Standup paddle boarding is great fun as it offers versatile ways of enjoying the outdoors and being on the water. For some paddlers, it is about doing yoga in the middle of a lake, while for others, it is about the adventure of facing the ocean waves. Whatever may be the motive, having the best sup for surfing is the key to enjoying it.

Choosing the best sup for surfing is not an easy task and needs a lot of research and time. You need to consider model, size, durability, and performance, then map it to your experience. To help you in the matter and save your effort in choosing the best sup for surfing, check out our reviews about the best players on the market as well as our comprehensive buying guide.

How To Choose A SUP For Surfing – Buying Guide



SUPs come in different length, width and thickness and choosing the best sup surfing board depends on your body dimensions and the water surface. While the thicker ones allow better paddle surfing in moving waters, wider ones provide you better experience in stable waters.


While selecting a SUP, always look for an option that offers high durability and stand against regular degrading. The best sup surfing boards are the ones which are made of military grade materials that offer resistance to water and UV rays and feature drop stich construct.

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Top rated sup surfing boards offer different features such as anti-slip top, storage for accessories, versatility in use and portability. The more features it has, the higher the cost gets. Therefore, before making the final choice, make sure you check sup for surfing reviews, compare and filter the one which maps over your requirement set.


Paddle board surfing requires a stable board that can glide through water with ease and it needs fins to do so. All Sup come with 1 or 3 removable or fixed fins. A single fin is suitable for slow paddle board surfing in smooth water, whereas 3 fins allow fast paddle surfing in water with waves. That is why a smart choice is a sup surfing board that comes with removable fins and can be used with single fin or all three as needed.



Q: What is SUP surfing?


A SUP surfing is similar to regular surfing but here you use a stand up paddle board instead of the traditional surfboard. It also needs modulation in balancing with different techniques and tricks as the shape of board is different. If you’re unsure of how to start with SUP then this beginners guide will give you all the information you need.

Q: Should I get an inflatable or hard top SUP for surfing?


Both hard top and inflatable stand up boards are great for surfing but having an inflatable stand up paddle board is slightly better than hard top stand up paddle boards as an inflatable stand up paddle board is easier to travel with.

Q: How does SUP surfing compare to regular surfing?


Most people to try stand up paddle surfing over regular surfing as they find it equally exciting but easy to go. Compared to surfing, SUP lets you get a higher vantage point when you’re going towards the waves, thus requires a quicker response then regular surfboard. SUP also allows you to catch both the big and small waves, so you’re getting more surfing time compared to regular surfboards.

Q: Is SUP surfing hard to learn?


Comparing to other paddle sports, stand up paddle board surfing is easy to learn as it is just like regular stand up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle board surfing takes practice, but it’s typically easier for most people to grasp than surfing is. If you’re wondering how to stand up on a SUP paddle board then this guide will help.

Q: What kind of gear do you need to go SUP surfing?


All you need is your stand up paddle board which has right dimensions and high durability. Also make sure that you choose an inflatable surf sup with some kind of grip on the top to keep you balanced and stabilized.

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There are many benefits of paddle boarding and surfing is a great way to have fun while you are out there. Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need in order to choose the best SUP board for you. We also recommend you check out the paddle board accessories, the best SUP paddles, SUP board bags and paddle board leashes to make your time on the water even better.

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