Taking your tackle anywhere can be a challenge, especially in a small space such as a kayak. Live bait or sharp lures require careful management and getting the best tackle box for kayak fishing is always going to be the wisest move.

In order for you to get the best kayak tackle box, we have developed a buying guide and have completed kayak tackle box reviews to show you the best products available. Once you have finished reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what you want.

How To Choose A Kayak Tackle Box – Buying Guide



The type of tackle box that you need will depend on a few factors including the size of the fishing kayak that you have and also how long you intend to fish. Tackle bags can be a great solution but you also have to consider that they take up a lot of space.

A tackle box has been the tried and trusted method of carrying your tackle and you need to consider how much space you have and what you need to carry. The best type of product for you is going to depend on your individual circumstances.


The perfect size for you will simply depend on how much tackle you intend to take on your trip. This can depend on not only the length of trip you intend to have, such as kayak camping, but it also depends on your own style as you might prefer to take a lot of different lures with you.

Tackle boxes very a lot in size but you naturally have to consider how much space you have in your kayak and what else you need to take. It could also be that you want a tackle bag that is going to be able to hold all of your kayak fishing accessories too.


All of the products that we have looked at here are well designed and are going to be able to give you a high level of usability. You need a tackle box that is simple to open but also one that is highly secure too in order to ensure that you don’t lose anything.

You also need to consider how many compartments that it has and whether or not this is going to suit your style of fishing. A lot of these boxes that dividers that you can amend depending on your needs, which is a great feature.


Durability is at the heart of almost any product and it’s not going to be worth the money if it only lasts for a few trips. All the products that we have looked at here are made to a very high standard and are going to be able to last for a long time.

With tackle boxes you want to ensure that they are made out of durable plastic to avoid any accidents from happening and with tackle bags you want to make sure that they have a good build quality and the material used it thick enough to be able to cope with the demands.


Most tackle boxes aren’t going to be waterproof in terms of being able to be submerged in the water, but with them being made out of plastic, all of them are going to have a very high level of waterproof protection, but there are waterproof products out there.

All plastic tackle boxes are going to be able to cope with everything except for being submerged. With tackle bags, you want to ensure that they are highly resistant to water so that the rest of your fishing gear doesn’t get drenched as soon as there is a spot of rain.


The compartments that you need depend on how you prefer to carry your fishing gear. It could be that you prefer to wear a fishing jacket or carry a fishing backpack in order to carry all the different items that you need for fishing.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution though, then the largest tackle boxes and tackle bags are going to be able to give you a lot of different compartments. With the smaller tackle boxes, it’s a good idea to look for ones that have dividers to amend your compartments.

Ease Of Cleaning And Use

Thankfully tackle boxes themselves are generally very easy to clean as it will consist of cleaning plastic, which is very easy to do and can be done with simple cleaning solutions. Obviously the bigger the tackle box, the more cleaning is going to be required.


When you are in a kayak, portability is an important issue as you might have to travel a while to the water and this is where an inflatable fishing kayak could be a great option. This is where kayak bags can be very useful as they are very easy to carry.

Smaller tackle boxes are highly portable too and can be easily carried with bigger tackle boxes being heavier and harder to carry. This is a matter of your needs and whether you want to sacrifice a little portability in order to have a bigger tackle box.

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Q: What Is The Best Size For A Kayak Tackle Box?


If you’re a kayak fishing beginner, then it might be worth getting a smaller box to start to understand what works for you. For the more experienced anglers, this will be a matter of personal preference and will depend on the length of time fishing and how much tackle you intend to take.

Q: Why Use A Tackle Box?


A tackle box is an incredibly convenient way of storing your tackle. The sharp hooks that you have need to be handled carefully and it’s a great idea to have everything stored away in easy to use compartments.

Q: How To Clean A Tackle Box?


A tackle box is very easy to clean and can be done with any usual cleaning products. If you have used and real bait then you want to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned in order to be as safe as possible for the next time it’s used.

Globo Surf Overview

Getting the best tackle box has always been important for any angler and in order to choose the best one for you, you need to look at your specific needs and get a product that is going to match that. Once you have everything considered, you’ll have a clear picture of what you need.

Hopefully this guide has been able to give you all the information that you need in order to pick the perfect tackle box for you. Once you have, you’ll be able to head out onto the water with your kayak and enjoy a great day of fishing.

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