Going to the beach and hitting some waves is always thrilling but also gives you rashes, sunburn and chafing. This is where a rash guard saves your life as it keeps you secure and protected in or out on the water.

The best rash guard not only protects your skin from mechanical abrasion and overexposure to the sun but also boosts your confidence to ride the waves. But choosing a rash guard is often difficult as you need to consider the quality, size and right fit for yourself. 

For making it easy for you, we’ve studied several rash guard reviews and created a vetted list of the best options as well as a comprehensive buying guide to help you in comparison. Here is our list of the best rashies for all-weather protection.

How To Choose A Rash Guard – Buying Guide

Choosing the right rash guard depends on two things- your personal preference and the intended purpose. This buying guide will help you choose a rash guard for your activity.


The type of rash guard you choose mainly depends on the climate. The standard sleeve rash guards come with long sleeves, short sleeves, or as a vest to cover your upper body while few rash guards cover the whole body and are tagged as a full-body rash guard.

If the temperature is low and you go in and out of the water often, a thermal rash guard with long sleeves should be your choice whereas if the climate is hot you should opt for a short sleeve rash guard. Also, keep in mind, there are mens rash guard, women’s rash guard, and unisex rash guards, so pick one which suits your gender.



A rash guard can be loose or tight. If you plan on doing an activity that includes a lot of movements like swimming or surfing, it is better that you buy a rash guard that fits tight. This has to do with the fact that a tight fit has less resistance and minimizes chafing and rubbing. On the other hand, if you plan on using a rash guard mainly as UV protection then you should choose a loose fit.


This is certainly the most important feature when you are comparing rash guards for men.  A rash guard is mainly made with 100% Spandex, polyester, nylon, or neoprene of their compositions. Keep in mind that a rash guard should be light and gentle on your skin, breathable, and able to dry off fast. Also, make sure that your choice is a UV rash guard which offers UPF protection to prevent your skin from harmful Ultra Violet rays coming from the sun.

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Here you need to pick an alternative that is lightweight, durable, and is designed with material that guarantees that your skin won’t be irritated from continuous abrasion with the surfboard. Also, consider that the best upf swim shirts have seams you can’t feel on your skin and offer high protection from sun rays.



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To wrap things up, investing in a good rash guard can really make a big difference. If you were not sure about what would be the most excellent rash guard, you now have enough information on what to look for. Our list of the best rash guards is compiled with top-rated players available in the market, so feel free to pick any of them. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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