There are many ways to be a fisherman – you can fish from a river bank, a beach, or a boat out at sea. However, one of the most comfortable and effective ways is fishing from a sit on top kayak. This type of boat is convenient to transport, stable on the water, and comes with an open deck that you can rig with any Fishing Accessory you want.

With such a large number of great kayaks available, choosing the ideal one for your fishing style might require some research. To help you pick, we’ve selected the best sit on top fishing kayaks currently on the market and presented them with all their pros and cons. In addition, the article will also take a look at the most important features so you’ll know how to recognize a good kayak.

How To Choose A Sit On Top Fishing Kayak – Buying Guide


Hull Material

The number one material for sit-on-top kayaks for fishing is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It’s incredibly sturdy and won’t get scratched or punctured easily. Of course, there are other options available but they often cost more too

Length and Width

For fishing purposes, the kayak should be between 9 and 12 feet long and have a width of over 30 inches. This will ensure that the kayak is stable enough when you move around and that you can easily maneuver it around grass and rocks.


Nobody enjoys fishing in a kayak that is rocking constantly. If you want an extra-stable kayak that you can stand on or stand-up fishing kayaks, go for a model that is wide at the beam and comes with a flat hull that has stability chines.


Fishing is a waiting game, so the goood sit on top fishing kayak needs to have a comfortable seat. We would advise that you get a model with a breathable mesh seat that will make sure you have a pleasant day on the water. It’s even better if it offers height adjustments too.


Storage is one of the most important aspects when choosing fishing kayaks sit on top models, as you’ll have to pack all the gear you need on the water – tackle boxes, several rods, milk carts, and waterproof duffel bags. In light of this, the best fishing kayaks have both an open storage tank well and dry storage compartments.

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Q: What Is A Sit-On-Top Kayak?


A sit on top kayak is a type of kayak that features a large and open deck. Compared to a sit-in kayak, it offers more storage space and a higher comfort level which makes the fishing experience better.

Q: How To Care For Your Sit-On-Top Kayak?


Taking care of your kayak is relatively easy and does not require much work. The first thing you need to do is rinse the kayak off so dirt and debris don’t stick to it. Secondly, we advise that you store the fishing sit on top kayak away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures so the materials don’t get damaged.

Q: What Kind Of Accessories Do I Need To Buy For My Kayak?


It depends on what you need as an angler. Many of the models we’ve featured come with rod holders which will be enough for most fishermen. However, you can also add gear tracks, fish finders, and a trolling motor to your sit on fishing kayak.

Q: Is A Sit On Top Kayak Better For Fishing?


Yes, it is. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also provides a higher degree of stability compared to most sit inside kayaks. In addition, it’s also a lot easier to customize with gear.

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Fishing from a kayak gives you a whole new perspective when you go out on the water. A sit on top fishing kayak will be perfectly suited for fishing and have more than enough room for kayak fishing rods, tackles, and YETI coolers. We hope that our reviews of the 10 best sit on top fishing kayaks helped you decide so you can start enjoying fishing even more.

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