When exploring the underwater world, it is often hard to get your bearings. Without the help of mountains or other known landmarks, it is common for even the most experienced diver to struggle with a sense of direction. The vulnerable conditions mix with the ocean currents making it even more important to invest in the best dive compass. This can reduce a lot of stress during your dive.  After buying your dive boots and fins we recommend you opt for a high-quality compass. Having a digital dive compass will allow you to easily maintain your sense of direction while exploring the ocean.

We found the best dive compasses on the market that you should include in your next dive.


Dive Compass Reviews

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It is easy to get turned around when underwater. With the help of a compass, you can easily navigate your way in the underwater world and get to where you need to go. An important diving accessory, all scuba divers should ensure they have a compass with them while exploring the waters.


1. Help of a compass, Live Science

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Looking for a new dive compass when I stumbled upon your article. Very good overview and I enjoyed reading about the other options before picking the one I wanted.

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