Kayaks designed for fishing became insanely popular during the past few years, and it certainly looks like they’re here to stay. A good stand-up fishing kayak is more than a fad and could be rightly labeled a revolutionary item. With this piece of equipment, passionate anglers can now freely roam all pools of water to get to the best spot.

But how to choose one that is really good for your needs and style? Our kayaking experts are here to help. We’ve put together a brief list of all the noteworthy kayaks you can stand up in, and we’re also giving you advice on what to look for when buying one. Read on and choose your best fit!

How To Choose The Best Stand Up Kayak For Fishing  – Buying Guide


If you still feel like choosing just one from our list of the top-rated stand up fishing kayaks is confusing, don’t worry. Here is a short list of criteria to be particularly mindful of when shopping for your perfect fishing companion. Take into account all of these, depending on the matters that are more of a priority to you. Happy shopping!


If you’re a beginner in kayaking, you should obviously go for a more stable angler kayak. While it’s not a given, wider kayaks also tend to be more stable than narrower ones. Therefore, if you’re not very confident yet about maintaining your balance while holding your fishing pole, you should go for a wider sit on top fishing kayak.


As with anything else, the design is mostly a matter of personal preference. Still, the rule of thumb is that the more technically advanced a piece of gear is, the more futuristic will its design be.

This way, the brands which produce the best stand up fishing kayaks on the market can signal the quality of their product through these little hints of design. If you prefer something more retro-looking, you might not get the best features on your standing fishing kayak, unfortunately.


Comfort is obviously very important, since you will be spending a few hours on your stand up kayak. To help make yours more comfortable, there are a few tricks to keep in mind. First of all, the strapping system that assists your standing is of great help.

Second of all, bear in mind that you can also install an elevated platform to sit on while on top of the stand up kayak. This way, you can rest from time to time without losing your strategic standing position which enhances fishing so much.

Easy Entry And Exit

When standing up on a angler kayak, even if it’s one especially designed for this, you still need to be very careful. Practice the series of moves required a few times near the shore before you’re ready to head out to the deeper waters.

However, this being said, the best fishing kayaks are easier to get into and out of than others. This is usually indicated in the product description through a phrase such as ‘beginner friendly’ or ‘easy to handle’.


When you invest in a high-end sit on top fishing kayak, it’s a shame to let it get damaged through improper storage. Most kayaks require special care when you’re not using them, even if you’re depositing them somewhere safe. Also, you need to pay special attention when transporting your stand up fishing kayak to the spot where you plan to use it.

At the very least, you need to make sure your fishing kayak is completely dry and clean before storing it. Also use a special storage bag for keeping it safe while it’s not used. You can read more of our tips for perfect kayak storage, since they apply to all kinds of kayaks, including stand up fishing kayaks.


The longer your stand up fishing kayak is, the higher speed it can attain. However, sit-on-top kayak manufacturers need to balance this out with kayak width, so a longer kayak will be a little less stable in exchange for its increased velocity. Since this is a stand-up fishing kayak and you will likely spend quite some time still on it, speed is probably less important than stability.


As mentioned above, a wider fishing kayak is more stable than a narrower one. Since you will be using this sit-on-top kayak for your fishing adventures, our advice is to give stability a higher priority than speed. This is why the best stand-up fishing kayaks tend to be wider on average than regular kayaks.


Think that you will need to carry your stand up fishing kayak from your car to the water, so you need a weight you can work with. On the other hand, if the kayak is too light, it may lose stability, so some solid weight isn’t a bad thing to look for. In any case, don’t be afraid of a slightly heavier fishing kayak. All the models on our list come equipped with multiple carrying handles that allow you to easily carry it, regardless if you have someone to help you or if you do it alone.

Ability to Accessorize

The more time you will spend using your fishing kayak, the more you will find that you need to equip it with extra gear. An elevated seat that fits securely in, an icebox for your haul, a strapping system for your feet are just a few examples of extras you might want.

This doesn’t mean that the kayaks you can buy are under-equipped. It just means that good manufacturers allow you to personalize your stand up fishing kayak according to your preferences and needs.



Q: What Are the Benefits of Kayak Fishing?


A standing fishing kayak is a dream come true for most fishermen, as it allows one to search for pools of water which are impossible to access otherwise. You’re no longer conditioned by the need to stay near the shore, but you don’t need an actual boat, either. All you need is a top fishing kayak that will allow you to just do your thing in the best fishing spots you can find.

Q: Why Stand-up Fishing Kayak?


You cannot fish properly from a regular stand-in kayak since any good fishing gear requires more space for arm movement etc. While with a stand-up kayak, your casting will be longer ranged and more accurate. Your hooking stance will also visibly improve, and so will your visibility. As soon as you try kayak fishing for the first time, you will understand why it’s far better than regular angling.

Also, it’s not just about efficiency for fishing; it’s also about the feeling of freedom that comes with using the fishing kayak. The breeze in your hair and your upright position will make you feel like the king of the seas!

Q: Are Stand Up Fishing Kayaks Safe?


Yes, stand-up fishing kayaks, such as the ones presented in our top above, are very safe. They all feature a strapping system that allows your feet to be safely docked onto the fishing kayak while standing. You will be firmly grounded and secured, so you can’t slip or fall.

Still, you should use some other precautions as well, as all the best fishing kayak manufacturers and water sports instructors will recommend. These precautions include wearing a life jacket (safety vest) at all times, as well as training yourself to use the stand-up kayak near the shore at first. All consider adapting the rest of your clothing to recommended apparel for kayaking.

Then, after a few sessions, when you feel confident that you’ve learned to hold your ground while mounted on it, you can feel free to take your fishing kayak out to the deeper waters.

Q: What If I Fall in The Water?


Due to the strapping system, the chances of you falling in are very slim. However, even if you do somehow manage to fall, you’re not at risk of drowning or getting lost.

As long as you follow the recommendations of use (like, for example, wearing a safety life jacket just in case), you are perfectly safe. All kayaks you can stand up in are also pretty easy to climb back into, so you should have no problem getting back on top.

Q: Where Do I Keep My Catch?


All of the best fishing kayaks come with multiple compartments and hatches for storage. Some of these are also waterproof, so you can store your valuables safely. However, since you are probably planning to eat your fish (or to give to other people who will), you cannot store your catch directly into these storage spaces.

For health and safety, all fish needs to be refrigerated immediately after catching, no matter how cold you think it is outside. Therefore, you should consider getting a beach cooler with you and onto the kayak. Choose a cooler box that fits into one of the hatches of your chosen kayak and you’ll have the perfect set up for epic fishing adventures.

Globo Surf Overview

Going fishing on a stand-up kayak is no small feat. It’s perfectly safe, of course, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require you to be fit and to strive for balance. Just like any good bargain, it rewards you with enhanced fishing and an amazing water sports experience for every ounce of effort you invest in it.

From our point of view, it’s totally worth it and we think everyone should experience this. Therefore, we hope our guide on the best fishing kayaks helped you go at least one bit closer to having the time of your life!

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