Going surfing regularly? Well, it comes with the price. Although it is fun conquering waves, unfortunately, your hair gets more fragile and prone to damage due to the UV radiation and salt from the ocean each time you hit the beach.

Thankfully, there are professional hair care products that are specifically designed to prevent these effects that you can use before and after surfing. After going through several surf hair products reviews, we have come up with the list of the best surf hair products the market has to offer as well as a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right product for your needs. Shall we start?

How To Choose A Surf Hair Product – Buying Guide


UV Protection

Undoubtedly heat is the hair’s greatest enemy during hot summer months. Whether you are surfing, swimming or just sunbathing, the sun can play havoc on your hair. That is why having a surfer hair product with UV protection is of the utmost importance. Besides, 2 to 3-in 1 products shield your hair while surfing, work on repairing, and protect the color of the hair.


We recommend you go for natural ingredients such as argan oil and herbal extracts. Chemicals tend to give instant satisfying results such as a shiny look and a clean feel on your scalp but have long term severities on the hair such as extreme dryness. Natural ingredients boast equally natural oils on your scalp which promotes growth and gives a natural shine to your hair.



Q: Why Do I Need Hair Protection?


Prolonged exposure of your hair to the sun, as well as ocean water, can leave your hair weekends, fuzziness, and tangles that can’t be undone. Applying protection to your hair avoids these post-effects.

Q: How To Properly Use Hair Products?


Application method and frequency are the first steps towards achieving a 100% success rate in managing your hair. It is also important to check if the product is leave-in or needs washing out.

Q: Should I Apply them Before Or After?


Surf style hair products can be applied before or after surfing depending on what it says on the box. For example, you may apply an oil product which serves as sunscreen before going into the sea whilst a 3 in 1 leave-in conditioner may be applied before or after surfing.

Globosurf Overview

The best surf hair products are the ones that protect and repair simultaneously. So the next time you go surfing, just browse through our list of the best surf hair products of 2021, pick your choice and head on to the beach!

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