacker Chair by Rio Brands have shoulder straps so you can wear them like a backpack. Others such as the Folding Quad Camp Chair by Quik Shade have a bag that the chair slips into so that it can easily sit over your shoulders. This makes transporting your chair even easier.

Q: What’s A Good Beach Chair Type For Kids?


For those with kids, we highly recommend the Beach Chair by Sport-Brella. It sits low to the ground which makes it safe and easy for kids to get in and out of. It is incredibly comfortable which your kids will enjoy as well as durable enough to handle a beating. It has a drink holder which is great for holding your child’s drinks. It also features an umbrella top which provides some much needed shade to give your child a break from the harsh sun.

Q: Which Type Of Beach Chair Is Better For Large People?


The best thing to do is to always check the weight capacity of any chair you purchase. We really like the Big Guy Backpack Chair by Rio Brands for its generous 300 pound weight capacity and wider seat. You will not have to suffer from the armrests digging into your sides with this chair. The Beach Chair by Sport-Brella also has a 300 pound weight capacity and features an umbrella on top for shade. Sitting close to the ground you will feel very stable with this heavy duty beach chair.

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When buying your next beach chair, be sure to put some thought into finding the perfect one for you. With so many options on the market, you are able to get quite picky and choose one with all of the features that are important to you. All the options on our list come in at competitive price points and are loaded with some of the top features on the market. Never be underprepared for a day on the beach again.

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