8 Best Surfboards in 2018


Surfing has become one of the go-to beach activities. Catching waves whether you are in Bali or on the coast of California is a summertime favorite. As your experience in the water grows, so does your ideal surfboard. With people getting their boards smaller and lighter than ever, they are able to take their surf experience to new limits. In order to ride the waves you will need the best surfboard. But you will also need to fully understand the characteristics that make up the board. Small details can change how the board feels and rides through the water.

With so many options flooding today’s market we made a list of the best surfboards on today’s market. These top boards are the best of their kind.

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1. Channel Islands Mini in White

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This board is perfect for a chill day on the water. Hit waves from two feet to six with ease with this Channel Islands Mini surf board. It has a five fin setup with a squash tail. What makes this board stand out is its paddle speed. Being able to get on the wave quicker makes it easier to stand and finish strong. The rocker is relaxed with a wide nose. This allows the rider the control they need to steer and turn with ease. For the best ride to look for waves that are in knee to head high surf. This is one of the top boards on the market and will give your entire family a great ride.

Weight: 8 lbs

Board Length: 5’ 5”

Skill Level: Intermediate riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Outstanding feel in the water
  • Classic shape
  • Fast paddle speed

2. Boardworks Mini Mod 2 Surf Board


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The Boardworks Mini Mod 2 is one of the top rated surfboards on today’s market. This board is designed to meet the needs of virtually any rider from beginner to advanced and be used in any water condition. Despite its full outline, this board has a wide tail which gives it quite a large footprint. This allows you to reach top speeds even in slower conditions.

This board has quite a robust floatation making it a great option for bigger riders that are a bit heavier. The reason this board works in any conditions is that it comes with a five box fin setup which allows you the versatility to attach as many fins as you need for the conditions. It is easy to maneuver and provides the rider with ultimate control.

Weight: 9 lbs

Board Length: 5’10”

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Five fin system
  • Wide tail
  • Great for heavier riders

3. Soft-Top Surfboard Package -The Verve


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This board is built to handle every single wave you will encounter on the water. Built for exceptional performance this board has a unique shape that helps it carve through the water with ease. This board was built for beginners but has enough power and features to even impress riders with experience. With the features of this board, it a great learning board for kids to get the technique of surfing. Built with bigger riders in mind this board can handle up to 230lbs. The tri fin system on this board gives you the versatility to ride this board with 1-3 fins. This makes this board perform well no matter the conditions on the water. The foam deck of this board means that you won’t have to waste your time waxing your board before jumping into the water.

The nose rocker is great for beginners and prevents the front end of your board from tipping into the water and causing you to lose your balance and fall. The tail rocker helps to release turns allowing beginners to surf like pros on the water. To go a step further this board isn’t just made using cheap heated laminate and instead has a Mold and Vacuum Sealed process that gives it extra strength and durability allowing it to last you even longer.

The Verve surfboard comes as a package with an 8’ leash, a set of Paint Pens to fix any dings or chips you may get on your board and an 8’ bag to further protect your board. It also comes with a stomp pad that provides you a cushioned pad to stand on as well as added traction in the water.

Weight: 10 lbs

Board Length: 8’

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Tri fin setup
  • Full packaged deal with leash and bag
  • High weight capacity

4. Performance Soft Top Foamboard Funboard Longboard Foam Surfboard


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This is the best long surfboard on today’s market. With a tri fin setup, this board has a ton of versatility making it a great board for any conditions. An epoxy core gives it a high density and lightweight feel. The fiberglass shell of this board gives it a rigid feel which helps propel you through the water with ease. This surfboard comes with a 7’ leash which means you have nothing left to buy and can get out on the water immediately. This board has round edges that give it a great look. This board is a ton of fun in the water being easy to maneuver for all skill levels. It will give you confidence from the first wave you ride.

Weight: 13 lbs

Board Length: 7’

Skill Level: Beginner riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Longboard
  • Tri fin setup

5. Surftech ThumbDrive HD-E Surfboard


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Coming in at just under 6 feet this is one of the smaller boards on this list. This means that this board is better suited for lighter riders, or people who prefer smaller boards. With that in mind, it has one of the highest durability ratings. There is a 4-ounce layer that covers the entire deck of the board making it more rigid and more durable. At only just over 2.5 inches thick it has a low volume (33.7 liters). Surftech also utilizes a lightweight EPS core that creates a thin, light board. A five fin setup helps keep you in a straight line along the wave.

Weight: 8 lbs

Board Length: 5’ 10”

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Super thin design
  • Ultralightweight
  • Five fin setup

6. California Board Company Foam Surf Board


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California Board Company is one of the leading surfboard companies. They make great boards that have quickly become the crowd favorite. This foam surfboard is constructed with an EPS core. It is a waterproof construction which is lightweight and durable. The base is made out of a high-density polyethylene while the the top has a faux wood grain and a soft padding.

If you are a beginner or intermediate rider this is the board for you. It comes with a soft polyurethane leash and a three fin setup. Also, it has been designed with a thick frame giving the rider a more stable base. The fins are secured with high-quality nylon screws.

Weight: 12 lbs

Board Length: 8’ 8”

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Stylish design
  • Soft top
  • Leash and fins included

7. BIC Sport ACE-TEC Surfboard


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The BIC Sport ACE-TEC has been designed with weight, performance, and durability in mind. It is said to be 30% more durable than the previous generation. It does this while increasing its feel and maintaining its weight. It combines an old school design with the newest technology which creates a super stable board while being easy to turn.

The three fin setup gives you the flexibility to ride any style of wave. This board is more for intermediate to advanced riders but a beginner is able to enjoy it as well. It comes in three sizes ensuring it will fit your body size and style.

Weight: 12 lbs

Board Length: 7’ 6”

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Great for any skill level
  • Extra strong design
  • Maximum control

8. Raystreak Crocodile Groove Soft Surfboard Beach Ocean Surfing Body Foamie Board


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The Raystreak Crocodile surf board is made using only the best materials. This board features a lightweight fiberglass core that has been reinforced with stringers and sealed with epoxy. They have added extra padding around the nose and tail which reduces wear and extends the life of this board. It also has a tough skin that is scratch resistant and creates a stickier grip.

It comes with everything you need to jump in the water. A 7-foot leash and 3 fins are included in the box. The Raystreak board also comes in two colors to fit your style.

Weight: 8 lbs

Board Length: 7’ 2”

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate riders

What makes this Surfboard stand out:

  • Leash included
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable build


What to look for in a Surfboards

Surfboards, just like wakesurf boards, have a specific design that allows them to skim over the water. Companies make small alterations to the shape, size, and weight of the board to try and perfect their design.


Choosing the perfect board size for you depends on a few crucial characteristics. There is no one size fits all board. Also, as your skill increases the size of your board will change drastically.


Beginner riders will look for a board with a lot of stability to combat their inexperience. This is most often found in boards with a large volume, between 7’-8’ long, 3” thick and a minimum of 22” wide. A soft top board is also often preferred as they float easier providing added stability.


Young and fit riders will be able to take boards with less surface area and therefore require a bit more work. The work pays off in more fine maneuverability and less drag in the water. Those who are less fit or who are older and get tiered easier will find it more desirable to have a board with a bit more substance. Adding a few inches in thickness and width will allow you to have an easier ride without compromising performance.

Height & Weight

Your height and weight play a contributing role about the board you should choose. A heavier and taller person will need a board that has more volume. This is usually represented in liters and increases with the size of the board. Essentially, it is how much force will be keeping the rider on top of the water.

Wave Type

Different waves require a different board. There is no science to this, but experience in the water can go a long way to determining the right board for you. Larger waves will act different than smaller ones, while surf in a shallow area will require a different setup than that in deeper water. This is where your experience in the water comes into play. The longer you spend surfing the better you will be able to pick a board that suits your skill and the wave type.


The fin setup you choose should depend on a few different factors. Your style of surfing, your skill level and your weather conditions will all be factors. Having a fin setup with more fins is better as they are more versatile. You can choose how many fins you would like to put in depending on the conditions. Fins vary in more than just size but also angle and flex characteristics. For this reason, it is best for beginners to start with standard fins and move from there.

Put simply, bigger boards and heavier weight people will need bigger fins while smaller fins are more meant for lightweight people and/or smaller boards.


When a surfboard comes equipped with accessories it sweetens the deal. These are things that you will want to buy so getting one with a packaged deal can prove incredibly cost effective for you.


There are two different types of board bags that you can get. The first is an everyday use bag while the other is designed specifically for travel such as air travel or road trips. The day to day bag is designed to protect your board from dings and scratches while sitting in your garage or being transported to the beach. These come in various thicknesses from a thinly knit sock to a padded tarpaulin material.

The travel bag is made more rugged than the daily bag and is thicker than the aforementioned. These vary in how many boards they carry from 1-4 and some even feature wheels making them easier to transport. These are able to be thrown onto your roof and strapped to roof racks for the easiest transport.

Stomp Pad

Traction pads improve the grip you have on the board and are especially important for beginners. These boards vary in shape to perfectly complement your board’s shape. This pad will improve your surfing skills and allow you to get more air on your turns.


Any surfer knows how important it is for you to have a leash that attaches you and your board together. If your surfboard comes included with this it will save you the trouble of buying one. Both length and thickness vary in the types of the leash and depend on your board type. If your board is between 6’ and 6’10” you will need a 6’ leash. Likewise, one that is 7’ – 7’10” will require a 7’ leash etc.

The thickness of the leash should depend on the size of your board and the size of the waves you plan to surf. The standard all around size for leashes should be about ¼” thick. Smaller waves, as well as smaller boards, have less drag and therefore require a thinner 3/16” leash. Bigger boards in bigger waves will have more drag which will require a thicker 5/16” leash.

Globo Surf Overview

No matter what your skill levels, a day out on the water deserves the best board on the market. All of the surfboard reviews that made it on our list are the top of their kind which mean they will effortlessly give you the best surfing experience. From short boards to long, we have covered everything to match every rider’s skill and comfort level.

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New to Surfboards or have a Surfboards on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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