In order to enjoy the summer months to the fullest, you want the best beach canopy possible by your side. Giving you a chance to cool down and protect your skin, they are an indispensable part of summer months for any occasion such as birthdays, parties, or a family barbeque. 

In order to get the best beach shade, there are some key features that you need to take into consideration before your purchase such as the size of the canopy, wind protection, set up, and UV rating.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have created a buying guide to explain all of those key features and also completed beach canopy reviews to provide you a list of the Best Beach Canopies in 2023. Once you have finished reading, you’ll know exactly what you need.

How To Choose A Beach Canopy – Buying Guide



A quest to choosing the best beach shade canopy is not easy considering the fact that there are different types. According to your circumstances, you can choose from traditional types, tarps, and ones that are also enclosed.

Traditional types have a sturdy metal from and will give you a good amount of stability with a lot of internal space so that you’re not too restricted. These are great for large groups and are ideal for the beach.

For those looking for a simpler solution, tarp canopies are ideal as they are much lower to the ground and generally work from four different poles rather than a complete internal frame. These give you less space but a good amount of shade and they are also very light and portable.

The enclosed type is one that takes on a similar look to a traditional canopy with a floor and a lot more fabric. These are ideal for more ground coverage but are generally heavier and also harder to set-up.

The size is obviously going to be a key factor when it comes to the type of canopy of your choosing. This is largely going to depend on the number of people you want to accommodate under the canopy. It is also possible that you want a base to place your items. All you need to do is to assess your own needs and get a canopy that is going to be able to match them.


It’s important that the material of beach canopies are manufactured with durability in mind. Any rip in the material is going to reduce its effectiveness and therefore it negates the reason you decide to get the product in the first place. 

UV rays don’t only damage your skin but they also damage materials. Having a high level of UV resistance is not only important to protect yourself but it also important to ensure that your canopy lasts for a long time. 

The best beach shade canopies are made with thick and durable materials, and all of them have a very high level of UV protection. 

Wind Protection

The wind is always going to be stronger on the coast which means that any canopy that you have is going to need a high level of protection against the wind. This is going to be done in two ways by either a double canopy or having the legs fixed to the ground.

A double canopy is where there are two layers of coverage that overlap each other. Not only does this allow the circulation of air but it means that wind pressure doesn’t build up inside of the canopy and blow it away across the beach, this is especially important in large traditional canopies.

The other way is having the canopy securely fixed to the ground. This will either be done with guy lines, stakes, or sandbags. All of these methods can be highly effective.

Leg Design

There are a few different design options that you can have when it comes to the legs of the beach canopy as they will either have a slant leg design or they will go straight up with the traditional type of look that you most often see.

There aren’t really any great advantages to the slant leg design other than the fact that many people feel as though they are more visually appealing. You also need to consider that is increases the area of the space you are using beyond the canopy.

The straight leg design is the much more common type as this is the tried and trusted method. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing design type but it is going to take up less space and is also going to be very sturdy too.

Fire Retardant

The material that is used in best beach shade canopies can’t be very flammable due to the type of activities associated with the beach. Because people love bringing a portable grill to the beach or setting up their own campfire.

This can mean that embers or sparks could fly away and come into contact with your canopy. Therefore having fire retardant material is a good idea.

If you are using a canopy that doesn’t have this layer of protection then you just need to make sure that any cooking or and campfires are done well away from your beach canopy. This isn’t often an issue but you don’t want to be taking any chances.


If you are getting a traditional canopy then it is going to have ribs on the top of it just like a beach canopy. This not only maintains the internal structure of the canopy but it also means that any rain is going to be able to run off it.

In terms of the stability and structure of these ribs, they need to be made out of a high-quality metal such as steel or aluminum that is going to be both lightweight and durable. This will keep it portable but will also ensure that it lasts for many years.

The ribs also need to keep the material taught to it. Like an umbrella, this will ensure that no water sits in the canopy and gives you a big splash when you are least expecting it. High-quality ribs will ensure that it doesn’t happen.


While it is never going to be the most important aspect of buying a canopy, having the ability to choose your own color is something that most people like. There are plenty of beach canopies that offer a range of color options.

This isn’t going to be much of an issue as far as importance is concerned, except for the fact that darker colors will retain more heat but this isn’t really going to be an issue for a canopy. There are other reasons why different colors may come in useful though.

If you are on a beach with a lot of people having a canopy, having a unique color or design might make it easier to find when you go back to it, transversely if you wanted to double up your canopy for camping then a darker color is less likely to attract insects.

Ease Of Set-Up

Going to the beach is meant to be fun and relaxing. The last thing that you want to do is try and solve the puzzle of having to set-up a product that is very difficult and takes you far too long. Due to this, the installation time is going to need to be minimized.

This is where tarp sunshade tents can have an advantage as their simple design means that you can be set-up in no time at all. For those that don’t want this type of canopy, thankfully there are a few gear designs out there with traditional types.

A lot of these products are simply able to fold out to give you the canopy pace you need. This means that it is only going to take a matter of minutes to set-up by just one person. If this is important to you, make sure you look out for canopies that are easy to set-up.

Air Circulation

It’s no secret that it can get hot at the beach and the air can be stifling if it’s not allowed to circulate. Most beach canopies have open sides which means that the air is able to flow through but hot air can still get caught up in there. 

Another way to be able to deal with this is to have a double canopy, this will allow air to flow through it so that it is able to circulate and also hot air doesn’t sit in your canopy. This is going to be less important if you have a tarp-style canopy.


The weight isn’t going to be a big issue when it comes to your canopy but you still want to be able to take it from one place to another. If it’s too heavy and you have to park far away from your beach spot, then this could be a huge negative. 

Having a decent amount of weight in your canopy can be a good thing as it will be more stable in the ground but there are also lightweight canopies that can be securely fitted into the ground, therefore nullifying this advantage. 

The weight isn’t something that you should take for granted as there are canopies out there that weigh a significant amount. It’s worth checking this before you buy to make sure that it is something that is going to be portable enough.

Side Walls

Sidewalls are a rare feature when it comes to canopies as most of them have an open design on all four sides. They can be good for a number of different reasons though and it’s a good idea to know what the conditions are like on the beaches you will be traveling too.

If it is often windy then these sidewalls often give you a good level of protection from the wind and act as a windbreak. This will allow you to relax in more comfort and allow you to read in peace or not have the chill that can come from wind.

If you are on a beach where the sun becomes quite low in the sky, a sidewall can offer you protection from the sun’s rays when it dips below the coverage that the canopy roof can provide. This is a useful feature for many but an unneeded extra for others, depending on your circumstances.

Carrying Case

Whether you have a beach canopy that is particularly light or heavy, they are still going to take up a decent amount of space and therefore they are going to be challenging to carry. That’s where a carrying case can come in very useful. 

Even though it’s just there to carry the product, you still want it to be made out of quality material. It is a common problem that carries cases that are made cheaply and they can quickly wear and not be able to offer you the support you need. 

Some cases actually come with wheels to make it even easier to transport, although once you get to the beach it will need to be carried. It seems like a small thing but having a good carry case will make using your sun shelter a lot easier.

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Before deciding to buy a canopy, you need to make sure that it includes everything that you need to get going. Some cheaper products might only have the canopy and the frame as their product, but you could well need more than that. 

Those extra accessories mainly relate to being able to fix it to the ground. Whether that is stakes or sand pockets, you need to ensure that you won’t be left without. As mentioned previously, you also want to have a carrying case included too.

UV Rating

One thing that you don’t want to happen when you are out there on the beach is to get sunburnt when you have been under a canopy for most of the day. Sun protection shouldn’t be presumed and it’s a good idea to check that you have it. 

You should be looking for the best beach canopy with a rating of UPF 50+ as that will give you all the protection you need and is good enough for little children. Without this protection, you could find yourself exposed to dangerous rays.

Seam Construction

On these types of products, the seam construction is going to be the difference between having a durable product or one that is going to break easily. Taped seams will be able to give you the durability you are looking for. It is also an important part of waterproofing too as, without sufficient seams, you might find that water can creep in if you find yourself in a rainstorm. All the beach canopies we have reviewed have a high level of build quality.



Globo Surf Overview

Having a sun shelter can be an important part of heading out to the beach. Despite everyone loving the sun, everyone knows that it can be dangerous and you don’t want to be out in it for too long. 

There are also many other reasons why a beach canopy can be a great idea such as keeping children out of the sun completely.

In order to choose the best beach canopy for you, it’s vital to consider all the key features we have mentioned here. The most important one is going to be the size as getting one too small can leave you exposed and unable to cover everyone correctly.

After that, the other features have to match your needs too. The type is going to matter and aspects such as the wind protection, ease of set-up, sidewalls, and weight are going to vary in importance depending on the beach and the type of climate in your area.

There are many fun things to do at the beach but you can’t be reckless with your skin and sometimes having a break and reapplying that sunscreen is the best idea.

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