Paddleboarding is a sport that has increased in popularity over the years. This new favorite activity requires you to cart around a 10 foot board which for most people can prove quite challenging. When looking at inflatable boards, you need to find the best paddleboard bags to carry your board with ease. This will allow you to bring your activity with you just about anywhere you go.

How To Choose A SUP Board Bag – Buying Guide


You are going to want a heavy duty and lightweight bag. Either coming in a backpack or shoulder sling style these SUP bags will make it easy to get to the beach. You spent a lot of money on your paddleboard, having the best travel sup bag is important so that you can protect it.

Sizing is also something to look for in a paddle board bag. Being able to store everything you need such as your, paddleboard, paddle and all your accessories will ensure an easy trip to the beach. Look for a bag that is able to be quickly and easily loaded and unload nobody wants to struggle, especially on the perfect day.

Transportation vs. Storage

When you are looking at a board bag for transporting your bag, you should also be looking at a bag for storage. In fact, you should be looking for a bag which can either do both or has a good compromise between the two. Inflatable boards will use a different bag for hardboards as you will not want to keep your inflatable board inflated when it is in storage. Inflatable boards may come with their own storage and travel bag, but if they do not, then a backpack-style bag is the way to go. Look for a bag which distributes the weight evenly and has comfortable shoulder straps. You should also be looking for a bag which has a hard bottom for storing in your garage.

With a hardboard bag, you want to look for a bag which has a comfortable shoulder strap, and also lots of padding for when it is in storage. Look for bags which are going to protect your board when they are in storage and in transit.


The foam lining in your board bag is important for protecting your boards. When your boards are in transit, they can be bumped and shunted. Even when you are carrying your board from your vehicle to the beach, you can accidentally hit your board on a rock or another hard surface. The farm lining in your board bag will protect your bag from any harm.

When you are looking for a good foam lining, be prepared to look for some compromise. A lot of foam will give better protection to your board, but will also be heavier and more cumbersome. A small amount of foam will be lightweight and more compact, but will not protect your board as well.

Less foam will also mean that the board bag will cost less. When you are choosing your bag, try to find a compromise between the price, the amount of foam, and the weight of the bag. We would recommend more foam if you can afford it and can carry it.


The size of your board will determine the size of the bag which you need. You should know the size of your board, and you should also recognize that not all boards are the same size and shape. For example, yoga boards will be wider to give you more room to move about on. If you have a wide board, then you need to find a wider board bag. Most board bags will accommodate a variety of lengths, but the width can be tricky.

You want a bag which will not be stretched or strained when your board is in it. It is better to have a little too much room than not have enough. Too much room can have your board sliding about too much, but too little can break your bag. Try to find a bag in which your board can fit perfectly, but if you cannot, then look for one which has a little more room.

Heat Protection

You are going to be out in the sun when you are paddleboarding. Your bag is going to be in the sun, and the board is going to be in there for periods of time, when it is being transported on your car roof rack, and when you are transporting it to the water. You use sunscreen to protect your skin, and you should also try to protect your board from the heat too. Board bags with no reflective layers will only store the heat in the bag, and this can be damaging to your board.

Look for a layer of sun protection on the exterior. Some bags will have a silver layer to reflect the heat away from the bag and keep the interior of the bag cool. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can also wrap your bag in a protective lining to keep the heat away from the board.


Pockets are useful for keeping a hold of your other accessories, and also for holding fins when they have been removed from your board. Ensure that you find pockets which are big enough for the fins and any other accessories which you want to carry.

Fin Accommodation

When you are carrying your board, you will need to take the fins into consideration. If the fins can be removed, then you can take them off and place them in a separate storage pouch. If you have fins which cannot be removed, then you have to work around that issue. You also need to take into account the number of fins. Boards will either have one fin or three. No matter the number of fins, the bag you purchase must be able to accommodate all of the fins. Look for a bag with a fin slot (or fin slots). These slots will allow you to poke the fins through the slot and keep them from being squashed in the bag. They also help to see at a glance where the fins are and stop them from being damaged when they are in transit.



Q: Why Use A Deck Bag On Your Paddle Board?


When you are out on your paddleboard, you are going to want to store additional accessories, items, and food. Even when you are on the shortest trip, a deck bag can give you the storage options which you need, but the real value is when your trips are longer.

You can always take a backpack with you, but you will soon find that your shoulders get tired, especially if you are paddling too. With a dry bag, you get a waterproof bag, but you do not get the separate compartments. A deck bag gives you a place to store and organize all of your accessories, and do so in an organized way. They can be easily attached to your board with a velcro strap or to your d-rings.

Q: Does An SUP Board Bag Have To Match The Length Of A Board?


If it does match the length of your board, then you can get a better fit and more protection. A bag which fits well will stop the board from moving inside the bag and getting damaged. You should keep in mind that when manufacturers make their bags, they do so with a little bit of extra room, so a board bag which fits your board will have a little extra room.

If you get a bag which is too small, then the board will shift in the bag and can be damaged as it bumps against hard objects. They also shift when you are transporting them on your person, and that shift in weight can cause you to lose your balance, and run the risk of damaging the board more.

Q: Are Board Bags Are Designed To Prevent Heat From Building Up?


Not all board bags are designed to prevent heat from getting in, but many are. We would always recommend buying a bag which reflects the heat from the bag. If too much heat gets in, it will be stored in the bag and can create moisture. While your board is waterproof, you want to keep it as dry as possible. If the moisture is kept in the bag for a long time, then it can damage the bag and your board. Look for bags which have a reflective layer to keep the heat out, and ones which have UV protection too.

Q: Is It Okay To Keep My SUP In Its Bag On The Beach All Day?


No. We would never recommend keeping your board in the bag on the beach all day. The heat will eventually build up and can damage your board. You should not keep your board in the sun for too long, but not in the bag either. We would recommend letting your board out of the bag but keeping it covered.

Q: Do Board Bags Have A Fin Slot For A Board’s Box Fin?


Not all board bags have a fin slot. If your board has a fin which cannot be removed, then you need to look for one which does. If you buy a bag without a fin slot, and your board has a permanent fin, then you are likely going to damage it. Thankfully, you can find a bag with fin slots relatively easily.

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A sup bag is an excellent way to not only transport your paddleboard, but also to safely store your board. All of the board bags on our list are made of high quality materials and will protect your board when you’re not using it. You paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for your board so protecting it and bringing it with you is very important. These sup carrying bags will make it so that you can transport your sport with you, no matter where you go.

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