Scuba diving is a family sport and children as young as 10 can become junior divers. A junior diver has the same training and requirements to meet as an adult. However, they are restricted by the depth they can dive. 

But before you head out to your favorite diving spot, make sure you’re all geared up safely. For the little ones, this means specialized gear, designed with them in mind. To help you pick the right items, here is our ultimate list of the best children-friendly scuba gear currently on the market. We’ll go through what makes each of them stand out, and dive into some FAQs and other considerations to keep in mind. Let’s get started!

Pro tip 1 - Size, Weight, Age Of The Child:

  • When diving with kids, always buy aluminum tanks instead of steel. Most of the world dives with aluminum tanks, so avoid any confusion during the learning process. 

Pro tip 2 - Previous Scuba Diving Experience: 

  • Most kids are first-time divers with little scuba exposure. Before their first lesson, make sure they feel comfortable in the water using a snorkel and fins - two important pieces of equipment used while diving. 

Pro tip 3 - Type of Dive: 

  • A smaller mouthpiece is better suited for kids while diving. A proper fit will help them feel more comfortable in various dive scenarios - especially during the open-water course.

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How To Choose A Scuba Gear For Kids – Buying Guide

Size, Weight, Age Of The Child

One of the main characteristics of specialized diving equipment for kids is size. In all other respects, these items might not be very different from the best dive safety gear for adults, but they are smaller and much better fit for children.

When you’re shopping for a new item for your child’s diving gear, take into account the exact age, size, and weight of the child. Most items for kids are pretty flexible, but if your child is atypical in one aspect (their size or weight are less conventional, for example), then pay extra attention to the item specifications.

Previous Scuba Diving Experience

Just like adults, kids learn scuba diving and become more experienced as they practice. You don’t need to consider just their size, but also their level of knowledge about diving. As you may have noticed, some of the items on our list of the best scuba gear for kids also mention that they are perfect for beginners.

These are the ones you should start with since they can help your child learn the art of diving faster. You can then work your way towards the more pro-like ones in time.

Type Of Dive

Depending on the type of dive you plan on practicing with your child, some different types of gear may be needed. Junior divers are restricted by depth based on their certification level and age.

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Q: Should My Child Go Scuba Diving?


The short answer is yes. However, every child is different and it is up to the parent to determine if their child is mature enough to understand the training and act accordingly. They will need to be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Q: Is Scuba Diving Safe For Children?


After years of study, the training standards authorities lower the minimum age for dive training to 10 years of age (8 in a pool). The depth a child can dive in is controlled first by their age and then by training. An adult Open Water Diver can dive to 60 feet and an Advanced Open Water Diver to 100 feet. The junior diver under 12 can only be certified as a Jr. Open Water Diver and is limited to 40 feet. Over 12 they can dive the same depth as an adult open water diver. After turning 12, a junior diver can take the advanced course and dive to 80 feet. Junior divers can only dive with dive professionals or their certified parents. At the age of 15, they can become adult divers.

Q: Is This Gear Made Especially For Children?


This depends on the product. Many items are available designed for children. However, items like the BCD and regulators are just smaller-sized adult items.

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Being able to enjoy adventure and outdoor time with your family should make us all feel blessed. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can share their passion for diving with their children, you must have fun memories behind and ahead of you.

Still, safety should always come first, especially when children are involved. That’s why we hope our list of the best scuba gear for kids helped you pick up your essentials so that you’ll be ready to roll in no time. Happy family diving!

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What kind of scuba gear for kids have you bought or used so far? How does it differ from the gear you use for yourself when you go diving? Is there a brand you would recommend for the best scuba gear for kids? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always happy to hear from our readers.