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What you can do with your kayak is ever expanding and these narrow boats have now taken to the fishing world. Their long and slender design allows them to navigate down narrow rivers with ease. This means that you can take your kayak to even more places. When deciding on a kayak, it is important to know that river kayaking requires a different kind of kayak than you would typically use for calm lake waters. In this case, you would want to opt for a specifically designed kayak for river fishing. The best river fishing kayak is one with a stable base that leaves you with a sturdy ride.

Expanding within the sport of kayaking is something we love. That is why we enjoyed it when kayaking spilled into the fly fishing world. Finding the best fly fishing kayak means one that you can easily cast a line and have room to move around.

We have done the research to find the best kayaks for river and fly fishing. Compiling them in a list below, here are the top five kayaks of 2018.


River / Fly Fishing Kayak Reviews

How To Choose A River / Fly Fishing Kayak – Buying Guide


Fly fishing kayak reviews agree that the most important things to look for in your boat is one equipped with rod holders, and one sturdy enough to be able to sit in a number of different positions. Fishing in a kayak can be challenging, but the right shape and size will go a long way to improve your time. Getting the right deck will also make your fishing experience vastly more enjoyable.

Where do you fish?

This is a very important question to ask during your search. A river kayak will look vastly different than a lake kayak. For fast moving water scenarios a more covered deck could be a better option. This will keep you dry during your travels and allow you to keep warm and comfortable. If the water is slow and calm a sit on top option will suit you better. This will let more water crest the bow, but allows you to move around and even stand to fish.

Shape and size

If you predominantly fish in rivers you should look for a boat that is more stable and shorter. This will provide you with the balance you need to maneuver around in the fast current with confidence. Since you will be paddling a medium distance a short to medium length will give you the speed and efficiency your arms will appreciate.

A wide, open cockpit will be the best option for fishing, especially fly fishing. You need lots of room for the line to dangle which a small opening won’t allow. This will also make it easy to haul your catch in and store it. Especially sit on top options have enough room to even bring a medium sized cooler for your trip.

Globo Surf Overview

Kayaking is an old sport that is forever expanding to take people even further away from shore. From using these small boats to take you on a multi night trip or whether you prefer to spend your days fishing, it offers something for everyone. While fishing has long ago been popular with kayakers, with a modern and stable design more and more people are turning to kayaks for fly fishing as well. This is because you are able to stand up and cast your line. River kayak reviews agree that taking the sport of fly fishing and practicing with the help of a kayak will take you even farther. Being able to navigate through narrow rivers and stand up in your boat will provide all the comfort of a big fishing boat with the convenience of a kayak.


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Have you ever tried fly fishing with your kayak? Ever used a kayak on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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