Spearfishing is a popular activity because it gets you submersed into the water and actively hunting down your fish. With modern spearfishing, fishermen use spear hunting equipment that has been specialized for the sport. There are spearguns, spearfishing wetsuits, and spearfishing masks that have all been designed with the sport in mind.

However, one piece of specialized equipment that will help you honor the ancient traditions, is a pole spear. A pole spear will take the traditional aspects of spearfishing but updates it with modern designs. Instead of using a sharpened stick, you will use a specialized pole spear. When you find the best time of day to go fishing, you can snorkel, scuba dive, swim, or wade into the water when you spearfish.

With the popularity of spearfishing comes a large market of pole spear designs. It can be overwhelming to choose just one, but we have made a guide to help you determine the best pole spear model for you.

How To Choose A Pole Spear – Buying Guide


Choosing the Size and the Length

When it comes to choosing a spearfishing pole, the first consideration you should make before getting a sense of the best spear for fishing is the size of the pole. Size is determined by the length of the pole spear and they generally are available in a range of 4-8 feet long. However, some top-rated pole spear designs can be modified to be up to 12 feet long. The best spearfishing poles with that much length are generally broken down into a couple of pieces for easy portability.

As you can imagine, the length of the pole determines how close or far away you will be from a target and can change the dynamics of how the pole reacts when it is thrown underwater. Both long and short poles have their pros and cons.

Longer poles are mostly recommended for experienced divers. A longer pole spear allows the diver more gain in their reach and allows them to be further away from the target. Shorter poles are recommended for beginners or spearfishing in confined places because you can maneuver them more easily.

Types of Material

Most of the designs will be made of durable material. The two most popular materials are carbon fiber pole spears and aluminum fiber pole spears, but there are some fiberglass designs as well. You should choose the material of your pole spear based on the type of fish and the size of fish that you are looking to hunt.

The material of your pole spear for spearfishing is important because it will affect the weight of your spear, which in turn, affects the speed and stopping power of the pole when it is thrown in water.

Aluminum is a heavier material, with a high stopping ability, that will make you move slower through the water. Carbon fiber is lighter and faster in the water, but still, has decent stopping power for smaller fish.

If you can’t decide between the two, some designs are a hybrid and feature both stainless steel and carbon fiber materials, making the best aluminum fiber pole spears.

Level of Portability

The best travel pole spear will be broken down into pieces or sections. The pieces of the pole spears can then be attached, often screwed together, to complete the pole spears’ length. Many companies will also include a travel or storage bag with your purchase, that can be used to carry the pole spears, tip, and rubber sling. A top-rated collapsible pole spear will be able to be easily broken down to travel with, but won’t compromise its performance in the water.

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Tips of the Poles

Many different tips are available on a spearfishing pole. Some tip designs include a paralyzer, single barb, and double barb. Pole’s tips will be either fixed or interchangeable and their size will be determined by the type of fish that you’ve chosen.

When it comes to choosing between fixed and interchangeable, it may help to consider your prey. If you are only after one type of fish then a fixed tip is fine. However, if you might want to try different sizes of fish or different types of locations, the interchangeable tip will mean you do not have to buy a new spear.



Q: What is a pole spear? What are they used for?


A pole spear is a weapon that is used to hunt for fish. The pole spear itself is used to hunt the fish. A fisherman throws the pole, using the elastic system, through the water to spear or pin a fish. It is important to note that spearfishing is mainly an underwater fishing sport. This means a pole spear will be used when you are snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, or wading through the water. They come in various lengths and have various tip styles for the different types and sizes of fish that are hunted.

Q: Do I need any special education before I use a pole spear?


A spearfishing pole is projected by hand with an elastic band and is thrown through the water towards a target. It is a straightforward and self-explanatory hunting tool. Almost anybody can throw a spear. However, you will need education on the size of the spear and the type of tip in correlation to the type of fish and the size of fish you would like to hunt. 

It is useful to have a guide or experienced spearfisherman to help you get started in the sport. You don’t need to have special education before using a pole spear. You could go out and try it on your own, but it can certainly help your accuracy, and the success of your spearfishing trip to have prior knowledge.

Q: How to use a pole spear?


A pole spear uses an elastic band that is stretched to provide momentum that is used to propel the spear. The band is stretched to the hand and kept in the crook of the thumb. When it is released, the spear is launched in the direction of the target.

The technique of a pole spear is using your hand to guide the spear and make an accurate throw. You should get as close to the target as possible before taking a shot. Getting closer will give you more accuracy and a higher success rate. Many people like to observe fish for a while before they begin hunting. This allows them to hide and make educated guesses on the fishes’ movement before they attempt to move in for a shot.

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The best pole spear will have you emerge in an underwater paradise as you hunt for a variety of fish. Spearfishing is an exciting sport and a top-rated travel pole spear can inspire you to travel around the world in search of the best hunting grounds. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will need a spearfishing pole and it should be at the top of your fishing trip checklist. If you know exactly what you want and need, you can save time and money, which gets you out into the water faster!

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