Surfing is an exhilarating sport, but one which should not be taken lightly. If you are out in open waters with only a board to get you back to the shore, you should make sure that you have planned everything and have all the equipment you need to make the adventure a success.

Having the best surfing wetsuit can make the difference between a fun day and an amazing adventure. Wetsuits not only keep you warm, but they also provide protection and a buffer against the water. They are specially designed to enhance your surfing experience and give you the comfort you need for a full day of surfing.

Here are our top 5 wetsuits for surfing in 2018.

Surfing Wetsuit Reviews

How To Choose The Best Surfing Wetsuit – Buying Guide



If you are serious about surfing, you are going to be wearing the best surfing wetsuit a lot. Once you get out there, you are also going to be wearing your wetsuit for a long period of time. A wetsuit is going to come under a lot of strain, and it is going o take a beating from the elements, which it will be exposed to each time you are out surfing.

Look for quality materials, good thickness of materials, and the type of seams. Flat-lock seams are preferred. Neoprene is a good flexible material. The best way to check the quality before you buy a suit is to check out the reviews.


When thinking about seals, you should be thinking about the main areas where the wetsuit will seal against your body: the neck, wrists, and ankles. You do not want to skimp when it comes to this as this is a barrier against water and an area which should be flexible and comfortable. Look for seams which can be adjusted or seams which have been manufactured with comfort and safety in mind.


High-quality neoprene is what we would recommend for your wetsuit, though you can also find other high-quality materials which will also work. There are always new materials being used for wetsuits, and more natural fibers are also available. Neoprene gives a good balance between flexibility, comfort, and price.


If you are surfing, you are going to be moving around a lot. Both in the water and on the land. You definitely want the best surfing wetsuit which you can wear for a long period of time, and wear comfortably. Look for a wetsuit which has flexibility as a feature. If in doubt, go for neoprene.


There is no point in buying a wetsuit which does not fit you. The wrong size can be constricting and uncomfortable or can be leaky and irritating. To know your size, you should visit a surfing (or water sports) store and try some suits on. Once you know your size, you can use the information to take advantage of the online prices. Make sure to check the reviews to weed out any suits which do not fit well or are advertised at the wrong size.



Q: Why do you surf in a wetsuit?


It is true that you do not need a wetsuit to surf, but it is so much better with one. You can surf in your shorts are t-shirt if you like, but you will not have as good of an experience as you will with the best surfing wetsuit on.

Wetsuits are mainly worn to keep you warm. A thin layer of water is trapped between you and the suit. This think layer of water is then warmed by your body and aids in keeping you warm. Even in the warmest climates, the water can be cold when you are in it all day.

The other advantages of a wetsuit are:

  • They will stay on even when you fall off your board. They will not bunch up or come off like loose t-shirts and other clothing.
  • They provide a buffer between you and the water. When you fall off your board, a wetsuit will absorb some of the impact.
  • They are extremely flexible.

Q: How to put on a surf wetsuit?


Wetsuits are tight and for good reason. They can be tricky to put on if you do not know what you are doing. Follow our simple steps to have your suit on in no time:

  • Put on any protective gear first.
  • Unzip the wetsuit (make sure that it is fully unzipped).
  • Line up your wetsuit with your body and put your legs and feet in first. Work from the bottom of your feet up to your thigh, making sure that there are no kinks or folds. Do one leg at a time.
  • Pull the suit over your hips and torso. Jump up and down a little to make sure the fit is tight and comfortable.
  • Insert one arm at a time. Watch out for long fingernails; you do not want to rip the suit.
  • Have someone zip you up if needed, or use the long leash which comes attached topmost new wetsuits.
  • Lock the fasteners over the zip.

Move around to make sure the suit is comfortable and adjust the fit if needed.

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Surfing may not be for everyone, but it should be. The fact is, surfing can be enjoyed by anyone, as long as they are willing to make that leap of faith into the water. If you are ready to make that leap of faith into the water, then you are going to need a wetsuit which will fit and give you protection. There is a wetsuit on our list for you. There is a wetsuit on this list which will make your surfing experience the best it can be.

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