No matter where you are diving your tank is an important part of your setup. Let’s face it, being able to breathe underwater is the thing that will keep you alive and this is not possible without the proper tank. It is the single thing that is absolutely required and life threatening to dive without. To get the best scuba diving tank, it is important to find one that fits you well.

We have found the best scuba tanks on the market and listed them below.


Scuba Tank Reviews

How To Choose A Scuba Tank – Buying Guide


When looking through scuba diving tank reviews you will notice how important it is to get a tank that fits your body in both size and weight. It is important to look for the following features.


The standard 80 cubic feet (cf) is the most commonly used size by recreational divers. This is what typical diving companies rent out. Opting for a larger tank, 100 cf, is an excellent option for those who consume a lot of air or who are going on longer dives. Choosing a smaller 63 cf tank is a great option for beginners or kids.


These are made using either aluminum or steel. Aluminum tanks are much more resistant to rust and start out negatively buoyant. These tanks turn more positive as the air is consumed.  Steel cylinders are the sturdier of the two materials and also start out negatively buoyant. They either remain that way without air or turn towards a neutral buoyancy. This requires fewer weights to be carried.

Globo Surf Overview

Breathing underwater is an incredible feeling. Being able to comfortably explore the underwater world while not worrying about maintaining buoyancy and having a heavy tank on your back will make all the difference. Your oxygen tank for diving is your lifeline under water. It is your most important tool underwater.


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Do you dive using a scuba tank on our list? Let us know how it works for you in the comments section below.

Globo Surf Scuba Tank Review

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Looking to upgrade from my current scuba tank. I found your guys article here and was impressed by your selection. I took your advice and purchase the Luxfer Compact.

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