Ah, summertime. There is nothing quite like heading out to the water for a hot summer’s day on the beach. Whether you are heading out with your new stand up paddleboard or just looking to relax and tan, there are a few items you will need to bring with. Sure, you will already have your beach tent, towel and all other necessary gear, but there is likely some important things that you didn’t think of.

 The best beach bag essentials are compact enough to bring along with you and yet will make such a difference in the quality of your day on the water. Having the best beach holiday packing list will help to ensure that you pack correctly and can avoid all beach emergencies. Whether you are just going to your local beach or are planning for your next vacation, it is important to consider these essentials.

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How To Choose A Beach Bag Essential – Buying Guide


When packing your beach bag full of gear, you may want to bring more than just a book and a bottle of water. Besides the essentials of proper sunscreen, there are many accessories that will make your day at the beach even more enjoyable. Having hair and lip sun protection is just as important as having skin protection.

In order to get the most complete packing list for your summertime beach bag, we recommend asking yourself a few important questions to determine what is best for you. Before you head out to the water, be sure to consider the following. Knowing the answers will help equip you with the best ability to create a top rated beach holiday packing list.

Who Are You Going With

The beach is a popular way to spend summer days, no matter who you are. Who you are going with to the beach will determine how much, or what is best to pack. If you are planning to spend the day tanning with some girlfriends, it is safe to say that you will be packing a lot differently than if you are planning a trip with your two young kids.

Regardless of who you go with, packing protection is important. There will be a few staple items, such as SPF lip balm, that should always be packed with. If you are going with kids, you will want to pack along some more comfort items such as cushions and the best beach tent.

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Where You Are Going

What kind of beach are you planning to go to? Is it a pristine white sand beach, or rather one with grass or big rocks? Is it the ocean or the lake? The answer to these questions will play a big role in what you should plan to bring along with you. White sand may warrant a simple beach towel while it may be better to bring along a beach chair if sitting in grass or on rocks.  Your gear should be tailored to your destination. An ocean beach day could look different than a trip to the lake.

What Are You Doing

There are many fun ways to spend your day on the beach. Do you plan to ride the waves surfing in the ocean or laze on the beach getting some color to your skin? As you may imagine, the activities you do will have a significant role in determining what is best for you to bring along. Not only that, it will determine the type of gear that is best to bring along. For example, you may want a sunscreen with a higher SPF rating if you plan to spend your time in the water as the reflection will cause the suns rays to seem quite a bit harsher on your skin.

How Long Will You Stay

This is an important consideration when determining what is best to pack for your day at the beach. If you are going for a quick dip and only plan on staying for an hour, you won’t need nearly as much gear as if you plan to make a day of it. We find it is often best to pack more than less as it is easy to lose track of time at the beach.



Q: Why Do I Need SPF Spray For My Hair?


While it is understood that your skin feels the effects of prolonged sun exposure, you may not be considering just how much effect the sun has. The harsh UV rays, as pleasant as they can feel, can cause quite a bit of damage. Your towels and your clothes will undoubtedly start to fade in color with prolonged sun exposure. It is no wonder, the sun can end up causing quite a bit of damage to your hair as well.

Your hair is basically strands of protein. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage these proteins in a really weird way. The heat can cause your hair to fry and appear frizzy, similarly to when you straighten your hair. Additionally, the sun has a bleaching effect that will cause your hair to turn much brighter.

Q: Do I Need Special SPF Lip Balm?


Absolutely! This is so important and we aren’t quite sure why people don’t pay more attention to this. Your lips contain some of the most sensitive skin that is incredibly prone to feeling the effects of the sun. Exposure, even for a short time, can cause them to become red, puffy, chapped or even blistered.

As your head is exposed to sunlight more than the rest of your body, it is wise to have year round lip balm that protects from the exposure. Many companies have realized this importance and it is incredibly easy to find a lip balm that is SPF safe. When out for your day on the beach, we recommend not relying on sunscreen for this sensitive area. Lip balm will help to keep your lips moisturized and protected – a double win!

Q: How Do I Protect My Things From Seasalt?


Just as the sun wreaks havoc on you and your gear, the saltwater can have a pretty harsh effect too. Luckily, just as you can protect against sun damage you can easily protect for salt. How to protect is based first and foremost on what the gear is. For electronics, we recommend limiting the exposure. Try ziplock bags for this. It will provide a protective barrier while still allowing you to use it.

The best way to protect your gear from salt damage is to simply wash it. Regular maintenance will always win out as the best way to preserve your gear. Giving all your gear a good rinse in freshwater the moment you leave the beach will ensure that the salt buildup causes the least amount of damage.

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Reading through beach bag essentials reviews will help you to ensure that you pack correctly for the ultimate day spent out on the water. Summer days at the beach can be some of the best days of the year. Simply lounging and swimming will never get old. But having the best gear can make these days even better. Without the proper protection, like sunscreen and a large hat, you can burn making the day significantly less enjoyable. Also, having equipment to protect your belongings will ensure you don’t lose or break anything on your trip.

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