Bodyboarding is a great summertime water activity as it is fun for all ages and skill levels. Similar to surfing as you have a board in the water that you ride on, this is more of an entry level skill set that can be a lot of fun if heading to wavy waters. The best bodyboards will be made from quality materials that allow you to propel through the waters with ease.

Check out our bodyboards reviews below to find our list of the best boogie boards on the market.


Bodyboard Reviews

How To Choose A Bodyboard – Buying Guide

Just like surfboards and skimboards bodyboards are a combination of features.


Bodyboards have a specific shape that makes them able to ride waves. If the board is too small you will be too low in the water and your arms and legs will be dangling. When the board is too big control can be an issue. The more you ride waves the more you will have an understanding of the ideal board size for you.

For easy sizing measure from the ground to your belly button. This is the size of board you should be looking at. Another easy way to tell is if you can carry the bodyboard under your arm and wrap your fingers around the bottom.

Wave size

For smaller waves a larger board is best. This will give you stability to have the best day. Larger waves will require you to get a smaller bodyboard. Instead of stability you will need control and turning ability.


The materials used to make these boards will determine not only how long they will last, but also how they will handle in the water.

Boards can be made out of lots of materials. The most used one nowadays are polypropylene foam. It is stronger and lighter than the previous polyethylene foam.

Polypropylene will cost more as it is the newest tech, but it is worth it in the long run. Some companies are using a combination of these two to make a less expensive, but still responsive board.


This is a piece of material that creates added flex and stiffness to the board. It flows along the entire length of the bodyboard and makes it more durable. It is usually found on larger boards to keep the integrity and strength high.


The shape of the tail can influence the ride through the water. Crescent is the most common shape and is one of the more comfortable. It hugs your body and adds stability in rough water.

If the tail is wider it will be more stable. The traditional crescent shape has been around for so long because it is tried and tested. Looking for more speed? A smaller tail bodyboard will propel you through the water faster.

Globo Surf Overview

Bodyboarding is a growing sport. Grab a boogie board for the beach and head to any body of water and you will see people riding waves and having a blast. The boards on this list are made from high quality materials and are highly durable. Use our boogie board reviews to find the best board for you. It will be the best purchase of the summer. It will keep your kids, maybe even you, entertained for hours.


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