If you’re an angler who enjoys exploring new fishing spots, inflatable fishing kayaks will expand your options and allow you to go pretty much anywhere. Due to their inflatable nature, they are much more compact and portable compared to traditional hardshells. At the same time, the best inflatable fishing kayaks are stable, durable, and packed with fishing features.

Even more than standard inflatable models, your new angler kayak needs to be rugged and withstand abrasion, punctures, and impacts. On top of this, it’s a huge plus if the kayak is pre-equipped with rod holders and accessory gear mounts. To help you choose, we’ll present the best inflatable fishing kayaks that you can currently buy. Additionally, we’ll take a close look at their features so you can easily find the right one for your fishing style.

How To Choose An Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Buying Guide


Materials and Construction

Most inflatable fishing kayaks are made from heavy-duty PVC materials that offer the best balance between cost and durability. They are very strong and easily resist most hits and punctures. However, if your kayak is going to be exposed to harsher conditions, look for a model with a higher gauge rating that preferably comes with welded seams.

Dimensions (Length and Width)

Much like regular kayaks, the length and width of the best inflatable fishing kayaks determine its performance on the water. A longer kayak (over 10 feet) will be faster when going straight but slower when turning. Furthermore, longer inflatable fishing kayaks also offer more storage space inside. When it comes to width, most inflatables are fairly wide (30+ inches). However, some models exceed this number significantly and provide impressive stability when fishing on choppy water.

People and Weight Capacity

A good thing about inflatable fishing kayaks is that almost all of them come with a very high weight capacity (usually over 300 pounds). This is an important spec because it shows you how much gear you can bring without overloading the kayak. Some of the models we’ve featured are multi-person inflatable fishing kayaks that even allow you to bring along a fishing buddy in addition to all the rods and reels.

Ease Of Setup (Inflation/Deflation)

Generally speaking, all inflatable fishing kayaks are fairly easy to set up. Depending on the model, the setup process usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes. In relation to this, the best inflatable fishing kayaks come with separate air chambers that prolong the setup time a bit but provide additional safety if the kayak is accidentally punctured.



Q: What Are The Benefits From Inflatable Kayak Models?


The main benefit of inflatable fishing kayaks is the portability they offer. They don’t require large roof racks or trailers, but instead pack very compact and easily fit into the trunk of your car. In addition, they are generally a lot cheaper than traditional kayaks which can be a big upside if you’re on a limited budget.

Q: Why Fish Using An Inflatable Kayak?


You should choose fishing from an inflatable kayak because of the convenience it offers. Due to its compact nature, you’ll be able to get it down to the water faster and reach some places that you wouldn’t be able to with a traditional kayak. Modern inflatables are very tough, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them with hooks and pliers either.

Globo Surf Overview

Inflatable fishing kayaks open up a world of options when it comes to choosing a fishing location. Instead of hauling a heavy hardshell, you can take your top-rated inflatable angler kayak anywhere and cast a safe fishing anywhere.

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