Surfing is a great way to spend time in the ocean and under the sun, but the biggest question for a lot of female surfers, besides what is the best surfboard, is what kind of active surf swimwear to get. A surf bikini is the most popular choice of women surfers as surf bikinis provide aesthetic and comfort to the wearer at the same time. They’re also focused on keeping you more secure than a regular bikini so you won’t have to worry about any tumbles you take off your surfboard.

Yet, finding the best surf bikini can be challenging considering the fact that there are so many options on the market. With this in mind, we’ve gone through surf bikini reviews and compiled the best surf bikinis in 2022 along with a buying guide to make your decision easier. Hopefully, one of the top surf bikinis on our list is the right one for you.

How To Choose A Surf Bikini – Buying Guide


Considering the fact that you will be using your surf bikini quite often you need a quality one that you can count on and made to last. The best swimsuits for surfing have important criteria taken into consideration during manufacture and you should look for exactly the same.


When you’re looking to buy the best bikini for surfing, you’ll want to think about the material as there are several different kinds with different purposes, and some are better than others. Nylon and spandex are great materials for top surf bikinis. They’ll dry quickly, so when you’re done with surfing you’ll be able to hop out of the water and be ready to go. They also stick to you and stay in place, meaning that you won’t have any accidental spills except off your board. There are also some surfer bikinis that focus on a more comfortable material like fabric. Fabric is a great choice if you don’t want the slight pull or feel of spandex or nylon on your skin, but fabric surf bikinis are typically less secure.


Just like with surf earplugs, the fit your bikini is another point of focus. You’ll want something that is secure enough to keep you safe but also comfortable enough to not squeeze the life out of you. There’s a mix of ways to do this, and some are better suited towards surfing than others. With material like spandex or nylon, your bikini will stick to you and you won’t need to worry about focusing on fit. Just grab one that’s your size and it will automatically fit well and protect you from any accidents.

If you pick a material like fabric, you’ll have to concentrate on fit a lot harder. Fabric won’t mold to your body and will get slightly baggy when wet, so make sure it will stay close and tight on your body even in the water. These surf bikinis can be really cute and tempting, so make sure that you aren’t going to regret grabbing one because it doesn’t fit well after some usage.


Everything you buy for any water activities needs to be durable, including surf bikinis. While this might not be the first thing you think about when you’re looking to buy a bikini for surfing, it’s definitely an important one. The saltwater and the sun wear down even the best bikinis for surfing. It’s also important that the bikini is strong. Surfing almost always means that you’re going to fall over, and the ocean’s waves can be strong, along with the current. If your bikini isn’t strong enough to withstand it, you could end up in the water without a top or bottom, an embarrassing situation for both you and anyone around.

Different Kinds of Surfers Swimwear

Surfing Bottoms

Surfing shorts are made from materials like polyester or nylon and are more loose and long as compared to regular shorts. Terms like “surf trunks”, “jams” and “swim shorts” all are used to refer to surfing shorts. Originally, these were considered to be an essential product only designed for men, but now they are available for women as well.

What Makes It Different Than A Regular Bikini Bottom?

Surfing shorts are longer in length and provide more coverage when compared to a regular bikini bottom. Similarly, bikini bottoms are tight and bring out the shape of your lower body whereas, surfing bottoms are loose. Unlike bikini bottoms, surfing shorts are adjustable and the waistband can be secured with the help of a lace-up tie. Here is a list of some important features of surfing shorts:

  • Surfing shorts are designed to have this special quality of drying up quickly and can be worn for a long duration
  • Surfing shorts for men long up to the knees whereas surfing shorts for women are smaller in length
  • Surfing shorts also have small pockets which can be used to carry small items like keys 
  • There is no lining in these shorts; hence some users prefer to wear regular underwear underneath it

Surfing Shorts 

Traditionally known as surf trunks, surfing shorts refer to the lower part of swimwear that people opt to wear while performing water sports. The main difference between surf short and regular swimwear lower body garments is that surfing shorts are long in length and lose fit. The length of these shorts is kept long to provider surfers’ legs safe from the wax of the surfing board.


Rashguards or rash vests are the tops worn during water sport activities. These athletic surfing tops are made from nylon and spandex. As the name indicates, these items guard the wearer against factors that can cause a rash to the skin. In order to keep the users safe from sunburns and abrasions, these tops are designed to cover the entire chest and arms also.

What Makes Surfing Tops Different From Regular Bikinis?

Bikinis can be called as the fashionable version of swimwear, whereas rash guards are those items of swimwear which will provide you protection and comfort, qualities which you might not find in a regular bikini. Surf tops are available in the form of crop tops as well; these cropped tops do not cover the entire chest area and provide less coverage. Since surfing tops are made from nylon and spandex, therefore they are lightweight, naturally antibacterial, and durable. Here is a list of some important features of surfing tops: 

  • Surfing tops are commonly worn when the water temperature is cool
  • Most surfing tops act as a sunscreen and guard your skin against the harsh effect of ultra-violet sun rays
  • Since surfing tops are thick in their texture, therefore they act as barriers and provide protection from creatures like jellyfish 
  • The rapid impact of strong waves and salt seawater often causes irritation; this can also be avoided by making surfing tops a constant in your swimwear.

One-piece Suit For Surfing

Bodysuits worn by people during water sport activities are called wet suits. Bodysuit for surfing commonly known as wet suits is worn by people to keep their bodies warm in cold water. Made from the thick material of neoprene, surfing suits encloses a thin layer of water between the neoprene and the user’s skin. The naturally generated body heat warms up this layer of water and keeps the wearer feel warm. A surfing suit usually covers the entire body; however, some modern versions cover just the legs or torso and can be paired with extra swimwear items. Here are the features a surfing bodysuit must have:

  • It should be tight because then only it can be effective in keeping the body warm
  • There are different ranges of its thickness, however, an extremely thick bodysuit will restrict movement and become a source of discomfort
  • It saves swimmers and surfers from the danger of experiencing hypothermia
  • Its entire body coverage is ideal for protection from jellyfishes and scratches caused by sharp rocks

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What To Avoid In A Surf Bathing Suit

There are certain criteria you should avoid before you purchase a surf bathing suit or bikini. Strapless surfing tops are a recipe for disaster as it will keep you occupied the entire time in fixing and adjusting your top. Tops with any metal embellishments on the front are attractive to look at but, not very safe to use. If you decide to relax and lay on your board with such tops, the metal will make you uncomfortable and in most cases leave you bruised. Surfing tops with underwire should also be avoided as the underwire is too tight and will poke you. Suits or tops which are made of mesh or textured fabric are easy targets for the sand and surfing wax to stick on becoming a huge source of discomfort and annoyance.

Caring For Your Surf Bikini

Bikinis are simple to wash and clean, therefore it is recommended to wash them by hand instantly after use.  If you are using tanning lotion or sunscreen lotion, then let it dry first and then put on your bikini. Sometimes these chemicals can affect the quality and texture of the bikini. Make sure that your bikini is of good quality and can be used in chlorinated water. The trick to save your bikini from chlorine water is to rinse and clean it properly after use. Bikinis made of neoprene should not be worn in chlorinated water. Use a mild detergent to wash your bikini and avoid using strong products like bleach. Ironing a bikini is a needless risk to take and should be avoided at all costs.



Globo Surf Overview

The hunt for the best women surf bikini is not an easy one, but now you have some options of top rated women surf bikini as well as bottoms and tops to combine alternatively. As our guide has shown, there are various elements to consider before choosing the right swimsuits for surfing before making your decision. Hopefully, one of the surfing swimwear we have recommended is the right one for you!