Every so often a piece of technology comes along which changes the game on how you can have fun. In watersports that can be rare as you almost feel that everything that can be invented has been already. It might also be the case that an existing technology has suddenly become affordable.

That is what we have seen with underwater scooters. They are a wonderful way to have even more fun when you’re in the water. They can take you on a ride underneath the wave at speeds that you never thought possible. Which one is the best underwater scooter on the market though? Here we pick the five best sea scooters to see which one stands out.

How To Choose The Best Underwater Propulsion Scooter – Buying Guide


What Will It Be Used For?

Obviously, underwater scooters are designed to take you around the surface or underneath the water, but what uses can you have for the device? Well if you’re using it to go snorkeling then any of these devices will be more than good enough as you won’t be going out very deep or very far. The scooter though can be great for more than that, as it can also be used for scuba diving, depending on how far you want to go.

You may even want to use it for cave diving or exploring a shipwreck, there are multiple uses for the scooter. There are things to consider, however, as you want to ensure that you have enough battery life to be able to get back to shore or your boat. Some of these scooters can also be great to have some extra fun in a lake or a large pool.

There are much more expensive models on the market, but these mainly have the added feature of being able to be used a lot further down than the models reviewed above. In the end though, these scooters are to be used in whichever way you want.

Maximum Depth

The maximum depth of that the scooter can go to can be important depending on what type of activity you want to use it for. The Sea Doo Dolphin for example and only go to depths of just over 15 feet. If you’re looking for something that will help you dive deeper, then you’ll have to look at other models. If you’re the type who will only ever use it for snorkeling or shallow scuba diving, then they can be perfect.

Unless you’re a professional diver then there isn’t much need to go very deep into the water. 30 foot of diving space is more than enough for most people and that is the depth that you will find on most devices. You’d have to be serious about your diving to want to go any further than that.

There are non-professional models that can go a lot further though such as the RDS300 which will dive down to around 100 feet. That is a great distance down and will allow you to complete almost all the uses that you could want from an underwater scooter.

Power and Battery Life

As with most pieces of technology, the more power that you have then the less time something is going to last. It seems like most of our lives at the moment are spent checking how much battery we have. With an underwater scooter though it’s important to know how long you’ve been using the device as you won’t have a percentage bar to show you how much you’ve used.

If you’re going to be diving far from the shore or an inflatable boat, then you’ll want a scooter that has up to 2 hours of battery life, but most of the time 1.5 hours should be more than enough to have a great day, as that is the overall run time, and not the time that you spend out in the water with the device as it won’t be on full power all of the time.

If you’re doing a simple snorkeling activity close to shore, then you won’t have to worry too much about the time and an hour of run time would be fine in these situations.

How Buoyant Is It?

Buoyancy is a difficult thing to get right in a device such as an underwater scooter. While you don’t want the device to sink like a stone if you were to drop it, you also don’t want it to be too buoyant as it would be too difficult to handle under the water. If that wasn’t difficult enough, then you also have to consider whether it is going to be used in saltwater or freshwater.

Most of the scooters handle this problem without having to have additional controls, but the more premium models will allow you to change your buoyancy which will make your ride more comfortable. Most of these scooters are designed for saltwater use, as the salt provides different buoyancy level than freshwater would.

A freshwater scooter might not be as buoyant in saltwater, even though it can be used in both. Buoyancy though becomes increasingly important the further down you go. The more expensive models that can dive further are much more likely to have buoyancy controls.

How Much It Weighs

The weight of your scooter can be an important aspect as if it’s too heavy then you won’t be able to transfer it easily in and out of the water. In the water it doesn’t make too much difference as the pressure of the water and the buoyancy of the scooter will make it easy to move.

This only really matters though if you’re planning on one of your children using one, in which case you want to get one of the lighter models. The heaviest scooter that we reviewed her is 18 pounds. While 18 pounds is a significant weight, it is comfortable enough for any adult to carry for a reasonable distance.

Generally though the more advanced the model, the lighter it will be. So if you’re buying an entry-level scooter for your children then the chances are that it’s going to be fairly easy for them to carry.


Due to the nature of the device with them being a little underwater submersible, they don’t come very cheap, which makes it even more important to pick the best underwater scooter for you. The models used by divers though are even more expensive and would cost thousands of dollars.

The entry-level scooters though will cost just a few hundred dollars, which is a worthwhile investment when you think of how long you’ll have the device and the amount of fun that you will have with it. It can be a fantastic swimming aid which will help you reach depths that would usually have you way out of breath.

The more expensive models reviewed her can cost over $500 dollars, and for that extra money you will be getting extra depth, speed and run time. While these scooters aren’t the cheapest water equipment you get, it’s better than opting for a cheap model and you want to make sure that your scooter doesn’t fail you when you’re out on the water or run out of battery easily.


Q: What is the Best Underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicle?


When it comes to the best underwater diver propulsion vehicle then there are many things to consider. There aren’t many top brands out there, as Sea Doo along with Yamaha has currently got a grip on a market which is still very young when it comes to supplying sea scooters to snorkelers and scuba divers.

The best device though is up for you to choose, as if you’re looking for the most impressive then the Yamaha RDS300 is a very impressive model, but also the Sea Doo Dolphin provides great value for money. All the models reviewed are great scooters which will give you endless fun in the water, and moments of serenity where you don’t have to worry about swimming.

There are other professional models out there, but these cost many thousands of pounds and were created for professional divers. If you want a personal ‘DPV’ then any of the above models are sure to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Q: How do Underwater Scooters Work?


Advances in underwater technology have made underwater scooters available to the public at a reasonable price. It works by having a battery-powered propeller underwater which you are protected from by a grill. There will be handlebars to grip on with controls that can be pressed in order to change your direction.

The battery, and all other electrical components, are waterproof and will be to quite a significant depth, with a lot of times that depth being up to 30 feet. The best models will be able to travel at around 5 mph, which may seem slow, but is almost twice the speed of normal walking pace, so it’ll feel quick enough underwater.

Some machines will have a buoyancy control feature, which is important as this can be a difficult thing to get right with a machine that is coping with different weights and different salinity of the water. Some of the greatest models will have their buoyancy controlled by switches on the scooter. It’s a very simple device to use and can generally be used by any child over the age of 8. Thankfully with the drive coming down, a device could once only be used by divers can now be used by watersport enthusiasts as well.

Globo Surf Overview

Owning the best underwater scooter can give you hours of thrills and moments that you will remember forever as the device takes away the strain of swimming to leave you to appreciate the water and the beauty below. It could though be used for a bit of fun and a big pool, or if you head out into the lake. Whatever your use for an underwater scooter, it’s important to pick the right one before you buy.

These underwater scooter reviews will leave you happy that you have chosen the best model to suit your needs. Owning a top rated sea scooter will not only make your life a lot easier when you’re out on the water, but everyone who doesn’t own one is going to be jealous of the ease at which you glide through the sea.

If you’re wanting an underwater diving scooter then it’s important to pick one that can go down far below the surface so that you can get to any diving site that you want. If you’re looking for a scuba scooter then the range isn’t quite as important, but you’ll still want enough room to be able to enjoy yourself.

While having the fastest underwater propulsion vehicle would be great, a lot of the use of these scooters is a lot more than speed, and there isn’t a lot between the fastest model and the slowest. They’ll both be able to show you the beauty of the ocean from below. Don’t be put off by what look like slow speeds either, as you’ll be traveling as fast as the best sprint swimmers in the world.

Exploring the ocean floor on your personal underwater propulsion scooter is a lot of fun and will leave you with a huge smile on your face, and not feeling out of breath. Everyone is different though, so use this buying guide to work out exactly what you’re looking for, then head out to the open water and feel the benefits of hitching a ride on your underwater scooter.

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