As an angler, you certainly know that stability is one of the most important qualities of a fishing kayak. Stand up fishing kayaks take this to an even higher level and allow you to confidently stand on the deck when casting or reeling in the catch. Thanks to this, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable when handling the rod so you can focus on fishing without worrying whether you’ll fall over.

If you’re after stability Hull of the boat design is the most important aspect when choosing one. Kayaks you can stand up in usually have a fairly flat hull that offers excellent primary stability and won’t flip even with uneven load distribution. In these reviews, we’ll check out the best stand up fishing kayaks available and explain how each of them can make your fishing adventures safer and more enjoyable.

How To Choose The Best Stand Up Kayak For Fishing  – Buying Guide



When talking about specialized fishing kayaks, stability is perhaps the most important quality that the boat should have. While it’s not a given, wider kayaks tend to be more stable than narrower ones. Therefore, if you’re not very confident about maintaining your balance while holding your fishing pole, you should go for a wider standing fishing kayak.

It’s also worth noticing that most stand up fishing kayaks are hardshells and that inflatables are generally not safe for standing. The reason for this is the difference in hull rigidity between these two types of kayaks. However, some inflatable models like the Blackfoot Angler are exceptionally stable and safe for standing.


Since you’ll be spending multiple hours at a time on your stand up kayak, comfort plays a big role. The most important consideration here is seat quality. Even though we’re talking about stand up kayaks, you’ll still spend the majority of your time sitting down. Because of this, we advise that you look for a breathable and comfortable seat that has several height adjustments to provide a more natural fishing position.

Entry And Exit

One of the biggest upsides of this type of kayak is that it’s incredibly easy to get in and out of. All of them come with an open deck design so you can simply step into the kayak without tipping it over. Still, some models go a step further than others and even feature stability chines that will prevent rocking when entering and exiting the kayak.


Much like any other kayak type, a longer hull means that the kayak can attain a higher speed on the water. On the other hand, it also usually means decreased stability. Since we’re talking about stand up fishing kayaks, we would advise against getting a model that is significantly longer than 12 feet such as Lifetime Tamarack Angler.


As we’ve pointed out, a wider fish kayak is more stable than a narrower one. Because of this, the best stand up fishing kayaks tend to be wider than standard recreational models. When talking about numbers, a kayak that measures 32 inches or wider should do a nice job when fishing.


Due to the number of accessories, fishing kayaks are often heavier than standard models, and carrying them can be a problem. Because of this, you should always check the model weight and see if you can transport it to the water. On the other hand, if a kayak is too light it might be less stable.

Depending on the materials and design, a stand up kayak for fishing can weigh anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds. If you’re after something lighter, we would suggest that you choose an inflatable model like the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler. Fully rigged kayaks like the Hobie Mirage Compass and Wilderness Systems ATAK can weigh between 85 and 100 pounds which can be a problem for some anglers.

On-Board Storage

When preparing for a fishing adventure, you’ll need to pack a lot of equipment in the kayak. Because of this, the model you choose needs to have plenty of organized storage on-board. First and foremost, it’s a plus if it has large tankwells in the front and back that will allow you to pack bulkier gear like crates and large bags.

In addition, a few dry hatches will significantly expand your options when packing gear because you’ll be able to keep sensitive items protected. You must distribute the weight equally when packing, so you don’t compromise the kayak’s balance and make it less stable.


To make fishing easier and more successful, many of the best stand up fishing kayaks come with built-in accessories. Perhaps the most common addition are various types of rod holders (fixed and rotating) that allow you to rest the rod while waiting for the fish to bite.

Gear tracks can also be very useful, especially if you want to add more sophisticated rod holders, GPS units, or Kayak Fish Finders Many models feature a customizable central console that makes fish finder and transducer installation incredibly easy. Finally, some kayaks like the Hobie Mirage Compass even come with a pedal system that makes moving around very simple while leaving your hands completely free.

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Q: What Are the Benefits of Kayak Fishing?


The main benefit of kayak fishing is accessing waters that would be unavailable from a standard boat, not to mention fishing from the shore. A standing fishing kayak is a dream come true for most anglers because it works as a floating platform that allows you to easily fish in your favorite spot on the water.

Q: Why a Stand-up Fishing Kayak?


Because it provides a lot more options when fishing. Unlike standard kayaks, stand up kayaks to fish won’t tip when you get up from your seat to cast or reel in. Thanks to this, fishing is a lot more efficient. In addition, it’s also a lot more comfortable because you can turn and move without fear of capsizing.

Q: Are Stand Up Fishing Kayaks Safe?


Yes, stand-up kayaks for fishing are among the safest kayaks that you can get. In addition to exceptional primary stability, many of these even come with straps for securing your feet while standing. However, you should still wear a life jacket and make sure to use the kayak how the manufacturer specified.

Q: What If I Fall in The Water?


Due to the hull design, the chances of falling over are very slim. Even if you somehow manage to fall in, you’re not at risk of drowning. As long as you’re wearing a life jacket, you are perfectly safe. All kayaks you can stand up in are very stable, so you should have no problem climbing back inside.

Q: Where Do I Keep My Catch?


If you plan to eat the fish you catch, you must refrigerate it immediately. Because of this, it’s best that you bring a cooler filled with ice for keeping your catch. Most of the kayaks we’ve reviewed come with large storage tankwells so you won’t have issues fitting standard-sized coolers.

Q: Can You Stand In A Fishing Kayak?


While it depends on the particular model, most fishing kayaks are safe for standing up when casting the bait and reeling in the catch. As we’ve pointed out, fishing kayaks usually come with wide beams that provide excellent primary stability and prevent the kayak from tipping over.

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Being able to stand on your kayak gives you a lot more flexibility when casting and generally makes fishing more enjoyable. As you’ve had the chance to see, not every kayak is safe for standing up. However, the best stand-up fishing kayaks on our list are tried and tested to keep you safe even if you move around a lot. From our point of view, being able to do this completely changes the fishing experience and we would recommend everyone to give it a try.

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