10 Best Dive Compass in 2018

When exploring the underwater world, it is often hard to get your bearings. Without the help of mountains or other known landmarks, it is common for even the most experienced diver to struggle with a sense of direction. The vulnerable conditions mix with the ocean currents making it even more important to invest in the best dive compass. This can reduce a lot of stress during your dive.  After buying your dive boots and fins we recommend you opt for a high-quality compass. Having a digital dive compass will allow you to easily maintain your sense of direction while exploring the ocean.

We found the best dive compasses on the market that you should include in your next dive.


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1. Suunto SK7 Scuba Diving Compass

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This compass is great for diving as it is incredibly easy to read. Built for dirty conditions this compass excels at repelling dirt and sand making it exceptional for allowing smooth turning. Designed to comfortably fit in your hand, this top underwater compass has excellent tilt potential making using it even easier. This top of the line compass will ensure your next underwater dive is a great one.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Repels dirt and sand
  • Easy to read

2. Sherwood Wisdom Compass


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Sherwood is a trusted brand for making compasses and this version is at the top of their list. With exceptional luminescence, this scuba diving compass charges and glows seven times faster than before and lasts seven times longer. That means you can count on it to work for your full dive. Dive tilt allows this compass to work even when tilted on a 30° angle.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Covered by warranty
  • Top or side reading

3. Oceanic Wrist Mount Compass


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A large easy to read dial makes this compass ideal for underwater use. Bright luminescence makes using this at nighttime or in deep dives even easier. The luminescence on this compass glows for up to seven times longer than ever before.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Illuminates for seven times longer
  • Easy to read

4. XS Scuba Retractable SuperTilt Compass


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This compass is excellent for use even when diving in low visibility. An amazing tilt capacity makes this compass easier to read than ever before. A complete warranty makes this durable compass a great buy. This compass has multiple attachments allowing it to be easily attached to the diver.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Easy to read
  • Covered by warranty

5. ScubaPro FS-2 Wrist Mount Compass


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This dive watch excels in durability. Being scratch resistant means you will get even more use out of your compass. Easily worn as a watch means this compass will tell you all the information you need with a simple glance at your wrist. This watch is fully functional with a tilt angle of at least 35°.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Tilt angle 35°

6. Tusa Platina Series Wrist Compass


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Diving compass reviews are raving about the idea of having your compass strapped to your wrist for easy use. Being liquid filled allows this compass to deliver a fast and accurate reading every time. This compass is great for night dives as the bright light is long lasting and glows even brighter making reading it in low visibility conditions even easier.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • One year warranty

7. Highland by XS Scuba Bungee Mount Compass


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A dual bungee strap secures this compass to anywhere convenient for you. A large faceplate allows for easy reading. The faceplate becomes illuminated at night time which allows you to work easily. Top and side reading makes this compass an even better tool.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Top and side reading
  • Double bungee strap

8. Sherwood Genesis Compass with Retractor


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This is an incredibly strong and durable compass. A carabiner attaches this large compass to your gear easily. Reading this compass is easy with its excellent tilt range as well as the sensitive face plate. A full manufacturers warranty sweetens the deal with this compass.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Warranty included
  • Highly durable

9. Oceanic SWIV Compass Module


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A bright light glows seven times faster and longer illuminating this compass making it easier to read than ever before. This compass delivers effortless performance with a quick response and smooth movement. Top and side reading allow for even better and easier readings.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Bright light
  • Smooth movement

10. Scuba Choice Diving Dive Compass with Retractor


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This glow in the dark diving compass is great for night exploration. Being retractable makes this compass easy to get to. A large clear faceplate easily displays your reading on this compass making it incredibly user-friendly. Navigate your way underwater with ease with this high-quality glow in the dark compass.

What makes this compass stand out:

  • Glow in the dark
  • Retractable

Globo Surf Overview

It is easy to get turned around when underwater. With the help of a compass, you can easily navigate your way in the underwater world and get to where you need to go. An important diving accessory, all scuba divers should ensure they have a compass with them while exploring the waters.

Do you dive with a compass from our list? Let us know how it has added to your dive in the comment section below.

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