10 Best Scuba Gear Packages in 2018

Anyone who has ever gone scuba diving knows that the first time will not be their last. Once you get a glimpse of the impressive underwater world you will want to keep going back for more. There is a lot of equipment that you will need to be able to dive. Buying gear individually may seem like a daunting task so why not opt for the best scuba gear package? This will give you everything you need to jump in the water.

Buying a complete package will give you peace of mind that you have the best scuba equipment for your next trip underwater. These packages are popular so we made a list of our 10 favorite packages.


Best Scuba Gear Packages

Scuba Gear Packages Reviews

1. Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo Dive Computer AC2 Compact Regulator Set GupG Reg Bag Scuba Diving Package

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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Excellent value
  • Quality BCD
  • Easy to use computer

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Compact Regulator, Computer Console, Octopus with hose, Bag

As far as beginner scuba gear goes this package checks all the boxes. An affordable price with high quality materials and everything you need to get on the water makes this an excellent buy. This package comes with a BCD that has integrated movable weight pockets. This allows you to carry your weights on you instead of in a weight belt. The BCD is made of high quality materials with a rigid back that is sure to last many years to come. With three release valves you will have expert agility maneuvering through the underwater world. The Leonardo dive computer is almost too easy to use with its single button interface.

2. Cressi Start Pro BCD Compact Reg Gauge Dive Package


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Bulletproof design
  • High quality material

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Regulator, Yoke, Octopus, Analog Console

Cressi is a scuba diving gear manufacturer who has a reputation for high quality durable items. This is a lightweight setup that covers everything you need to get in the water. The BCD is made out of a high quality nylon that has been designed to be used for rental units and dive schools. This shows the quality and long lasting nature of this rig. Every piece of this package is high quality and will keep you safe and comfortable in any type of dive.

3. Mares Abyss 42 Regulator Scuba Diving Package with air control and BC


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Easy to install alternative air source
  • 24 dive log on computer
  • Lots of storage on BCD

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Regulator, Wrist Computer, Torch, Bag

One of our favorite dive gear packages on the market, this package contains high quality materials. A reinforced and incredibly durable BCD is weight integrated with 55 lbs of lift. A quick release waist strap and three over pressure relief valves this BCD is everything you are looking for. Tons of add ons and storage this BCD has 10 stainless steel D-rings.  The computer has a 24 dive log book which allows you to track your progress. Three operating modes and an audible and visual alarm allow ease of use. Three operating buttons allow you to do more with your device. Wear it on your wrist for ultimate comfort and ease. This package is built for cold water dives. An environmentally sealed regulator allows you to get the most out of your use. A pre oriented mouthpiece with an ergonomic shape and a downstream valve are easy to install and easy to use. This package is user-friendly and provides scuba gear for beginners and advanced.

4. Cressi Travelight 15 LBS Scuba Diving Package Carry On Reg Dive Computer GupG Reg Bag and or Kraken Dive Torch


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Lightweight
  • Loads of styles and sizes
  • High quality build

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Regulator Set, Octopus, Console Computer, Rolling Backpack

This travel style package has been designed to be ultra portable. Everything fits into a compact carrying case and is an astonishing 15 pounds. Not only do you get everything you need to jump into the water but also a durable backpack to carry everything in including a mask and fins. The BCD is a travel style which means it is ultra lightweight and designed for people looking to move around under the water. Even the regulator and octopus have been designed with weight in mind. But this doesn’t mean quality has been sacrificed. Coming in 6 color schemes and 8 sizes this Cressi package is guaranteed to fit your style and body.

5. Mares Prime Scuba Gear Package


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Fully adjustable BCD
  • High quality regulator and octopus

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Console, Regulator Set, Octopus

The mares Prime package is a great combination of gear that will impress every level of diver. Each item has been hand selected to ensure a balanced dive. The BCD has large pockets allowing you to store extra gear like a dive knife or compass and is fully adjustable giving you complete comfort. The 6 sizes will also ensure this setup fits your body style.

6. ScubaPro Equator BC, MK21/S560 Regulator, Galileo Dive Computer, Scuba Gear Package


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Luna Dive computer, Scubapro Regulator, Octopus with hose

This buy is sure to give you a complete scuba gear set that will get you out on the water with ease. With a lightweight, compact design you can take this BCD with you just about anywhere. Six stainless steel D rings allow you to clip your gear to your vest. Weigh pocket systems eliminate the bulk of carrying a separate weight belt while two zippered pockets keep your gear secured. A soft neck and rotating shoulder straps allow this BCD to sit comfortably against your body while the back padding gives you a comfortable movement. With three display modes and an extra large screen the included computer is incredibly user friendly. A compact sized regulator adds to the design of this travel inspired dive package while the comfortable and high flow orthodontic mouthpiece makes your dive more comfortable.

7. Mares Scuba Diving Computer, Regulator Set, Octo Complete Premium Package w/ BCD


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Lightweight nylon BCD
  • Excellent value

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: Hybrid BCD, Fusion Regulator, Air control Octopus, Icon HD Air Computer

Mares is famous for making the top of the line scuba gear and this complete set is no exception. The BCD is made of lightweight nylon that creates a durable frame. A complete set of D-rings and pockets allow you strap and carry all your gear without making you choose between them. Not only does it come with everything you need to get in the water but also items to make transport even easier. A strong hanger will ensure your BCD is able to be hung instead of just thrown on the floor. This makes getting into it and taking if off a breeze. The regulator is easy to use with gloves and the octopus is a perfect size for any shaped mouth. A sophisticated dive computer utilizes a color screen and is visible even in murky water. This is one of the best packages on the market today.

8. ScubaPro KnightHawk BC Scuba Regulator Package


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Dive computer included
  • Up to 393-foot depth
  • Lightweight package

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Regulator and Bag, Dive Computer, Inflator Regulator

Everything about this scuba package screams quality. The BCD has a comfortable strap system and added padding to create a completely comfortable environment. A durable 1000 denier nylon material is used for the bladder which inflates from the back. The soft neoprene neck pad will keep pressure off your soft spots and add comfort to your pack. Added touches like a regulator bag shows the manufacturer’s attention to detail. Unlike other packages, a sophisticated dive computer puts this setup over the edge. Every piece of this package is top of the line. The regulator is compatible with nitrox and the airflow is completely adjustable.

9. Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300 Dive Computer Titan / ABS Regulator Set Reg Bag Scuba Diving Gear Package


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Lightweight design
  • Great for beginners

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Dive Computer, Octopus, Regulator and Bag

This BCD jacket comes equipped with integrated weight pockets so you don’t have the bulk of wearing a weight belt. This package is incredibly durable standing tough against salt water and chlorine to ensure you can use it many years to come. A balanced diaphragm mechanism in the Titan regulator allows you to breathe easy. The ABS Octopus has a low profile body style to ensure an excellent range of motion during your dive.

10. Oceanic Travel Scuba Package One Size Fits All JetPack BCD Dive Computer Reg Set Bundle 5-6


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What Makes This Package Stand Out:

  • Compact system
  • Included bag fits fins and mask

Model & Accessory Specs:
Package Details: BCD, Dive Computer, Regulator and Bag

The Oceanic Travel Scuba Gear Package is one of the most compact sets you can get. All of this gear fits into a bag that you can stow in the overhead compartment of an aircraft. The BCD is lightweight and easy to strap on with the completely adjustable waist and shoulder straps. Additional packs on either side of your waist give you the chance to quickly grab items like a knife or a camera. The octopus is comfortable and easy to use while the regulator fits comfortably in your hand even while wearing gloves.

What To Look For In A Scuba Gear Package


Most gear packages come equipped with the same equipment to ensure you get the most from your dive.

Buoyancy Control Device

This is where the bulk of the expense is. Having a good BCD will ensure you can move effortlessly in the water whether you are standing on the ocean floor, floating at the surface, or swimming mid ocean. This is called maintaining neutral buoyancy and is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable dive.

This is also the area which you attach your tank to. The most important feature to look for is to ensure that the fit is proper. You will want a snug fit that doesn’t squeeze you too tight when fully inflated.


The octopus is the part of your gear that will connect you to the air in your tank. This is done by a mouthpiece that sits along your teeth. It is an important part of your gear that should not be overlooked.


A regulator converts the highly pressurized gasses in your tank to breathable oxygen. Even inexpensive options will provide an excellent flow of air. More expensive ones will give more features and advantages. They can increase the depth you are able to achieve and can be compatible with different mixes of gases.


This can be either a wrist watch or an external device. Not all packages come with this but it should be seen as an important key incentive when looking into packages. It is important to find one that is easily legible and easy to use.

What Is Scuba Gear?

What-Is-Scuba-GearWhether you are new to scuba diving or an expert, having your own gear is important. But what is scuba gear? Well, it’s everything you wear that allows you to dive below the water’s surface in order to see all the beautiful life swarming in the underwater world. This gear is important as it will be your lifeline when you’re in the water.

The most important thing is the air a scuba tank provides so you can breathe while exploring the ocean floor. You will also need a regulator which will move the air between your tank and your mouth. A quality scuba mask is also used to help you clearly see all the beauty you will be surrounded with.

You will also need fins made for scuba diving to help you propel through the water easily and efficiently. Most divers wear a wetsuit, or in very cold conditions a drysuit, when scuba diving. The water temperature you are diving in will determine the thickness of the suit you choose.

It is important to remember that the gear you choose means nothing if it does not fit properly and is properly maintained. Be sure to always read reviews and check the fitting of the gear you buy. It is also important to maintain your gear with proper cleanings, storage and inspections.

Where Do I Use Scuba Gear?

This answer is simple: anywhere and everywhere! Well, we don’t recommend you wear it for sport when above water. Whether you are exploring underwater shipwrecks, taking a scuba vacation to see the best underwater cities in the world, or simply heading out to a local dive you will want to bring your own gear along. The type of gear you choose to use for each dive will depend mostly on the location. Warmer climates generally require less gear that colder climates.

Your core gear will be largely the same as your personal gear being what changes. Commonly we refer to diving conditions into separate categories that each require a different set of gear:

  1. Tropical Scuba Gear: In climates with water 75ºF (24ºC) or warmer you can enjoy less bulk by streamlining your gear. This includes a thin wetsuit or no suit at all.
  2. Temperate Scuba Gear: When diving in water closer between 60 – 75ºF (15 – 24ºC) you will want some more protection. You will likely not need a thick wetsuit but one that varies depending on temperature. Having a suit around 3-5mm is ideal for these temperate environments.
  3. Cold Water Scuba Gear: In water cooler than 60ºF (15ºC) you will want the most protection while in the water. Keeping warm isn’t just for safety but will also make it so that you go through your air much slower. Depending on how cold your climate is, a wetsuit may not do it. You may need to opt for a drysuit, gloves and even a scuba diving hood.

What Type Of Technical Scuba Equipment Should I Use?

For those who take their dives past recreational levels, you will be looking at technical diving (tec diving). You require more advanced training for this type of diving as well as a greater amount of experience so it only makes sense that you would require some additional equipment. For starters, tec divers use more tanks than recreational divers do. Instead, typically they wear twin tanks plus one or more additional tanks containing a different gas blend. Some divers also use closed-circuit rebreathers (CCRs) for their air. In addition to this, tec divers have multiple regulators. Two or more regulators are typically used as well as other additional back up gear. Two or more dive computers are always worn as well to help track and record the dive.

All of this gear is in addition to your regular scuba gear. Some other gear tec divers may use include the following:

  1. Drysuit: While not always the case, most tec divers choose to dive with a drysuit over a wetsuit. This provides greater water protection and additional warmth. Wearing a drysuit requires a separate PADI certification as the air in the suit affects your buoyancy in the water.
  2. Back up mask: This is carried in addition to the primary mask and is used in case of loss or damage to your primary mask. Some divers prefer a different primary mask to that used for recreational dives. While any mask will work, oftentimes tec divers prefer smaller masks that provide minimum resistance when in the water.
  3. Fins: Due to the much bulkier dry suit that most tec divers turn to you will likely require bigger fins. Wearing water socks is needed when choosing a drysuit and will require an open-heel designed fin.
  4. Wing type BCD and harness: Many people do not know that this type of BCD exists as it is only used for tec diving. More expensive in price this type of BCD has a lot of additional features. Equipped for a higher capacity this BCD has a backup gas bladder which helps provide additional buoyancy to a tec diver that has heavy gear. This is especially helpful in a case where the main BCD fails and is an important safety feature. This does not add bulk as it sits between the harness and cylinder.
  5. Additional regulators: All primary regulators feature a hose that is used for sharing gas with a buddy in the event of an emergency. Tec divers bring a secondary regulator along with cases of emergency. These are crucial for any scuba diving trip. If you don’t have a set with two regulators do not get in the water.
  6. Other equipment: Many divers bring along a string of extra equipment that works to make their dives much better. This includes a compass for underwater navigation, a backup dive table for ease of tracking, a slate and emergency signaling devices. It is also a good idea to bring along a Z-knife, sheers and a safety reel. A delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) is also wise to bring along as well as a lift bag.

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Scuba diving gear packages are a great way to get everything you need for your dive in one convenient place. It can be daunting to buy all the different components you will need for your dive. Opting for a full scuba gear package will ensure all your gear works well together and will allow you to get the most from your buy.


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Did you invest in a scuba gear package? Let us know what features you enjoyed in your package in the comment section below.

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