Well, you’ve got yourself a great paddleboard and now it’s time to take it with you to your next outdoor adventure. Let us tell you that the activity can be fun but carting around a 10-foot board can prove quite challenging. Thankfully, the best paddleboard bags have been designed to overcome this challenge. 

From Neoprene materials and external pockets to high-quality zippers and padded adjustable straps, the best SUP Board Bags not only solve the problem of transportation but also offer smart solutions for water enthusiasts on their journeys. Below, we present the best players on the market as well as a comprehensive buying guide to answer your questions.

How To Choose A SUP Board Bag – Buying Guide


With several paddle boards, the market offers the quest for the best stand up paddle board bag to store your paddle can turn into a tiresome task. We recommend you always choose a heavy-duty material and lightweight sup bag with a backpack or shoulder sling-style so that you can easily make it to the beach. Don’t forget that getting a top-notch travel sup bag is as essential as getting the right paddleboard.

Transportation vs. Storage

Look for a stand up paddle board bag that can store your board and other gear efficiently. Look for a backpack-style bag that distributes the weight evenly and has comfortable padded shoulder straps. It would be best to get one that has a hard bottom for storing in your garage, too. With a hardboard bag, on the other hand, you want to look for something that has a comfortable shoulder strap as well as lots of padding when it is in storage. 


The foam lining in your stand up paddle bag is vital for protection. When your boards are in transit, they can be bumped and harmed. Even when in transit from vehicle to beach, you can accidentally hit your board on a rock or another hard surface. The farm lining and foam padding in your board bag protect your board from any harm.

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On the other hand, there is a compromise in the case of foam quantity. A good level of foam provides better protection but also is heavier and more cumbersome. A small amount of foam though is lightweight and compact but does not protect your board that much. Less foam also means the board bag costs less. Therefore, we recommend you to find a compromise between price, amount of foam, and the weight of the sup bag. 


The size of your board determines the size of your sup bag. Keep in mind that not all paddle boards come in the same size and shape. For example, yoga paddle boards are wider to give you more room to move about on. Most stand up paddle board bags accommodate a variety of lengths, but the width can be tricky. Moreover, it is better to get a bag that will not be stretched or strained when your board is in it. More room makes your board move around inside, whereas too little room can tear your sup bag. Try to find one in which your board fits perfectly, but if you cannot, then look for a bag that has a little more room. 

Heat Protection

Let’s face it. Your stand up paddle bag may stay under the sun for a long time while being transported on your car roof rack, or when you are paddle boarding. Paddle board bags with no reflective layers only store the heat in the bag and this can be damaging for your board. Therefore, always look for a layer of sun protection on the exterior. Some stand up paddle board bags have a silver layer to reflect the heat away from the bag and keep the interior of the bag cool. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also wrap your stand up paddle bag in a protective lining to keep the heat away.


Pockets are useful for keeping hold of your other accessories, and also for holding fins when they have been removed from your board. Ensure that you find pockets that are enough for the purposes above.

Fin Accommodation

When you are carrying your board, you need to consider fins, too. If the fins can be removed, then you can take them off and place them in a separate storage pouch. If they are unremovable, then you have to work around that issue. Paddle boards will either have one fin or three. Look for a stand up paddle board bag with a fin slot (or fin slots). These slots allow you to poke the fins through the slot and keep them from being squashed in the bag and stop them from being damaged when they are in transit.



Q: Why Use A Deck Bag On Your Paddle Board?


When you are out on your paddleboard, you will have to store additional accessories, items, and food. Even when you are on the shortest trip, a deck bag gives you the storage option you need, but the real value is when your trips are longer. You can always take a backpack with you, but you will soon find that your shoulders get tired, especially if you are paddling. You don't get separate compartments with a dry bag, either. A deck bag gives you a place to store and organize all of your accessories and can be easily attached to your board with a velcro strap or to your d-rings.

Q: Does A SUP Board Bag Have To Match The Length Of A Board?


A bag that fits well stops the board from moving inside and getting damaged. Therefore, you get a better fit and more protection. Keep in mind that manufacturers give a little bit of space inside the bag. If you get a bag that is too small, then the board moves and can be damaged as it bumps against hard objects. They may shift when you are transporting them on your back, which can cause you to lose your balance, and run the risk of damaging the board, too.

Q: Are Board Bags Are Designed To Prevent Heat From Building Up?


Most board bags are designed to prevent heat from getting in. We would always recommend buying a bag which reflects the heat from the bag. If too much heat gets in, it is stored in the bag and creates moisture. If the moisture is kept in the bag for a long time, then it can damage the bag and your board. Look for bags that have a reflective layer to keep the heat out, and ones which have UV protection, as well.

Q: Is It Okay To Keep My SUP In Its Bag On The Beach All Day?


No, we don’t recommend keeping your board in a bag all day long as the heat eventually builds up and damages it. It is important to take your board out of the bag and keep it covered.

Q: Do Board Bags Have A Fin Slot For A Board's Box Fin?


Not all board bags have a fin slot. If your board has a fin that cannot be removed, then you need to look for one which does. If you buy a bag without a fin slot, and your board has a permanent fin, then you are likely going to damage it. Thankfully, you can find a bag with fin slots relatively easily.

Globo Surf Overview

A paddleboard bag is an excellent way to transport and safely store your board. All of the stand up paddle board bags we have mentioned here are made of high-quality materials and designed to serve for this purpose. The best sup board bag will ensure that you transport your sport with you, no matter where you go.

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