A good fishing net is essential to land fish efficiently when fishing from a kayak. It makes it so much easier to haul the fish you catch. Whether you intend to use a net for landing fish or catching fish that are close by, you will need the best kayak fishing net for the kind of fish you target.

On this page, you will discover the 10 best fishing nets for kayaks. The best kayak fishnet should pack small so it can fit inside a kayak, but still be strong enough to haul the fish you catch. If you’re looking for your very first kayak fishing net, be sure to scroll further down to learn what to look for.

How To Choose A Kayak Fishing Net – Buying Guide



The very first decision to make when choosing a fishing net for a kayak is whether to get a fishing net or a landing net. This will depend on whether you will be using the net to catch fish near or on the surface of the water or intend to use it to slide the fish hook towards your kayak for landing. 


The first consideration to make is the size and depth of the hoop. The bigger the fish, the bigger your net needs to be. The size of the holes in the Kayak Net  is also important to evaluate. The bigger the fish, the bigger the holes can be. If you will be catching small species such as panfish, make sure the net you get has fine netting so small fish can’t slip through the holes. 


The handle should be short enough to stow in a kayak yet long enough to give you the reach you need to land fish. For this reason, most kayak Fishing Nets  have telescoping handles that fold up and retract. That being said, the handle should still be strong enough to handle the pressure of hauling fish without breaking. Handles made of anodized aluminium, hardwood, or carbon fibre are ideal.  


You only have so much room for gear on your fishing kayak. The best fishing nets to use on a kayak need to be compact so they can be easily stored inside a kayak. A net with a folding or telescoping handle is great as it packs down to a small package for storage and retracts to give you the reach you need.  

Net Material

Last but certainly not least, the kayak netting material should be soft so it doesn’t hurt fish. This is especially important if you intend to release the fish you catch back into the water. A rubber fishing net or a rubber-coated nylon netting without knots is ideal. Besides being fish-friendly, rubberized fishing nets for kayaks can resist tangling, rotting, and mildew and aren’t prone to catching on hooks.

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Q: Why Do I Need A Net For Fishing On A Kayak?


You need to have a fishing net to land fish efficiently when fishing on a kayak. When on a kayak, it’s hard to find the leverage you need to pull fish you hook into. Yanking fish up with only a hook to secure them means you will lose a lot of fish. Having a net makes it so much easier to scoop the fish you catch out of the water. Furthermore, a soft net for fishing is essential for catch and release fishing, as it's gentle on fish.

Q: How To Clean Kayak Fishing Nets?


Rubber fishing nets are resistant to odors and mildew so all you have to do is wipe and rinse them. Nylon fishing nets, on the other hand, require a more thorough cleaning. It's very important to soak them in hot water to kill bacteria and get rid of the smell. After that, clean the net with a fine brush to get rid of stubborn dirt and then rinse it thoroughly.

Q: Is It Safe To Use A Fishing Net When Fishing From A Kayak?


Yes, using a fishing net when fishing from a kayak is not only safe for the fish but also for you. The best kayak fishing nets are rubberized so they won't damage the slime coating or scales on fish. As for your safety, using a fish net makes it so much easier to slide the fish in for a landing. You're less likely to end up in the water that when trying to haul a hard-fighting fish with only a hook securing it.

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Having the best kayak fishing net at your disposal is important if you want to be able to secure the fish you hook into as safely and easily as possible. To make the right choice of the best kayak fishing net, it’s important to choose one with the size of the fish you target in mind. We hope our kayak fishing net reviews have given you the information you need to find the best fishing net for your needs.

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