Surfing is a fun and exciting sport and the biggest part of the fun is that you are in the water all the time. But such an advantage comes with the responsibility of owning a lot of quality equipment, including the best surf earplugs. Of course, the wetsuit will protect your body from the water, but your ears should be protected too.

Prolonged contact with the cold water can lead to surfer’s ear (bone growth in the ear) and the professional surfers will recommend that you use earplugs in the water to protect your ears.

In order to help you, we have made quality research including all the important aspects that should be taken in mind when choosing the best earplugs for surfing, helping you save some money and make sure that the chosen pair will provide you good protection.

In the following paragraphs, you will be able to read the detailed surf earplug reviews about the best earplugs for surfing on the market, as well as learn more from our buying guide, which will help you know how to pick the best option and enjoy catching the great waves without any risk involved.

How To Choose And Earplug For Surfing – Buying Guide

How to Choose Earplugs For Surfing - Buying Guide

What Are Earplugs?

The earplugs are generally thought of as plugs for your ears which keep noise out, but surfer’s earplugs are a different creature entirely. Most of the modern earplugs will allow the noise in while keeping the water out.

The top-rated surf earplugs will provide ear protection from water. Exposure to a lot of saltwater, cold water, sand, dirt, and debris can contaminate and affect your ears. By using earplugs, you can enjoy the best protection for your ears.

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Are The Expensive Ones Worth It?

When it comes to protection, there is no such thing as being too careful. Keeping your ears safe is a must as a surfer. Generally, the more expensive the earplugs are, the better the protection will be. But you do not have to spend a fortune to protect yourself. Each pair from our list will keep your ears protected.



Q: What Is Exostosis Or Surfers Ear?


urfer’s ear is a growth of the bones in the ear, which is benign, but can cause further problems. If the bone grows a lot, it can block out sound and cause hearing loss. In extreme cases, the growths can trap dirt and grime in the ear and cause ear infections. Surfers are particularly susceptible to exostosis, but it is not fully understood why it develops. Researchers know that cold water and air cause it, but they do not know why.

As a surfer, you are exposed to a lot of cold water and cold air. The best way to prevent surfer’s ear is to use high-quality earplugs, making them a must.

Q: How Do I Get Rid Of Water In The Ear?


Most of the time, you can tilt your head to the side and gently shake it out. But if the water gets deep in your ear, it won’t work. You can try mixing water and vinegar together, fifty-fifty, and pour it in your ear carefully. After that, you should tilt your head to the side and shake the water out.

Q: How Do I Care For My New Earplugs?


The perfect pair of earplugs won’t require delicate care. You can simply wash the earplugs, and any parts, in warm soapy water, rinse them and then allow them to air dry. It is recommended that you use a case for them when transporting and storing the equipment. If they were exposed to saltwater, you can simply wash them with tap water after the usage.

Q: How Should Earplugs Fit For Surfing?


You should feel the earplugs tight in your ear, but they should also be comfortable. Push the earplugs in as far as is comfortable, and if you cannot find an earplug that fits comfortably and keeps the water out, then you should make further research over a customized design.

Q: Can I Lose My Earplugs When Surfing?


Yes, and you most certainly will. Surfing is an active sport, and it is inevitable that you will lose an earplug or two. The best way to combat it is to buy a few earplugs you like or to find some with leashes attached.

Globo Surf Overview

Taking care of your ears while surfing has never been easier. There are many amazing leaps and bounds in earplug technology. There is a wide palette of options available, from completely moldable earplugs to earplugs that will allow the sound to go through, making you forget that you are wearing them.

As a surfer, you should never go in the water without a pair. Thanks to our buying guide and the options reviewed, you will be able to easily find a pair of the best surf earplugs, and make sure that you will be safe while riding the waves.

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