Surfing is a great way to spend time in the water and in the sun, but the biggest question for a lot of female surfers, besides what is the best surfboard, is what kind of surfing wear to buy. There’s several different designs of surfing swimsuits, and one of the more popular ones in a surf bikini.

Surf bikinis are similar to regular bikinis with the idea that there’s two pieces that let you feel great and look great while you’re out on your board. With that in mind, they’re also focused on keeping you secure so you won’t have to worry about any tumbles you take off your surfboard.

With those ideas in mind, finding the best surf bikini can be challenging. This guide will give you some of the best surf bikinis in 2018 along with a buying guide for picking one!

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How To Choose A Surf Bikini – Buying Guide



When you’re looking to buy the best bikini for surfing, you’ll want to think about the material of it. There’s several different kinds with different purposes, and some are better than others.

Nylon and spandex are great materials for surfer bikinis. They’ll dry quickly, so when you’re done with surfing you’ll be able to hop out of the water and be ready to go. They also stick to you and stay in place, meaning that you won’t have any accidental spills except off your board.

There’s some surfer bikinis that focus on a more comfortable material like fabric. Fabric is a great choice if you don’t want the slight pull or feel of spandex or nylon on your skin, but fabric surf bikinis are typically less secure.


Just like with surf earplugs, the fit your bikini is another point of focus. You’ll want something that is secure enough to keep you safe but also comfortable enough to not squeeze the life out of you. There’s a mix of ways to do this, and some are better suited towards surfing than others.

With a material like spandex or nylon, your bikini will stick to you and you won’t need to worry about focusing on fit. Just grabbing one that’s your size will automatically fit well and protect you from any accidents.

If you pick a material like fabric, you’ll have to concentrate on fit a lot harder. Fabric won’t mold to your body and will get slightly baggy when wet, so make sure it will stay close and tight on your body even in the water. These surf bikinis can be really cute and tempting, so make sure that you aren’t going to regret grabbing one because it doesn’t fit well.

If your bikini doesn’t fit well, then you could also end up in the water after a particularly rough fall without any bikini on you. This is frustrating and can be embarrassing as well, so you’ll want a bikini that fits well enough to not come flying off when the water gets rough.


Everything you buy for any water activities need to be durable, including surf bikinis. While this might not be the first thing you think about when you’re looking to buy a bikini for surfing, it’s definitely an important one.

The salt water and the sun can wear down event the best surf bikinis. The material of your surf bikini should be protected against the elements like a great surfboard is to make sure that you aren’t having to buy several surf bikinis. It can take time to get another one, nevertheless money, so you want your bikini to be durable.

It’s also important that the bikini is strong. Surfing almost always means that you’re going to fall over, and the ocean’s waves can be strong, along with the current. If your bikini isn’t strong enough to withstand it, you could end up in the water without a top or bottom, an embarrassing situation for both you and anyone around.



Q: What is the difference between a regular bikini and a surf bikini?


A regular bikini and a surf bikini have a lot of differences. Regular bikinis are made to cover up your body parts while looking cute, and many times this kind of coverage is for low activity, meaning that it’s great as long as you don’t move around too much.

Surf bikinis are meant to keep you secure through any and every movement you could have and don’t focus so much on the look! These are a necessity if you plan on surfing because you’re going to fall into the water and you want your bikini to stay on your body when you do.

Surf bikinis are also made to be durable. The materials they are made out of is strong and can take the rough ocean current without snapping. Regular bikinis typically are much more fragile and can break or fade from ocean water and even the sun.

Q: Why do I need a special surf bikini?


Surf bikinis are going to protect you in ways that a regular bikini won’t. When you’re focusing on surfing, you don’t want to be worried about spilling out of your top or your bikini getting pulled off from the ocean’s currents.

If you surf, you know how powerful the water can be. Just like bodyboard leashes, a surf bikini helps you make the most out of your time on the water. It’s not enjoyable to have to worry about your bikini staying on when you’re trying to focus on the waves and surfing them.

Globo Surf Overview

The best women’s surf bikini in 2020 is the American Trends Women Halter Two Piece Boyshort Bikini Swimsuit. This surf bikini offers every bit of protection and security that surf bikinis do with an awesome style and color options.

This surf bikini features a halter top that’s secure, functional, and cute. The bow and open back design in the back lets you feel great about how you look on the waves without making you worry about any tumbles you’re about to take.

The boy shorts are also an extremely comfortable choice for surfing and prevent chaffing or awkward stances. The strings on the sides match the bow design on the back, leaving you feeling stylish and athletic.

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