Similar to a dive computer an analog scuba gauge is a network of machinery that displays two readings. Firstly, it tells you how much air you have left in your tank. The second gauge displays your current depth. This is crucial to your safety underwater. Getting the best scuba gauges will ensure that your next dive will be safe and that your equipment will last.

We scoured the web to find the five best diving gauges on the market. The results may surprise you.


How To Choose A Scuba Gauge – Buying Guide


There are many features scuba diving gauges reviews agree should be considered before deciding on your dive gauge.


You should be able to read your dive gauge without struggle. The numbers should be well defined in a text that is large enough to read from arms length. Many will come with luminescent parts that will make it easy to see how deep you are.


Most gauges are around the same size, having two dials indicating PSI and depth. Some may come with an extra one for a temperature indicator but is usually included in the PSI side. These pieces of gear should be large enough for you to easily see the numbers while being compact enough to not be cumbersome or inhibit your sight. Finding a balance is key.


Some of the more full featured ones will come with extras that will help you on your dive.

  • A maximum dive depth indicator will show you your maximum depth. Even though you may not be at that depth the needle will remain in its position until you exceed it.
  • A temperature gauge isn’t always necessary but can come in handy. If you are curious about the temperature of the water or have a wetsuit that is rated for a specific climate this may be a feature you should consider.

Globo Surf Overview

Having an analog display of your diving depth as well as your remaining air could just save your life. While some people prefer the digital reading of a dive computer is important to dive with gauges as well for a backup reading. Opting for the best scuba gauge will ensure that you get an accurate reading and leave you to enjoy your dive.


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Globo Surf Scuba Gauge Review

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Needed a new pressure scuba gauge that could go below 200ft. Your first one is the top one.

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