Fishing can be a lonely activity if you don’t have a two-person fishing kayak, in fact you may want to go on a fishing trip with a friend and learn how to fish. However, you’ll only enjoy the trip if you’ve the best tandem fishing kayak.

So if you’re looking for best tandem fishing kayak, our comprehensive list will help you make the best choice. Here’s our list of the best tandem fishing kayaks. We’ve reviewed many fishing kayaks while compiling this list and only picked the ones that suit your needs and budget.

How To Choose A 2-Person Fishing Kayak – Buying Guide


Finding the best tandem fishing kayak depends on your experience and priorities. Before you start looking for the best kayak, ask yourself what you want to use it for, what fishing from a kayak means for you and how often you’ll use it. Here’s what you should consider before buying a kayak:

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Sit-On-Top vs. Sit Inside

Sit-on-top kayaks will enable you to wade while you fish because they offer increased mobility. On the other, sit inside kayaks have adequate room for storage and handy storage compartment but will limit your mobility.

Most anglers prefer sit on top kayaks but if you want to brave inclement weather, go for sit inside kayaks.

Rigged or Unrigged

This will depend on whether you prefer a built-in holder (rigged) for your kayak fishing rods or putting one in yourself. This is what differentiates the best fishing kayaks from the normal ones. Also, some kayaks come with the option of an inexpensive unrigged variety.


Dimensions play an important role in your vessel’s stability, pace, manoeuvrability and handling. For instance, if the kayak is long, it will go faster and provide more stability.


Fishing kayaks are usually wider for stability which is the main factor especially if standing up while you cast is the option you want.



Ensure your back and hips are well supported since you’ll be spending long hours parked on your backside.

Adequate Storage Space

Ensure you’ve enough storage space for storing your packed lunch, catch and tackle boxes because fishing trips require you pack more gear than usual.

Multiple Rod Holders

This will enable you to set up many rods at the same time because of having more fishing lines in water. Look for a mixture of adjustable mounts and flush mounted to get your angle right.

Multiple Foot Rests

You’ll be able to dig in and get the leverage needed for the big catches when you’ve a few different foot rests.

Fish Finder Attachment

Use fish finders to look for a built-in scupper holes in order to enable transducers to pass easily.

Motor Mount

If you want added stability, go for rectangular rear ends to enable mounting of an electric motor.

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Q: Who Can Benefit From A 2-Person Fishing Kayak?

A: Tandem kayaks are ideal for anyone planning to go fishing with family/friends and will enable you to take turns while rowing and fishing. You can also store items in tandems because they’re large or use the extra seat for more storage if you go on a trip alone. You also don’t need kayaking experience to paddle one. You can hop in with no experience and have fun since they’re easy to manoeuvre.

Q: Are Tandem Kayaks Safe?

A: Yes. Their stability is much greater due to their broad base. Even less experienced paddlers can manage the stability of the boat in rough waters.

Q: What Are The Pros And Cons Of A 2-Person Fishing Kayak?

A: There are many reasons why you should go on a tandem kayak as opposed to a solo kayak. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons: Pros Fishing a kayak can be a wonderful shared experience. You’ll be able to bring a friend or kayak with your dog. If one of you isn’t into the fishing aspect, he/she can still enjoy the paddling or just lie back and chill. Having on board an extra person will help you do more. You can position the kayak in a prime position while you hold the cast net and hopefully catch more fish. Cons It’s difficult to get around depending on how well you’ll collaborate or how experienced your friend is.

Globo Surf Overview

The best kayaks for fishing have features that are meant to enhance your fishing experience. If you’re purchasing a tandem kayak that will enable you to reach the best fishing holes, then go for a tandem kayak for fishing since it’s designed for it.

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