10 Things To Do At The Beach


The beach has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations during the summer season. Very few holiday ideas can compare to a relaxing and fun-filled day at the beach. But of course, you’ll want something else to do other than swimming and soaking up the sun, so we’ve compiled here a list of some of the best things to do at the beach, all of which are perfect for outings with the family, get-togethers with friends, and even soul-searching solo travelers.

Play Games

play-beach-gamesThe sandy shores of the seaside allow for a variety of games that both the young and the young at heart will enjoy. And the best part is that these games don’t require any extra materials and equipment aside from what is already present in the surroundings or your beach cart.

  • Simon Says. Playing ‘Simon Says’ at the beach is usually a lot more fun because of the unique items that can be found there like pearly shells, slimy seaweed, and more.
  • Beach Ball Towel Toss. Two players hold a beach towel at both ends with the beach ball in the middle. Using the towel, the players toss the beach ball into the air for the other players (also holding a towel) to catch. If you want to make it more challenging, head to a beach with a relatively strong breeze.
  • Sand Darts. Draw a dartboard in the sand and use rocks or shells as dart pins. Whoever hits the bullseye wins.
  • Beach Skeeball. Kids and adults both love this classic arcade game, especially when played on the beach using tennis balls. The soft sand provides a more difficult playing field and you can go crazy when making the lanes and holes to make it more challenging.

There tons of other games that you can play with your kids and friends at the beach. Just make sure that you keep an eye on the young ones so they don’t go venturing too far when playing especially if you’re vacationing on a crowded beach.

Build Sand Structures and Sand Art

Building a sandcastle is easily one of the oldest pastimes of beachgoers. In fact, no visit to the beach with the kids would be complete without making one. It’s almost like a rite of passage for them.

Although it may seem like a childish thing to do, even adults can have fun building sand structures. In fact, in many team building events held at the beach, building a sandcastle is one of the many activities that they are asked to do. Accordingly, this helps to promote cooperation, communication, and creativity among the employees, which then improves their performance in the workplace.

Tired of building sandcastles? Why not try sand sculpting instead? The concept is pretty much the same, but instead of towering castles and forts, you’ll be making replicas of animals like turtles, dolphins, and others. And for team building events, try re-creating your company logo on the sand.


Can’t think of anything else to build? Scour the internet for inspiration. Instagram and Pinterest are usually filled with awesome ideas about what you can build with sand. You can also watch YouTube videos for some tips about building sensational sand structures.

Go Snorkeling

Introducing your kids to the wonderful world under the sea can be an exciting and magical experience for them. Most beaches are teeming with marine life, from fish to starfish and more. Besides, it’s one way of teaching children about marine life and where they live, as well as the importance of conservation and habitat preservation. More often than not, children who have gone snorkeling develop a keen sense of responsibility and will try their best to help keep the ocean clean and safe for their newfound friends.

Of course, not all children can do this activity, but generally, kids age five and up are capable of learning the basics of snorkeling. Speaking of the basics, you should let them try snorkeling first in a shallow pool or your bathtub before bringing them to the beach. Get them their own kid’s snorkel set and let them play around with it. Ideally, you’d want your kid to have the following:

If they’re comfortable using their snorkeling gear in the pool, they’re more likely to welcome the idea of trying it out in seawater.


Always let your kids wear a snorkel vest even if they are excellent swimmers. Sure, it will make your child float and keep them from getting up close and personal with the marine life on the seafloor, but then you should never compromise their safety.

Read a Book

There’s something about the consistent sound of waves, the cool ocean breeze, and the warm sun that makes the beach a perfect choice for catching up on your reading. Many book-lovers can spend a whole afternoon absorbed in their favorite books.

Many would recommend though that you avoid bringing long and heavy novels for beach reading. After all, you’re on the beach so a dip in the waters should also be on your agenda. When it comes to choosing which book to read, go for something light and easy. In fact, the most appropriate book would be one that you can finish reading before your sunscreen wears off.

Aside from your book, you’ll also need to bring a couple of things:

  • a second book (in case you finish the first one and the sun’s still too hot for a swim)
  • a wide-brimmed hat or a beach umbrella (unless you’re comfortable reading with sunglasses on)
  • some snacks and drinks (keep them within arm’s reach).


One of the issues you’ll probably contend with while reading at the beach is noise. To address this problem, you can bring some earplugs, a noise-canceling headset, or you can play nature sounds on your phone.

Have a Picnic

When you’re at the beach, whether with family or friends, a picnic is definitely in order. After all, the fun only lasts until tummies start to grumble. There are many food shops and concessionaires along most beaches, but they can be quite expensive and more often than not sell foods that you really wouldn’t categorize as healthy.

So why not just bring your own food to the beach? Not only will you be able to cut down on your food expenses but you’re also confident that your kids are eating nutritious meals.

Preparing nice, healthy meals need not be difficult. Sandwiches and lettuce wraps, for instance, are pretty easy to prepare and pack. You should also consider bringing along some fresh or dried foods which are not only healthy but can also be eaten without utensils.

When you’re with friends, you may be tempted to bring along alcoholic beverages. Be careful though since these types of drinks are not allowed on some beaches, especially those considered to be family-oriented and kid-friendly.


If you are bringing along quick-spoiling items like mayonnaise and other dairy products, keep them in a cooler filled with ice instead of putting them in the picnic basket or beach bag. Take them out of the cooler only when it’s time to eat them and not before.

Try Body Boarding

One of the more popular beach activities is surfing. There’s nothing quite like catching a huge wave and riding it back to shore. However, many kids are intimidated by surfboards and big waves. So what else can they do? Well, how about bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding works pretty much the same way as surfing but makes use of a boogie board instead of a surfboard. With bodyboarding, individuals lie flat on their stomachs while riding the waves, unlike in surfing where they’re supposed to stand up.

Bodyboarding can be a ton of fun for children who are up for some splash and speed. Children six and up are usually allowed to bodyboard, and some surfing shops also offer bodyboarding lessons for kids.


Although not necessary, it is a good idea to let your kids wear a rash guard when bodyboarding. Usually made from nylon or polyester, rash guards help to protect the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion and sunburn from extended exposure to the sun.

Do Some Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Some-Stand-up-Paddle-BoardingAnother water sport that is quickly gaining popularity is stand-up paddleboarding. If you haven’t done this before, then there’s no better time to get started than now. Simply put, stand-up paddleboarding makes use of a paddleboard and a paddle. While standing up, you simply need to row your board to move from one place to another.

As a sport, there are many benefits to stand-up paddleboarding.

  • Develop Strength and Balance It’s a good full-body workout since you’ll be using all your muscles to paddle and maintain your balance.
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health It can have the same effects as jogging or aerobics, and if you stay in the water long enough, you may reduce your risks of heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

Go Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is one of the many things that you can do on the beach. It allows you to get up close and personal with the sea and enjoy it from a different perspective. If you have an ocean kayak or can borrow or rent one, then you should definitely give this sport a try.

You can (and should) bring your kids along for the ride. You can use tandem kayaks when you’re with your kid, with you seated in the rear cockpit and paddling while your kid sits in the front cockpit. You can let your kid paddle, too. Just make sure that you give them paddles designed for kids. These kinds of paddles have shorter and narrower shafts so that it is easier for kids to hold and use them.

What makes this activity perfect for kids?

  • Sea kayaking with your kid is great because it allows you to bring your child to hidden sections of the coastline.
  • If you choose your kayaking route well, you may even come across some wildlife like local seals, birds, and others.

Sea kayaking is safe for kids provided you follow simple safety guidelines like wearing PFDs. However, you may not want to venture too far away from the shore, and you should only go sea kayaking if the water is calm and the weather is good.


Let your kids paddle and teach them a thing or two about paddling and kayaking, but don’t get too technical. Don’t spoil the moment with lectures and instead let them enjoy the scenery and the water.

Try You Luck with Kayak Fishing

Saltwater kayak fishing can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience, and definitely something that you should try when you go to the beach. Although not all beaches will allow fishing, many do and you shouldn’t have any trouble looking for one.

But then, if you’re vacationing with your kids, you may be wondering if they should give this activity a try, too. Well, if you’re like most avid kayak anglers, one of the things you’ve probably been dreaming about doing is to be able to share your passion with your kids. Provided your kids are old enough, then you should try to get them into the sport. Here are some things you and your kid will need:

  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Rods, reels, and bait
  • Storage box
  • Drinking water and snacks
  • Hat and sunscreen

Fishing has always been one of the best activities for parents and their kids. It’s a great way to bond with your kids, and at the same time teach them values like patience, appreciation of nature, and many more. Besides, there are a few moments that beat watching your kid struggle with their first fish and win the battle.


You don’t have to buy your kids their very own fishing rod and gear just yet. There are many shops by the beach that offers rods and fishing gear which you can rent for reasonable prices.

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Watch the Sunset

We know, we know – the sunsets every day and this natural wonder can be seen from anywhere in the world. But there’s something different about watching sunsets from a beach with the warm sand between your toes and the cool ocean breeze wafting through your hair.

Sunsets at the beach have inspired countless writers, poets, and romantics from all over the world. The setting sun, casting its dying rays across the ocean, never fails to leave an impression of peace and serenity on anyone who witnesses it.

So grab yourself a beach chair or flop down on the sand and wrap yourself in a beach towel or a blanket and get ready for one show that is timeless, inspiring, and spiritual all at the same time.

Good to Know:

One of the best ways to end your day is by catching a glimpse of a beautiful sunset, even if it’s not from a beach. Many of us only make time for sunsets when we go on vacations at the beach, as if this beautiful moment only happens there and then. So wherever you are (whether you’re driving home from work, sitting in a beach tent, jogging at the park, or just sitting by a window sill), do take a moment to enjoy this glorious view.

Globo Surf Overview

Heading to the beach for a vacation can be very exciting whether you’re with family, friends, or by yourself. Aside from lounging under the sun, you may be looking for other things to do at the beach. You can try some of the activities mentioned above, all of which are very rewarding in their own right. Remember, a holiday under the sun can pass like a dream, so make the most out of it. You can also check these articles, sun hats, aloe vera gel, and tanning oil for a better beach experience.

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