Scuba diving is a fun and explorative pursuit, especially for the inquisitive ones.  However, to fully enjoy this majestic sport, you must have the right and fitting gear with you. A scuba mask with purge valves is one such excellent example.

When you find the best scuba mask with purge valve, it makes your scuba diving experience even better. These underwater bad boys deliver hands-free functions whilst offering a protective cover to your vision without limiting it. The valve helps to efficiently keep water out and leave you dry with a simple exhale from your nose.

Listed below are the 5 best scuba masks with purge valve in 2021 – each outlining their unique features that help to bring out their functionality to its full potential. The choice is all yours to go for a piece that appeals most to you.

How To Choose A Scuba Mask With Purge Valve – Buying Guide



When choosing the best purge valve scuba mask to invest in – you should remember that fit is an important factor to consider. Your dive gear should be well-fitting to ensure it effectively functions underwater. The risk of purchasing an improperly fitting dive mask with purge valve on your face is that it might leak and flood underwater.

A scuba diving mask with purge valve that is too tight on the other end will lead to discomfort. However, there are steps to follow to ensure that you choose the best purge valve scuba mask to fit you. Simply hold the mask to your face without straps to ensure it fits comfortably.

The edge of the masks should comfortably rest on your face without overlapping. Your top lip or hairline shouldn’t be blocked. The reason for this is to ensure the mask will be watertight sealed and functional underwater. No matter how intense you inhale air, the mask should rest in place on your face. Smaller gaps in your skirts will also lead to other problems such as fogging, leaking as well as fatigue.

Even the slightest movement means the mask doesn’t properly fit your face. This is because the suction underwater will easily move the mask. The window on your purge dive masks should not push against the bridge of our nose or forehead- you don’t want to dive with this discomfort as the increase in pressure will intensify discomfort as the depth underwater increases.

Inspect the skirt of your mask to ensure they are no gaps or irregularity. This is highly important because you don’t want to find yourself with a mask filled with water whilst diving. It becomes even more dangerous, the deeper you go due to the increased pressure underwater.

Also, remember to go for a scuba mask purge valve with enough space between it and your nose to make operation, especially underwater, effortless. It also helps to purchase a scuba mask with a flexible return policy so when it doesn’t fit you well, you can easily return or exchange with a proper size. Going through the scuba mask reviews also helps to understand how it fits based on actual customer comments and experiences.


You should also consider the skirt color when choosing the best scuba mask with purge valve. You will either find a dark-colored skirt or a clear one. A dark skirt on your scuba ask will prevent excess light whilst clear ones allow more light in.

Thus, this means that clear skirt scuba masks will enhance vision and widen the view. This is especially ideal for people who prefer light and have vision problems. However, too much light beyond the needed one within your field of view may not be ideal.

A black skirt on your scuba mask on the other end improves distant vision because of the absorbed lights. Back scuba masks are ideal for more seasoned divers as well as professionals such as an underwater photographer.

The skirt’s color and effects, however, work differently for individual divers.  Thus, you must first try out both skirt colors to decide which one works better for you.


Look at the volume when choosing the best purge valve scuba mask. Volume denotes the amount of air your mask can hold and how it rests on your face. Dive masks with purge valves tend to have large volumes, it all depends on your fit and what you are looking for.


The best purge valve scuba masks will either feature a single window or double window construction. A single window scuba mask is fitted with a single lens which gives them a wider field of view. They tend to be compact and easier to store.

However, if you require corrective lenses, single-window scuba masks may not be the best choice for you. Double window scuba masks are constructed with two lenses. Double window scuba masks are less compact however, they fit a wider range of faces.

The majority feature arch shapes with extra room to allow for accessibility of other equipment such as gauges on your BCD during your dives. They can also accommodate prescription and corrective lenses whilst their mixture of lenses and glasses helps to enhance viewing quality and function.

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As small a detail as it may appear, when choosing the best scuba mask with purge valve, you must carefully examine the straps. At first, you must ensure that the straps offer a tight enough but snug fit. Wider shaped straps comfortably surround your head and are ideally worn instance such as cold water diving when you wear a hood or if you have tied up hair such as ponytails.

Split straps on the other end provide a tighter and more stable hold with minimal movement. The best purge valve scuba mask will have straps attached to the frame or molded onto the silicone base to enhance longevity and durability.


Scuba masks come constructed with several kinds of skirts. Skirts are set to seal the fit around you face.  Feathered ad multi-level skirts are ideal designs and are used to create that leak-proof seal by increasing their size. Their sizes also differ from narrow to wide depending on your preferences.



Q: How do you clear a scuba mask with a purge valve?


It is pretty simple to clear a scuba mask with a purge valve. Secure the top seal of the scuba mask then look downwards whilst exhaling through your nose. This will result in the water inside the scuba mask to be forced out through the built-in purge valve as you exhale through the nose. The purge valve then automatically shuts when you stop exhaling.

Q: What is a purge valve scuba mask?


A purge valve scuba mask is a dive mash that comes with a built-in purge valve. The purge valve is a nose pocket on the dive mask made of small silicone flaps that open as you exhale from your nose when underwater to get water out of your mask.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Scuba Mask With Purge Valve?


The main benefit of using a scuba mask with purge valve is that it automatically keeps the inside of your mask dry and clear of the water as long as you exhale through your nose – which is a given! This allows your hands to work on other things such as operating your BCD or swimming.

The benefit of scuba masks with purge valves doesn't only stop with scuba and deep-sea diving. You can also use them for snorkeling to easily get rid of the water that enters your snorkeling tube. The mechanism is the same, water will enter the tube to your snorkel and all you have to do to expel it is exhale through your nose.

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The scuba mask with purge valve reviews outlines how handy they are underwater. Their multifunctional advantage to allow you hands-free diving whilst effectively keeping water out of your vision makes them worth the purchase. Additionally, their integrated construction doesn’t compromise on their protective mask design.

The buying guide on the other end offers clear guidance on what to look for when choosing the best scuba mask with purge valve. The list of the 5 best above is an excellent avenue to explore to find a piece that will work for you underwater.

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