Fishing while out on the open water is a great experience as you can relax, unwind and cast out your line, waiting for the catch to come to you. Getting a normal fishing kayak though can be expensive and inconvenient and that’s where the inflatable kayak steps in.

They are easier to use, less expensive and much easier to transport. The best inflatable fishing kayak is now made from tough materials so you don’t have to worry about any of those usual problems that can come with an inflatable.

In order to find the right inflatable fishing kayak for you, we have created a buying guide to guide you through the process as well as looking at fishing kayak reviews to show you the best products on the market. Once you’ve read through this guide you’ll have the confidence and the informations necvessary to buy the best inflatable fishing kayak and enjoy a great day out on the water.

How To Choose An Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Buying Guide



While durability is important in most products, it is clearly vitally important when it comes to kayaks and even more so when you are fishing as you have to contend with hooks and lures that can puncture most inflatable objects.

These kayaks though aren’t most inflatable objects and they are highly adept at dealing with sharp objects due to their very thick material and puncture resistance. This can be seen with the bottom of the raft which is usually made from tarpaulin which is a very thick material that is very hard to cut and damage so will be able to last you for a very long time.

The surfaces of these kayaks can be made from a variety of different materials but they are all very strong and durable with plenty of built-in resistance. Getting a fishing kayak with an inflatable structure may seem like a crazy idea but these products are extremely well made and won’t let you down.

Some of these kayaks have other great features too such as having separate air compartments so that if one if punctured, you’re still able to float on the water. This will give you peace of mind knowing that should the worst happen, you’d still be able to get safely back to the shore when you can then repair your fishing kayak.


When it comes to size there are two key factors in play here. The first one is in regards to how much space is going to be in your fishing kayak and how many seats it is able to hole. There are kayaks here which are available in one, two or three seats depending on how many people you plan to take on your fishing trip.

It’s not just that though as a lot of these seats are adjustable and removable so if you’re planning on heading out to the water on your own but want as much space as possible, then getting an inflatable kayak with three seats might be the perfect solution for you. There is no right or wrong answer here and it all comes down to your personal preference and how much space you want to have.

It’s worth having in mind though that the bigger the size of your inflatable kayak, the more it is likely to weigh more, Some of these products start in the lower 20 pounds regions but there are others that weigh over 50 pounds. If you’re taking this a short walk from your car then it’s not going to be much of an issue but if you’re going a little bit further then you want to make sure you can carry it.


One of the key advantages that inflatable kayaks have over their rivals is their ability to be comfortable as often sitting in an inflatable is often more comfortable than sitting in a hard kayak which often has little or no padding. The added comfort can come from the general moving around on the boat as the air cushion you feel can be a lot easier on your body.

One area that they can let themselves down though is in the seats as inflatable seats are notoriously difficult at giving you the right amount of support in terms of comfort in terms back support and performing in the way that a regular chair does.

With a lot of these products though, they are exceptional at being able to keep you comfortable for a whole day and they have an incredible amount of support and security for an inflatable. That support is added to the fact that a lot of these chairs are adjustable as well so you are able to find the perfect position for you.

The seating position for inflatables hasn’t had a great reputation in the past and while there are still products out there that have these issues, the products that we have reviewed here come highly rated by their users and have achieved a higher of comfort than previous models. As always though, it’s important to check these reviews to ensure that a product is going to be ideal for you.

Weight Support

All of the products that we have reviewed here today come with a remarkable amount of weight support so this should never be an issue when it comes to you and your kayak. It’s always a vital figure to check though as you don’t just want to get a kayak assuming that it’s going to be able to take your weight.

This is more of a consideration if there are going to be multiple people on the boat. For example we have a product here that is able to fit three people which has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds and three fully grown men might not be far off that figure.

If you’re on your own though then this will be much less of an issue as these inflatable kayaks still have a very high level of weight support even if they are only designed for one person. It’s important not to test these limits as to do so might cause very negative consequences.

It’s also important to remember that the weight support isn’t just in reference to the weight of you and your passengers but it is also in reference to any equipment that you may have on-board. If you’re bringing on a heavy rucksack and a cooler for example then this all adds the weight, so all of this needs to be factored in.

Ease Of Use

As with any products, you want it to be easy to use but this is even more important when it comes to fishing due to the extra pieces of equipment that you need to carry and the extra amount of things that you have to consider such as finding a place to put your fishing supplies and having somewhere to place your paddle when it’s not being used.

It’s important to check what additional features the products have if you have any special requirements for what you want in a kayak. This could be having a bungee storage section or a rod holder but these features can be key in making your kayak as easy to use as possible.

There is another important factor when it comes to ease of use and that is how easy it’s going to be to carry. Most of these kayaks will be able to fold down into a very small size and for a lot of people they may be folding it down, taking it a short distance to their car and not really caring about it. For others though, you might be traveling a long distance before you get to the water so you want to ensure that not only is your kayak light enough to carry but also that it’s easy to carry as well.


It’s important to check the dimensions of your inflatable kayak to ensure that it’s going to be a good fit for you and also that it won’t be too big on the body of water that you want to travel over. If you think that you might want to go on a kayak trip with a friend then having additional seats would be very important but these can usually be adjusted if you’re on your own.

If you are on your own then it could just be that you want the additional space that a two person kayak would bring so you just need to check how much stuff you intend to bring and where it’s all going to fit. Also, a lot of these products come with their own paddle but you need to check that this is going to be suitable for your needs.

The right paddle length depends on two key factors and they are your height and also the width of the kayak so if you’ve opted for a large kayak then you’re likely to need a long paddle, especially if you’re a little bit taller as well. As with everything here, a lot of this comes down to having a checklist in your mind of everything you need and making sure that your kayak accommodates those needs.


Most of the inflatable kayaks on the market use heavy-duty PVC materials as they offer the best balance between cost and durability and will be able to perform very well while you’re out there on the water while being resistant to any damage or punctures that can come from regular use.

A key aspect of this material as well is that it is lightweight and therefore easy to carry. Even though it doesn’t weigh a lot, it is strong enough to be able to hold a very large weight capacity when it’s sitting in the water. That isn’t the only material you will find in kayaks though as others are made from other resistant plastics but also nylon can be used to reinforce the strength of your kayak.

An additional feature that some inflatable fishing kayaks have, though which can add a great deal of stability, is aluminum framing technology which can help your inflatable kayak feel almost as secure as a regular kayak. Perhaps more important than the actual materials used though is the gauge of them which is a measure of how thick they are. The higher the gauge, the thicker the material used and therefore it’s less likely to puncture but this does add to the weight of the product.


Before you buy a kayak you also need to work out what type of water you’re going to be on and how quickly that you need to react. If you’re on a wide open lake, for example, then maneuverability isn’t going to be much of an issue as you wouldn’t have much use of taking any sharp turns.

If you’re going to be on a river though that might have the occasional speeding section then you’d want to have a kayak which is able to be turned a little more quickly to put you in the right direction and ensure that you won’t be in any danger.

There is also the fishing aspect too as you might want to set up a fishing anchor system so that you’re always casting out in the right direction. If this is what you want to do then being able to quickly maneuver your boat is important and this could be able to be done quickly with the right hand paddle.

When it comes to what makes a kayak maneuverable then it generally does come down to a size issue. The smaller a kayak is, the quicker you’ll be able to adjust it in the water which is something that needs to be considered. While larger inflatable fishing kayaks don’t have that level of agility, they are generally easier to paddle and faster across the water.

Air chambers

Just as a ship has different sections to ensure that if one if breached it won’t sink the whole vessel, the best inflatable kayaks work off the same principle by having multiple air chambers so that if you get a puncture, you won’t quickly find yourself in the water.

This is a great feature to have as it will give you peace of mind knowing that I anything was to go wrong, you’d be able to put it right before anything serious was to happen. Not all inflatable fishing kayaks have this feature though so if you want that added level of security then make sure you’re looking out of a kayak that has multiple air chambers.


It wouldn’t be great if you got a kayak that performed great when it was on the water but took far too long to set up. An inflatable kayak needs to be up and ready to use in a very short space of time with a lot of the best companies giving a five minute inflation time for their product.

Most of these products come with their own foot or air pump which is required in order to get enough air into your kayak as it would be almost impossible to do on your own. When using the best inflatable fishing kayaks, only a few minutes of effort should be required.

There is also the important factor of valves as well as you’ll want to ensure that these stay airtight at all times and won’t let any air back through. It’s important to check your product’s manual to ensure that you are pumping up your kayak to the right pressure as this can vary from one product to the next.



Q: What Are The Benefits From Inflatable Kayak Models?

A: Perhaps the first and most obvious benefit when it comes to inflatable kayaks is their cost as they are generally a lot cheaper than the usual types of kayaks that you are able to buy. This means that you can head out onto the water without having to worry about spending money that you don’t have, or it could be that you want a more convenient option to go with your existing kayak.That convenience comes with the fact that they are a lot easier to carry and store away. Transporting a regular kayak requires a lot more thought and consideration, whereas an inflatable kayak can be stored anywhere when not in use and doesn’t require any specialist mounting when being transported by car, for example.Inflatable kayaks are easier to use than ever but also safer as well, so a lot of the downsides typically associated with them don’t really apply anymore which also make them a very attractive option to use for your fishing trip.

Q: Why Fish Using An Inflatable Kayak?

A: As stated above one of the key reasons to fish with a kayak is just how easy it is, with very little planning you can throw your kayak in the back of your car, head out on a trip, blow it up in a matter of minutes and you’ll be able to enjoy a great day of fishing. They’ll have you out on the water in no time, ready to cast out your line.You may as well be apprehensive about fishing with an inflatable think that if you dropped a lure or you fishing pliers that is would immediately puncture the boat but these kayaks are a lot tougher than that and it takes a great deal of force to puncture them and even if they are, they don’t sink due to their multiple air chambers and they can be easily repaired. Using an inflatable kayak it a cheap, easy and effective way to fish out on the water.

Globo Surf Overview

Getting a blow up fishing kayak might automatically fill people with a lot of dread but as we’ve explained here, inflatable technology has moved on a lot over the years and not only are these products incredibly resistant to punctures but they also have safety measures built-in in case they ever do get punctured.

An inflatable kayak then can be a great way you quickly get out there on the water and enjoy your fishing. Finding the top-rated inflatable angler kayak for you though means balancing up all your options and knowing exactly what you want and which kayak can deliver it.

This involves knowing exactly what size you want as well as how much weight support you need. A key point here as well is that the bigger a kayak, the less agile it will be on the water so knowing what type of water you’ll be on is key. After that, you’ll want to look for key features such as air chambers, leak prevention and the materials used as well as any additional extras.

Once you know exactly what you want, you can make your purchase with confidence knowing that you have all the information that you’ll ever need to go out there and get the best inflatable fishing kayak for you so you can head out to the water, cast out a fishing line and enjoy what you love doing.

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