The number one advantage of fishing from a kayak is that you can access some of the most lucrative yet hard to reach fishing spots. Of course, you can also go kayak fishing on the open water. No matter where you take your fishing kayak, the kind of fishing rod you have will determine how successful and enjoyable your fishing experience will be. 

To help you make the most of your kayak fishing excursions, we’ve compiled a list of the best kayak fishing rods to choose from. Due to the confined space that’s a kayak, the best rod for kayak fishing is short and portable. In the buying guide further down, we discuss the key features to consider to pick the perfect rod that will maximize the fun and minimize frustrations.

How To Choose The Best Rod For Kayak Fishing – Buying Guide



Because of the tight space when fishing on a kayak, a short fishing rod of around 6 feet is ideal when fishing off a kayak. Such a compact fishing rod for kayak will be easy to handle when seated inside a kayak. For ease of storage inside your kayak, it’s also a good idea to look for a telescoping fishing rod or a rod composed of multiple pieces that break down into a compact size.  

Shorter Butt Section

The butt section of kayak fishing rods is the part that sticks out underneath the reel. Due to the limited space on a kayak, the best rod for kayak fishing have shorter butt sections to allow you plenty of maneuverability while inside your kayak, and ensure the rod doesn’t get caught in your fishing vest. 


When choosing a rod to use when fishing off a kayak with rod holder, it’s important to make sure that the mounting system on your fishing kayak and the fishing rod you choose are compatible. This will ensure the fishing pole/kids fishing pole you get will fit inside your rod holders. 


Even with a kayak with rod holders, getting a leash for your fishing rod for a kayak is a great security measure. A leash will keep the rod attached to your kayak and minimize the risk of losing the rod in the event it slips out of your grasp and falls into the water or the kayak capsizes.   

Rod Action

The action of a fishing rod refers to how much curvature the rod has when it’s under tension from a fish. The action ranges from fast to slow. A fast action rod is incredibly sensitive and ideal when targeting fish with finicky bites. On the other hand, a stiff rod with a slow action can handle large and heavy fish species.  

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Most of the best kayak fishing rods are made of either fiberglass or graphite or a mixture of both materials. This is because these materials are highly flexible but also incredibly durable. Graphite rods are lightweight and have a high level of sensitivity, while fiberglass makes for the most durable rods. Line guides and reel seats made of stainless steel or aluminum are ideal. As for the handle, both EVA and cork are great materials for kayak fishing rods. 


There are two types of kayak fishing rods to choose between spinning and baitcasting rods. Spinning rods are ideal for casting lighter lures, while baitcaster models work well with heavier baits and large fish species. Due to the limited space when fishing from a kayak, it’s a good idea to go for foldable or telescoping rods. The best kayak fishing rods composed of multiple pieces will still give you great feel and strength. 

Rod Length and Weight

Fishing on a kayak requires more maneuverability so short fishing rods for kayaks around five and six inches are ideal. A lightweight fishing rod is also ideal, as it’s easy to handle when fishing from the confines of a kayak. Graphite fishing rods are lighter in weight than fiberglass fishing rods.


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Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular Fishing Rod And Fishing Rod For Kayaks?


The main difference is that a kayak rod is shorter than a regular fishing rod. Additionally, kayak fishing rods have shorter handles from the reel seat to the butt. Most kayak fishing poles also have a telescoping design or are designed to break down into pieces. Such a packable rod will be easier to store in a kayak than a regular one-piece rod.

Q: Is Fishing On A Kayak Safe?


As long as you observe the safety precautions and are well prepared with the right gear including a kayak fishing life jacket, fishing on a kayak is a safe experience.  However, it's important to know about kayak fishing safety and learn how to do a kayak self-rescue.

Q: What Equipment Besides A Rod Will I Need For Fishing On A Kayak?


Besides a good fishing rod, you will also need a fishing reel, fishing line, hooks, lures or baits, kayak fishing net for landing fish, and a kayak cooler for preserving your catch. You will also need fishing tools such as a fish lip gripper and fishing pliers and accessories such as rod holders.

Q: What Is The Best Length Rod For Kayak Fishing?


The best kayak fishing rods for kayaks are between 4'6" and 8 feet in length. The ideal fishing rod length to go for will depend on where you fish. If you fish on the open water, a longer rod will enable you to cast your bait far out. If you fish in rivers and creeks with overhanging branches, shorter kayak rods are ideal to prevent snagging.

Q: Where Should A Kayak Rod Holder Be Placed?


Rod holders for a kayak can be placed on the front of a kayak, on the side of the kayak, or behind the kayak angler. The most important thing is that the kayak rod holder should be within easy reach but out of the way of paddling. That said, a holder on the rear is ideal for trolling, while a holder placed in the front works best when casting lighter lures.

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Having the best equipment is essential for an enjoyable, successful, and safe kayak fishing experience. To go with the best fishing kayak, you will need the best fishing rod for kayak too. Hopefully, this guide and reviews have given you the information you need to buy the best kayak fishing rod for your needs.

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