Going surfing? This is what you need to know about your hair before you go out to concur the waves. The hair needs to be protected from heat and UV radiation as well as ocean salts from breaking and damaging it.

Thus, before and after surfing, measures are to be taken to ensure your hair is protected. Many products are made to do just this, protect your hair. Listed below are the 10 best surf hair products in 2020 for a detailed guide through caring for your hair.

How To Choose A Surf Hair Product – Buying Guide


UV Protection

Majority of surf hair products offer UV protection with mostly SPF 30. The hair’s greatest enemy is too much heat. We all know, the summer sun on the beach can be intense. Thus, UV protection is an important quality for a surf hair product to have. Some products may simply be hair UV protector, why not invest more for an added value, get yourself a 2 to 3-in 1 product that wont only protect your hair when surfing but also work on repairing, growing and boosting its shine.


Quality is another important factor to consider when choosing your product. Don’t go for the cheap and funny smelling products. Remember this is your hair, you have it for a life time so why not splurge on a couple of extra bucks or a lifetime investment; the health of your hair! Consider the function of the product as well as ingredients.


Always go for the natural ingredients containing products such as argan oil and herbal extracts rather than chemical containing products such as sulfates. Chemicals tend to give you instant satisfying results such as a shiny look and a clean feel on your scalp but have long term severities on your hair such as extreme dryness which kills your hair and scalp. Natural ingredients boast your equally natural oils on your scalp and hair promotes growth and gives that natural shine. Plus natural ingredients have the best earthy smell!



Q: Why Do I Need Hair Protection?


Prolonged exposure of hair to the sun as well as ocean water can leave your hair weak, ends split, create fuzziness and detangles. Applying protection to your hair avoids this plus most hair protectors actually come with boosters that improves the health of your hair.

Q: How To Properly Use Hair Products?


The first step towards achieving 100% success rate in managing your hair is to know the purpose of each product you use, for example, knowing to put coconut oil before surfing to serve as a sun and salt block whilst also working as a leave in conditioner for your hair.

Q: Should I Apply them Before Or After?


Surf hair products can be applied before or after surfing depending on their design and use. For example, Alterna Bamboo Beach BB Balm for hair which serves as a sun screen is applied before going to the sun whilst Sun Bum revitalizing 3 in 1 leave-in conditioner which might share several functions with the BB balm may be applied before or after surfing.

Globosurf Overview

The best surf hair products totally prove their relevance and literally show for their value. I mean, all surfers want to have that beach look and it all starts with the hair. We want soft, silky and bright hair. The hair should also be wavy and bouncy. Well, you can still have that and have healthy hair when you leave the beach. It’s all about knowing to choose the right product to fit your needs. So the next time you want go surfing, just browse through the list of the best surf hair products of 2020, pick your choice and head on to the beach!

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