Surfing is one of life’s great adventures. There is no feeling quite like the one you have when you are being lifted through the water by the energy of the ocean. If you are thinking about surfing, you have probably thought a lot about your board and equipment, but one thing you have probably not paid much attention to, is the best surf travel bag.

A top-rated surfboard travel bag will save you a lot of headaches. You need to get your board from A to B, and a board bag will protect our board (especially on long distances). Most new bags come with great foam protection, carrying handles, and outer protection from the heat and moisture. If you want to protect your bag, then a board bag is a must.

Here are 5 of the best surfboard bags in 2018.

How To Choose A Surfboard Travel Bag – Buying Guide


Quality Zipper

When you come to buy a bag, you will likely be looking at the padding and the durability of the bag, but often a lot of thought is not put into the zipper. One of the things which will frustrate you in your surfing life is a broken or stuck zipper. Thankfully most new board bags are manufactured with non-metallic zippers. A non-corrosive zipper will be something which you come to love. Look for high-quality components when you are choosing your bag.


If your bag does not fit your board, then it is useless. If you do not know the dimensions of your board, a quick few minutes with a measuring tape will give you that information. Make sure to check the length and width of your board, and if the fit is tight, make sure to also account for the thickness of your board.


A bag with less padding will offer less protection. Generally, the more padding you have (the thicker it is), the more protection the bag will offer to your board. If you are worried about your board, you should opt for a bag with more padding, but be warned, not all padding is created equally. Go for paying which is thick, but always try to choose high-quality materials first.

Set up for fins

If you have fins on your board, then you will want a bag which can accommodate those fins. This might mean purchasing a slightly bigger bag than your board needs. You can also find a bag which has space for a fin to poke through. If you have removable fins, then a bag which has extra pockets for those fins is beneficial.



Q: How to put a surfboard in your travel bag?


When you are packing your surfboard (or surfboards) into your board bag, you should follow these tips to make sure it is transported correctly:

  • Some bags will unzip completely while others will unzip at one end. If the bag unzips completely, then make sure to put the board in with the correct orientation. If you are sliding the board in from one end, the make sure that you have the orientation correct.
  • If the board has a space for a fin, place the board in the bag with a focus on where the fin is going.
  • If there are pockets for fins, then remove the fin and place in the pocket.
  • If there is no space for a fin, then remove the fin and wrap in bubble wrap or foam. Place the wrapped fin in the bag with the board.
  • For extra protection, wrap you rails in foam before placing in the bag.
  • Use internal and external storage for any of your accessories, but if your bag does not come with extra pockets, do not pack the bag with all of your stuff. The bags are designed for boards only unless they specify otherwise.
  • For multiple boards, place a barrier between the boards if there is not one already. You can use bubble wrap, foam, or even a towel.
  • Stack multiple boards with the longest on the bottom.
  • Use the internal stripes whenever there are any.

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Surfing is an exhilarating experience, especially as the waves begin to grow. Ever since the dawn of time, we have been fascinated by the ocean and the ways can conquer it. Surfing is one of those ways. Riding a wave until it fizzles out, will have you feeling like you can conquer anything. A good board bag will protect your board so that you can conquer the ocean over and over again. The boards on this list have been specially selected to ensure that our board gets the best protection possible. Choose wisely and never worry about damaging your board again.

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